Liberal White People – U Perpetuate Systematic Racism & May Not Realize It – I’ll Tell U How U Do – Ending Black Racism Goes Beyond Just Being Nice

We have a problem. And I say ‘We’ with a capital ‘W’ because all of us must own the problem of racism. We must resolve it before it destroys us.

This post may cause me to lose White followers and friends, especially those who identify as Liberal. They perpetuate institutionalized racism, and may not realize it. They perpetuate it simply by believing that the problem of racism is only about how you treat people.

But racism is institutionalized, and their kindness, though well-intentioned, ignores and perpetuates this vile stigma on society.

At the expense of losing many fine and well-meaning people, I am compelled to explain why White Liberals hold a large responsibility to change the inhumanity of racism.

Surely, there are other roles to fill, namely, Blacks and other minorities must clean their own houses too. Within our tribes, we must stop demonizing and killing each other. But they are just a minority of the folks who perpetuate racism in their performances and statements that the media picks up like vultures to make the images go viral.

Photo – Shamim Nakhaei-

We have the ear of White Liberals since they do show some compassion toward equality and equity. They are just a bit misguided and perhaps deceived on what racism is and how to eradicate it.

They are entrenched with right-wingers, racist radicals, and others who passionately support White Nationalists, like Trump, “The Lobster of USA”, Italy’s Matteo Salvini, Nigel Farage, leader of the UK’s Brexit Party, and Marine Le Pen in France, to name a few. They can reach these people in their circle of friends, at the workplace, and in their families.

They may not change them, but they can express their dissatisfaction, and on principle, eliminate these relationships. Who (as a ‘liberal’ especially) would be willing to befriend a person who does not give the utmost priority to the quality of life for all humans?

…Not me, and hopefully not you. As a Black man, I eliminate Blacks, and any race, on the same principle.

They must stop normalizing those who are racist, and who support institutionalized racism if they are true and liberal humanitarians. This matter is not about race. It is about humanity and equal rights. And, in every way, it is about our spirituality, faith, and love of God.

Photo - Trump vs George Floyd - TMZ
Photo – Trump vs George Floyd – TMZ

Of course, the lobster has a little bit to do with today’s racial tensions, but he may be more of a blessing and a curse. He simply ignited and revealed racism that has been there and has always been there for hundreds of years. He’s revealing to us that we need to resolve this problem now. It is quite clear to me, as I speak from the perspective of a black man. But, many white liberals do not get it, though they may mean well.

It is quite obvious that black people are disproportionately disadvantaged in every possible and conceivable area you can imagine.

In Entrepreneurship, Property Ownership, Education, in the Justice System, Incarceration, and Healthcare. I mean, you name it, collectively we are heavily and blatantly discriminated against in virtually every facet of living.

“And if ‘We’ with a capital ‘W’ don’t resolve this problem, ‘We’ as a society are essentially saying that niggers don’t matter.”

I’m feeling very compelled to share this opinion. Now in light of two incidents that happened recently in The States, and that has gotten a lot of people upset.

Incident Number 1

George Floyd was actually arrested and killed for using a fake $ 20 bill that he may not have known was counterfeit. This is unacceptable anywhere but most especially it is in the what is now regarded as the ‘Fake Land Of The Free’! – Kevy

George Floyd was arrested on suspicion of robbery on Monday night. Police found him in his car and suspected he had been drinking. George Floyd was killed due to an officer’s knee being pressed against his neck as he tried to yell that he can’t breathe. The police statement said: “After he got out, he physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress. Officers called for an ambulance,” The video, which was released on Monday night showed a different side of the story. It doesn’t appear from watching that Floyd did much resisting as he was on the ground when the officers put their knees on his neck. The officers, none of whom were identified by the city of Minneapolis, were put on administrative leave. All four are now off the job. – Bossip – All You Need To Know About The Killing Of George Floyd | Bossip

Videos on Incident 1

Here’s George talking about youth violence in Houston and trying to keep the peace, as well as, his brother and others sharing their love for George Floyd. These videos are very touching, especially to empaths like me.

