My Mother’s Body Expired Yesterday – My Heart Was Ignited By Her Spirit – Caregivers & Empaths Will Understand Why I Am Not Sad

This post is a bit of a test.  I used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prepare it because I needed it to be published on May 14th.

My true feelings are reflected in the post, but I needed to get this post out quickly before the day ended, so I used a bit of assistance.  Unfortunately and it is 1:00 am and I am still putting the finishing touches on this post and a rushed video.

Unlike many people, I embrace technology, simply because I cannot stop it.  I do my best to avoid its pitfalls while milking its benefits to reach others around the world, in a way unimaginable just a few years ago.

I used the Samsung Smartphone Voice Recorder’s speech to text feature to prepared this post.

It allowed me to capture thoughts and feelings, as they were occurring.  It converted my voice into words, based on how clearly I spoke.  It worked impressively well considering that it rained and hailed as I recorded while driving.

I used this audio for the attached video.  I used the text to record in my studio additional comments.  I can see many ways that we can embrace technology and AI, in particular, to propagate and fulfill our mission.

Wikipedia Mount_Olivet_Cemetery_Wheat_Ridge_sign
Photo – Wikipedia

Yesterday was a very special day.  May 14th is the day when my mother’s body died and was returned to the Earth as an offering to the continuous cycle of life.

So I visited her memorial at Mount Olivet Cemetery to honor her spirit and to plant flowers, symbolically.

Because many people weren’t there, there was a sense of peace and tranquility, as there usually is here.  The landscape, emptiness, and silence of God’s spirit tranquilized me.  I could feel this presence in the cemetery as I passed gravestones, mausoleums, tombs, and monuments honoring the spirits of priests, nuns, orphan children, and loved ones who were buried in the spirit of deep love and honor for a special someone who blessed the soil with their bodies and illuminated the spirit of the ones who worship them.

I worship my mother every day, but especially on May 14th, October 2nd (her birthday), and Mother’s Day.  Oh, I love her so!

Yesterday’s moments were very cathartic because, on top of all the other emotions of being there, Mount Olivet Cemetery is framed by the Rocky Mountains.  This gave me one of God’s most impressive creations as a dramatic backdrop.

As I am lost in the cemetery, driving down one-lane roads that never seemed to end, I would find myself mesmerized to see the memorials adorned with beautiful poetic words in honor of those who left their bodies and spirits behind.

This place is so peaceful that it is impossible to bring confusion, tenseness, or negativity along. 

Before I got there, I purchased flowers and soil treatments.  I played gospel music all the way to get myself in the mood.  I mean, I couldn’t possibly listen to reggae or rap music or anything like that.  I had to get myself serine for this moment.  And I was by the time that I arrived.

I bought the flowers at Lowes, the local hardware and garden center chain here in Denver, Colorado.  I honored her first and second favorite colors, pink and purple, respectively.

Once at the gravesite, I began planting, and virtues and emotions hit me left and right, one after another.  I looked at the porcelain portrait medallion of my mother, on her gravestone, while tilling the soil and cutting away wild grass and weeds.  I spoke to her, filling her in on my life since she ascended as if she were there in the flesh with me.

I then recognized that my hands were interacting with the Earth and that the Earth seemed to be loving me in return, as I felt it offering to heal to me.  Interacting with the soil and plants gave me an instant appreciation for God’s creations, as I touched the soil, looked at my mother’s portrait, and occasionally at the mountains in the background.  The Lord created all of that!

I never felt sad, though.  I never shed a tear.

Wikipedia Mount_Olivet_Cemetery
Photo – Wikipedia

Instead, I felt a sense of honor for my mother allowing me to serve her, and for God choosing me to do so.  I felt proud to show her that I adopted her spirit and sense of being.  I hoped that she appreciated that I still honored her as much today, if not more than I did six years ago.

I felt all of these feelings, then the virtue of patience hit me.  Because as I was planting I willfully accepted that I would not get to experience the full beauty of the flowers that would bloom.  I celebrated in spirit for having to wait until that day came.  I’d have to come back a month later to see everything after has rooted well and the soil had been nurtured.  My, how patient have I become since six years ago!?  I was grateful for that too.

