Mothers Are To Be Loved & Honored – They Have A Special Connection With God – How Else Could The Miracle Of Birth Occur?

This is what I call a freehand post. This is why I am posting it so late into the morning.

I am just typing it onto the webpage as thoughts come to mind. I did not have time to prepare for this post because I have been reflecting on my mother so intensely.

I was so focused on saying the right words that I just could not pull it together.

So, here I am on the morning of Mother’s Day, without a clue as to what to say. I am adlibbing y’all.

Photo – Kelly Sikkema

Mother’s Day, my mother’s birthday, and the day of her passing are always very introspective. I appreciate the beauty of having 3 official days on the calendar to reflect on how much I love my mother, the wisdom she passed on to me, and how much she loves me.

Sometimes I want to be apologetic about the closeness of our relationship, relative to my siblings, but I have nothing to apologize about. I simply loved her very much, and she had unshakable love and trust for me, entrusting me with solely caring for her, in the final 4+ years of her illustrious life.

I know that it is not good to think of mothers having favorites, but I may have been hers. She is certainly “my favorite girl in the world”.

I was her favorite namely because I was given additional pampering as an infant to compensate for my father dying when I was 8 months old. Those early years were formative because they cast an impenetrable bond between us.

Later, I would show my appreciation by treating her like a queen all of my adult life. Eventually, it was as if I was her mother because I cared for her until she transitioned at the ripe age of 96.

Kevy’s Mother Eunice At 93 Years Young – “Lil Euni”

Moma, you know I love you.

Moma, you know that I miss you.

I will never leave you.

You will forever guide my steps.

You will forever be my Angel.

…Forever my mentor.

Simply U – Mother’s Favorite Child – Mar 5, 2010 – nuegroove

Here’s a short but neo-soulful treat from NYC group Mother’s Favorite Child.

I am no longer grieving. It took several years to manage that.

The one thing that helped me overcome grieving was realizing that my mother is still in my life.

Her spirit acts as an inner feeling, a compass, that guides everything that I do. The wisdom that you left for me resonates daily as I travel down life’s road.

Photo Adrien Taylor

I believe that all mothers are special.

As I think about the stories of my mother being born in 1918, during the Spanish Influenza pandemic, surviving The Great Depression, working as a maid in the Deep South for the same family for almost 50 years, retiring at 89 years old, and giving birth to me, and to nine other children, I know that she had a special connection with the Lord. She had unshakable faith, and was a “tough titty”. These things could not have been accomplished had it not been for her passion for the Lord.

I believe that all mothers are special regardless of their status, mistakes, or sophistication. Because I have a great understanding of the magnificence of the human body, I see childbirth as nothing short of a miracle. I believe that mothers have a special connection with God to endure the trials and pain of childbirth to bring another Body, Spirit, and Soul into the world.

Photo Oleg Sergeichik

I am convinced simply by the magnificence of the process of childbirth that all mothers share a special connection with God. Fathers, sacred as well, do not have this spiritual connection. Fathers do not create life, mothers do, and bear the inconvenience and pain, for many years past childbirth.

I believe that the bond between mother and child never ends. As a part of them, the child never really grows, and forever remains “their baby”. I spoke with an elderly woman the other day, whose son is very ill with coronavirus. He was fighting for his life in ICU, and she referred to her son, almost sixty years of age, as “her baby”.

We will always be our mother’s baby, and our mother will always be our mommy.

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Photo – Denver Co – Washington Park Colonial Garden

Roses in Morning Sun

By Kevy Michaels

Quiet footsteps

Crushing stems, leaves

And acorns

Attention crushed too

Sound is overshadowed

By my Intention

In a rare zone

Where neither empty nor full

Thankful for the new day

As it is

Overwhelming all other thoughts

Before they are imagined into existence

Sun’s reigning supreme

In the freshness of morning solitude

Beauty surrounds me

All surrenders to Light

Flowers are smiling

It is obvious

By how they pose for passers-by

Trees bow in exquisite Grace

Branches nearly touching the ground

Captivated by Roses for a moment

Red, white and pink

Adorning the park’s Colonial garden

Bringing tears of joy

…And grief to my eyes

My mother joins me

But as an angel

As I reflect on how my Eunice

Loved her roses

She would start new bushes from stems

And years later brag

On ‘raising’ them from a twig.

I raised new roses for her

When she could no longer

Planting them around her home

So that she could discover new ones

As she stood with her walker in delight

…Peeping on the side of her

Historic gallery home

The moment of tears

Then quickly leave

Eunice returns to paradise

New Joyous visions create new smiles

…And encouraging looks to the sky,

…Invites the presence of many angels

Who lead me to a matrix

Of Pansies and Petunias

In Orange, Lemon, and Blue Frost

Surrounded by Pigeon Purple Cabbage

Such decorative garden trimmings

Conspiring to lift me even higher

And it worked

Then to a mound of Lavender

With brilliant flower blossoms

Vibrant like fireworks!

Exciting a swarm of bees

Who suspend themselves as graceful as ballerinas

…The bees are truly Grateful indeed

…Just as I am

To savor in such brief moments

Of Joy

I wrote this poem one year on Mother’s Day as I reflected on how our roles had switched. As her sole caregiver, it was as if I were her mother. Kevy

Happy Mother’s Day

By Kevy Michaels

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to me

I’m a mother to my mother

And Father

And Brother

And anything she needs me to be

Cause that’s how much I love her

I celebrate her every day

And I do everything to honor her

….Just the way that Moses said

She gave up a part of herself for me

So I must do the same for her

And I am honored to serve

Just as if I’m

Her mother

Protecting her with all I got

Giving value to life

She & God gave to me

Providing for her



And a life stress-free

She’s paid her dues

Even years before I arrived

She’s paid the ultimate price

It’s easy to give to her

My life

So today I may seem a little overly excited

While my angel and I frolic & play

I’m honoring her just as I normally do

But today

I’m also celebrating Mother’s Day.

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