Former NBA Superstar Stephen Jackson Cries After The Fatal Arrest Of Twin Brother George Floyd – May 27, 2020 – ALL URBAN CENTRAL
Message From George Floyd To The Youth Before His Death – May 27, 2020 – The New WorldWide Entertainment TV Coalition
New Footage of George Floyd’s Arrest Emerges | NowThis – May 27, 2020 – NowThis News – Loved Ones Share Who George Floyd Was In Life – NowThis
Woman Who Captured George Floyd Killing Returns To Scene | NowThis – May 27, 2020 – NowThis News

Incident Number 2

In this incident, a liberal Obama-supporting white woman cried wolf on a Harvard graduate, a Black man who is also a bird enthusiast. He simply asked her to put her dog on a leash as to not scare the birds that he was observing. She created a ‘white woman being attacked by a Black man’ fake 911 distress call, a blatant lie. Her actions were an example and racism by a liberal Democrat. He could have easily been killed by police, thirtsy for yet another Black Victim.– Kevy

A white woman called the NYPD and accused a black man of threatening her and her dog after an exchange that started when the man asked the woman to leash her dog in Central Park. The video of that incident went viral, with more than 40 million views in less than 48 hours — and the woman in question has now lost her job and her dog, and is facing a city human rights investigation. Christian Cooper captured part of the exchange in a video that was posted to Twitter by his sister. The woman, later identified as Amy Cooper, is shown on video asking Christian Cooper to stop recording her, or she was going to call the cops and tell them “there’s an African American man threatening my life.” She repeated the statement several times, each time sounding more distressed while appearing to call 911 dispatch.

Meanwhile, Christian didn’t appear to move any closer to Amy. He tells NBC New York that he’s an avid bird watcher who was in The Ramble, a popular spot in the park for birders, around 8 a.m. Monday morning. He says he only asked Amy to put her dog on the leash in the area where it’s required to have your dog on a leash at all times. “If the habitat is destroyed we won’t be able to go there to see the birds, to enjoy the plantings,” Christian explained on Monday night. When Amy refused, he says he offered her dog a treat and started recording the incident. Woman in Racial Central Park Confrontation Is Fired From Job, Gives Up Dog – NBC News4 NEW YORK CITY

Videos on Incident 2

She called police on him in Central Park. Hear his response – May 27, 2020 – CNN

Photo - 2020 Time Magazine - Baltimore-Cover-final
Photo – 2020 Time Magazine Edited – Baltimore-Cover

I’ve always maintained that those who hold the biggest responsibility, those who can affect the biggest change in racism, are going to be the liberal folks, the ones who think that racism means not being nice and who feel that being nice to blacks and to other races makes them not racists.

This probably because the definition of racism is often associated with a person. But racism is beyond the person. A liberal person could be quite kind to me as a black man. They could marry me. They could be friends with me. They could work with me. They could go into business with me. And it doesn’t matter.

It will not affect systematic racism and how blacks are disproportionately disadvantaged in this country. Racism is not about the person. Liberal whites are dangerous with regard to ending systematic racism and perpetuate racism because they think that racism is just about being nice, and it’s not about that. It’s about the systems that keep it vibrant.

Nice is nice, but it won’t lift the grossly inequitable standards of Living While Black.

Photo - King James - This Is Why - Twitter
Photo – King James – This Is Why – Twitter

They support institutionalized forms of racism by the candidates that they vote for, through the friends they connect with, through reaping the benefits of institutionalized racism, better 401K plans, investments, low-interest rates, more property ownership, and prepaid college. These kinds of things.

‘We’ have to deal with this problem, and I suggest that those that bear the biggest responsibility and those that can have the hugest impact are going to have to be white liberals or people who think like white liberals. That may not necessarily be a person who’s white by skin color, it could be an Asian, Latino, or even another African American who agrees with the liberal white ill-fated movement.

Photo – Sharon McCutcheon

I say this because I know people who are “white liberals” and they have a lot of friends who love Trump. They claim, ‘Oh, they’re not racist, their investment portfolios, their 401K’s, and low taxes’. They befriend others who clearly and blatantly support institutionalized racism threw supporting Trump.

They’re both exasperating the problem. They are both perpetuating racism because the liberal person is normalizing the racist person. If we are serious about honoring our Constitution, if we’re really serious about human rights, this is a human issue, then they should not normalize a person that perpetuates the inhumanity of racism. They’re perpetuating it by normalizing racist behavior and justifying it.

They’re not racist as it is normally perceived. They are racists because of their 401K plans. They’re racist because of their taxes, their position on taxes. They’re racist because they love Trump.

And White liberals are supporting racism because they befriend them; they make them normal.

Liberals are often not passionate enough about the inhumanity of racism to do more than just be nice to black or tweet or post about it in text messages and on social media. But it takes more than that to end it.

In fact, being nice to black people perpetuates systemic racism because it makes people that could do a hell of a lot more to resolve this problem, think they are really doing something when they’re doing nothing.