As I was finishing up, I failed to see an Asian man, walk behind me.  He asked me if I needed more flowers.  He expected me to say yes because he had already picked out flowers that matched the garden colors I had just replanted.  Coincidentally, I had misjudged the amount that I purchased and actually needed at least two more flowers to make the garden perfect.  He gave me more than I needed to compliment the colors I already, purple and white, and fuchsia

Then he looked at my mother’s tombstone and said, “Oh, my!” “Your mother transitioned on the same day as my mother.’ 

Later, when I was finishing up, I watered the flowerbed with the 5-gallon watering can that I filled and premixed with fertilizer.  I crossed the street to give the remaining water to him.

I looked at his mother’s gravestone and noticed that it was a double tomb.  It was for his mother and father.  Sure enough, his mother had died on May 14th, as did my Lil Eunice.  I was shocked to see that his father died on October 2, 2018!  My mother was born exactly 100 years prior, on October 2, 1918! 

I was anxious to tell him about the coincidence and that October 2nd was the Day of the Feast of the Guardian Angels.  A Catholic day of celebrating The Guardian Angel that is assigned to everyone as a child, appointed to watch over them.

DCF 1.0
My Mother Eunice

He shocked me when he responded that he was familiar with the story because he was a priest.  This was about as cathartic a moment as I could have ever imagined on this already sacred day. 

DCF 1.0
Me and My Mother In Costa Rica

The way that my mother’s spirit, and mine, attracted the priest and his gifts, was just about the same way that my mother and I used to attract strangers at restaurants, at church, Mardi Gras parades, the lake, or Audubon Park when I served as her caregiver.

When she was with me in flesh and in spirit, together anywhere I’d take her, people would be drawn to us.  They would smile and say hello, give us a hug, or say a prayer to us.

Well, I went back to the grave to clean up and finalize things. I prayed told my mother’s spirit what had happened.  As I exited the cemetery, it began to rain, like ‘cats and dogs’, then it hailed profusely.

This had sealed the deal for me, so I recorded my feelings at that moment in the car so that I could share them in this post. Yesterday was one of the most simplistic organic pleasures of my life.

I knew that someone would understand this feeling, especially caregivers and empaths like me.  So, I rushed to finish this post tonight.  Kevy

DCF 1.0

Euni Portrait6

Euni Portrait2

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My Mother’s Body Expired Yesterday – My Heart Was Ignited With Her Spirit YesterdayMay 15, 2020

My Mother’s Body Expired Yesterday – My Heart Was Ignited With Her Spirit Yesterday – May 15, 2020  – Kevy Michaels

Feast Of The Guardian Angels – Oct 2, 2008  – Wendy McCourtney

October 2nd is the feast of the guardian angels.

“No evil shall befall you, nor shall affliction come near your tent, for to His Angels God has given command about you, that they guard you in all your ways. Upon their hands, they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.” Psalm 91: 10-12

A heavenly spirit assigned by God to watch over each of us during our lives. The doctrine of angels is part of the Church’s tradition. The role of the guardian angel is both to guide us to good thoughts, works, and words, and to preserve us from evil.

Heavenly Father, Your infinite love for us has chosen a blessed angel in heaven and appointed him our guide during this earthly pilgrimage. Accept our thanks for so great a blessing. AMEN

Note: You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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37 thoughts on “My Mother’s Body Expired Yesterday – My Heart Was Ignited By Her Spirit – Caregivers & Empaths Will Understand Why I Am Not Sad

      1. My mother is and always has been my best friend. This can be a source of conflict with your siblings as well as your significant and they are often jealous of that relationship. I understand and echo your motherly sentiments exactly, My mother currently lives with me and it has always been an unspoken rule that she will live out her life with me, I would have it no other way.

        1. Thanks you so much for sharing your feelings about my post.

          Most people don’t understand how caregivers with sincere intentions and love are abused by siblings and family members who do not serve.

          I often had to stand alone serving my mother while emotionally, physically, and financially bankrupt. But I never gave in.