Photo - Narobi In News - George-Floyd-470x264
Photo – Nairobi In News – George-Floyd

Again, I must stress this. If you are nice to black people and everybody, every white person is nice to black people, institutionalized racism won’t change. Black will still be disproportionately disadvantaged in most aspects of necessity and comfort, but people will be nice to us. Certainly being nice is better than being mean. But it won’t change the situation.

If all white people are ugly to black people or to other minorities, it still won’t change a blip in what black people find themselves in today.

So we have to attack the systems.

We have to attack normalizing people that support the systems that perpetuate racism. We have to realize that even in our kindness, we may be supporting racism. Realizing this and taking passionate action is how we’re going to change things. We cannot continue thinking that this is a matter of how a person treats another person that has nothing to do with racism. Racism is a systematic, institutionalized mechanism. That’s what racism is. And if you stop looking at it as a person and start looking at it as institutions, then maybe it might change this vile crisis that will only get worse for us all.

If liberals change their perspective and understanding, perhaps they might change their racism-supporting friends that they have. Maybe it will move them to protest something or write an editorial about the matter, or actually stand up for human rights.

Photo - Quartz - Hanna Kozlowska

How do you think it must feel for me and for many black people to sit here and watch this pandemic and see how disproportionately it’s affecting us? That’s institutionalized racism. How do you think it feels to hear about all of the prisons and how this virus is spreading in the prisons, knowing that we are disproportionately represented in those prisons?

When you talk about education changing and going online, a lot of us will be left behind because a lot of us don’t have computers and a lot of us don’t have the Internet. So we’re going to get left behind in that. You look at the healthcare, we disproportionately don’t have healthcare doing a coronavirus. Maybe that’s connected to why we are disproportionately dying, which is also connected to why we disproportionately have diabetes and high blood pressure and heart issues and bronchitis and asthma.

And these are the things that make you more susceptible to Corona and a fatal outcome. It does not feel good. And then when I know this and see this and have a white person come to me and they are very, very kind. I love them being kind. And I want them to be my friend. And I want us to be together. But at the same time, I don’t want them to think their kindness is doing anything about racism is not.

It’s just not. We got to attack this through the mechanics of our government, our institutions. And I think the biggest way to do it is true where we spin our money. A lot of this has to do with money. If we stop supporting companies and people who work for companies and politicians associated with companies that support the institutionalization of racism, then perhaps we might be able to slow this thing down. If we start to do as they do in England when I live there, they would strike on certain days or a week.

Photo – Jeremy Beadle

They would announce it. They would say, OK, next week. We’re striking on Tuesday and Thursday. Well, why don’t we do that? Why don’t we strike against Home Depot, My Pillow, or against Chick-Fil-A, or some of these companies that we know support Trump and support candidates who are racist? Why don’t we strike on them?

We’ve already seen through the coronavirus that we have the ability to shut the economy down when we don’t spend. Right now we’re not spending much and the economy is doing poorly. So we have the power to use our spending to effect changes in corporate racism. We have the power to change it in are areas of global warming and many of the most critical issues.

This is for all of our benefit, not just for black people.

‘We’ need to do this. We with a capital ‘W’ need to act now. And I believe that the ball’s in the court of White liberals.

I am not trying to be offensive to anyone, but white liberals must stand up and they must begin to disbelieve that racism is about being nice to black people and to other races. It’s nothing about that. It has to do what the institutions are doing to destroy black people.

Audio For This Post
Photo - Maurice Harris-ussi - rPTZFtM-unsplash
Photo – Maurice Harris Ussi

Corporations profit from racism. It’s time for us to stand up to them – Rashad Robinson – The Guardian

‘Corporations have worked secretively to pass laws that would misclassify certain types of employees as independent contractors. The effects on black workers over-represented in those jobs would be an immense step backward for racial equity and civil rights.’ Photograph: Kate Munsch/Reuters – Read More


Being nice is not going to end racism | Robin DiAngelo – Oct 24, 2018 – Big Think

In this video Robin Di Angelo, a white woman, explains how most white people just don’t get racism. They think that to not be racist means to be friendly to other races and to have friends of color. They believe that this is their litmus test for not being racist or not supporting racism.

This man crushes racism with his simple actJan 10, 2018 – Emerging Siqaras

Lemon: Imagine how inaction impacts your friends of color – May 27, 2020 – CNN

After the death of George Floyd sparked outrage across the country, CNN’s Don Lemon speaks frankly with Chris Cuomo about the realities for people of color living in America. #CNN #News

Inside the mind of white America – BBC News – Jun 20, 2016 – BBC News

Question – Does America have a race problem? The answer is yes. Most blacks believe that race is an issue, while most white people don’t. This BBC video goes into the mind of White people on racism.

Seeking Answers in George Floyd Case | The View – May 27, 2020 – The View


In This Together: A PBS American Portrait Story – PBS AMERICAN PORTRAIT

Through personal stories, photographs, and videos, people across America share their firsthand stories of how the global coronavirus pandemic has affected their lives, our nation, and brought us all together. Read More

Why White Liberals Are So Unwilling to Recognize Their Own Racism – By ISAAC CHOTINER – AUG 02, 2018

There have been a lot of disturbing poll results over the past several years, but none more than this one: According to a 2016 survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, 57 percent of white Americans believe that discrimination against white people is “as big a problem” in America as discrimination against minorities. Several months after the survey was conducted, of course, Donald Trump went on to win the presidency by getting well over half of the white vote. Read More

How White Liberals Became Woke, Radically Changing Their Outlook On Race – October 1, 2019

Jeromy Brown, 46, poses for a photo with Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Brown, like many progressive voters, thinks 2020 presidential candidates should “not equivocate” in calling Trump a white supremacist. Read More

Why liberal white women pay a lot of money to learn over dinner how they’re racist

A growing number of women are paying to confront their privilege – and racism – at dinners that cost $2,500 Read More

Martin Luther King and the ‘polite’ racism of white liberals

Many of King’s words about allies ring true today in 2020. Read More

How South Africa’s white liberals dodge honest debates about race – December 16, 2019

The ideological position of the Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s main opposition party, on how to achieve racial justice and equality in post-apartheid South Africa is morally confused.

John Steenhuisen, its new interim national leader, says that the party does not believe in the use of race categories to address racialized inequality. As far as he is concerned, affirmative action and black economic empowerment policies indicate that post-apartheid South Africa is “obsessed with race”.

He is convinced that to bring about transformation in post-apartheid South Africa, ‘we don’t need to resort to crude racial classification.’

But in my view, it is morally and intellectually dishonest to disavow a race discourse as identity politics gone awry in a country that is divided along racial lines, socially and economically. Read More

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19 thoughts on “Liberal White People – U Perpetuate Systematic Racism & May Not Realize It – I’ll Tell U How U Do – Ending Black Racism Goes Beyond Just Being Nice

  1. I have shared your post here with some of my “liberal white friends” on FB etc. Hopefully you can get some good momentum. Be careful though as you continue to brave, ok? ~~ Jane

    1. Thanks Jane. We must accept that some whites and blacks will continue to do nothing.

      They are too comfortable now. Also, it’s their nature.

      They must be left behind or we will continue to drain ourselves.

      I am betting on a few exceptions that will rise up with us, but very few.

      Luv ya. Kevy

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. I know it — time for all of us white folks to accept the mea culpas and get on board the real change trains. Time for us to hurt a bit for a better world. Time for us to see what we have done to people of color (especially black people) by our acceptance of systemic racism. Keep preaching — the noise is finally starting to overwhelm the silence.

    1. Jane you’re beautiful to see the Humanity in changing inspite of UR personal pain.

      We are all in pain. We all have a wound that seems to never heal.

      Let’s heal together. Luv Ya. Kevy

  3. Thank you for posting about this. I identify politically as an independent progressive. I’ve seen a lot of bigotry, racism and antisemitism unveiled on the far left side of the equation. With the alt right we knew it was there — they are proud of it and flaunt it. With the far left wingers, however, it was simmering right beneath the surface. It’s all coming out of the woodwork with this administration. We are seeing what was always there.

  4. This continuing issue is such a heavy weight to carry. I wrote a little post about it his morning as the sadness was weighing me down.
    These type of posts do not get too many interactions….folks just hustle on by this subject …

      1. It’s about your intent and putting the word out unapologetically.

        I get few hits relatively speaking but I feel accomplished in just releasing the message into the universe.

        Also I use long-azz titles that convey the message whether Liked or Read Further.

        Love & Exceeding Blessings to you. Please consider sharing a post. Kevy

        1. It’s okay that it is this way.

          People may never change and they have free will to be the way that they are.

          We must instead change our paradigm. I have.

          For example, I no longer want to change the world. …Too exhausting.

          Also, I prefer to ‘preach to the choir’. I aim to create a new virtual world by selectively choosing who’s invited into my vibration (like or compatible vibrations only).

          I no longer try to reach or convert those who are not receptive, once I hit them with Knowledge.

          After that, I’ve done my part no matter how they respond. You’ve clearly done your part.
          Luv. Kevy

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