          My mother’s last words to me before transitioning were ‘You did good’. Those words were worth the pain and loss.

          Search “Terror On The Caregiver” for episodes on my caregiving experience.

          Thanks again for acknowledging what we know about caregiving and sibling rivalry. Regards Kevy

            1. I realize that about the special blessing.

              I have less material things, less friends, and virtually no immediate family since enduring 4+ years of caregiving under terror.

              In addition to liquidating everything, my mother and I had to relocate, dismantle and rebuild in three states, Louisiana, Texas, and Colorado. I was exhausting. I became very stressed and sick but still had no choice but to continue serving.

              And, I am happier since these drains on life have been cleared.

              Coincidentally about 3 months ago I tested positive for coronavirus. I never got sick or showed any symptoms. This was that blessong showing up again!

              Today I am very Grateful. God has shown me those special blessings in many ways without all the baggage.

              Thanks so much for resonating with my story. So many don’t truly understand. Most of them have never given their all to caregiving. Regards Kevy.

  1. What a God-given day, and Kevy, your mother was absolutely beautiful. Is, I should say as her spirit rejoices in the day as much as you did. I actually wondered if that top photo was of Mt. Princeton. You later mention Denver but i wonder.

  2. Wonderful story about your mom. My mom has been gone almost 6 years and I don’t get back to Texas to visit her much. It’s been 2 years but I know she’s with me no matter where I am. Keeping them close to your heart is the important part. 💜 great post!

      1. We visit my husband’s parents often. The cemetery is within walking distance to our house. Plus there are several others we know in the same resting place. Even with my mom, dad and most of my relatives peacefully resting in Texas, I can feel their spirit when I’m at any cemetery. It also helps when I listen to gospel music by Elvis Presley which I’m doing at the moment. 😊💜🎼🎹

    1. That is the gift of caregiving.

      The spirit of the cared becomes the categiver’s spirit forever.

      That’s the most valuable gift that my mother left me.

      I learned about the beauty of legacy through my mother. Legacy is leaving your spirit behind forever.


        1. Please remember to take many pics and record videos of special moments and reflections. It will become priceless.

          You will become spiritually transformed through this process.

          It is so beautiful how you are serving.
          I understand as a Caregiver and Empath.

          If you ever need someone to share with let me know.

          Warm Regards

    2. Be sure to take many special and every day photos and video recordings of reflections, family history, and testimonials.

      A story is being written while you are in the midst of spiritual transformation.

      Caregivers’ biggest Blessings are quiet and often private.

      If you need to share contact me at I understand as a Caregiver & Empath. Regards

    1. Thanks. I enjoy reflecting on her life & spirit.

      She was incredibly strong and spiritual.

      She endured through some of the toughest trials, including the 1918 flu pandemic, The Great Depression, the death of two of her children, the birth of 9 other children, me being the youngest, raising 5 other children as a maid for nearly 50 years, my abusive father’s suicide, and her final battle with cancer.

      I am sure a forgot others things such as hurricanes, house fires, and her having to serve as caregiver to her mother and Cuban grandfather, and having to drop out of high school to do so.

      She and I had a very strong spiritual connection to the dismay of my older mainly female siblings.
      Warm Regards

  3. koolaidmoms

    What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing and reminding us to be open to the universe and it will speak to you.

  4. Isaac

    Excellent post, Thanks, loved your mom greatly. Thanks for bringing her memories alive. She defineyly Was and is an ángel. Te amo Mrs Eunice.

    1. Isaac you were a blessing to me and my mother during the toughest periods.

      Only a few people like you and your family were so supportive.

      I remember how excited she was when we visted your home in Costa Rica, and when your family visited hers in New Orleans.

      You have a special way of igniting her smile.

      Not everyone is patient and knows how to connect with the elderly. You do.

      Perhaps because you and your family are missionaries. Perhaps it’s because you are a teacher.

      I believe that you are in touch with the spirit of God in your heart. Oh yea, that’s it! You were sensitive to Lil Eunice’s emotions and needs as you are with your mother today.

      She took those memories and smiles with her. Thanks for your loving support.

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