Devirusize – A New Word I Created – Protect Urself From Viruses

Over the past few days, my mind has been marinating on a catchy way to present holistic health protocols that I have found to be very successful, after over 30 years of personal practice.  I knew that the first one would be on The Sun since it has been really sunny here in Colorado.  Higher altitudes receive more intense sunlight.

The reason that it has been a challenge to come up with an angle is that holistic healing involves many facets and perspectives, and therefore has a lot of areas to cover.

I do not want to overwhelm those who may be interested in learning more with too much, even though it will still be too much.  I knew that I had to present it in pieces, though. 

At first, I had ideas like The Ten Commandments of Health, The Holistic Health Bible, Holistic Health Verses & Scriptures.  I then thought, ahh, no, I may offend even more people.

So, I invented a new word.

Gifer - BHPL
Photo – Gifer – BHPL

It is Devirusize.  DEVIRUSIZE – de·viru·size  – /dē vī rəs sīz/

You will not find it on the internet.  I just invented the word, ‘Devirusize’,  last night.  I had to add it to my MS Word dictionary.







Photo – CDC

To holistically create a “well-body”, by following a number of complementary protocols, that make the body less attractive to viruses, pathogens, and disease.  Regiments focus on:

  • Sun
  • Water
  • Oils
  • Air/Breathing
  • Earth
  • Nutrition/Diet/Portions
  • Sleep
  • Bacteria
  • Exercise – Running & Walking
  • Detoxification
  • Juicing/Smoothies
  • Meditation/Prayer
  • Creativity For Health & Spirit
  • Special Protocols – Ozonated, Zapper, Honey, etc.

Devirusize – A New Word I Created – Protect Urself From Viruses – Kevy Michaels

In the first post, we will discuss one aspect of Devirilizing, properly using the sun.

I am eager to present, over the next several months, holistic health posts on various aspects of healing that I have followed for many years.  All of the posts will be well-researched, and science-supported.  It will take many days and hours to prepare these posts, but I will be rewarded by helping someone, and by becoming more knowledgeable myself.  Completing this series will be like attending an online university and writing a thesis. 

Each post will have the word Devirusize in its long title so that you will know it is part of a collection.  The first post will be about The Sun and how essential it is to our holistic health.

Please read and review this meticulously.  Kevy

Photo – Fusion Medical

I am not a doctor.  I am simply providing my testimony on what has worked for me, quite miraculously in most cases.  We are all different, though.  But we are all also the same.  The protocols that I suggest may or may not work for you.

However, it is worth knowing that the possibility exists that it will.  In addition to my personal testimony, I back up my practices with facts and science.  I support these protocols with science, but you should dig deeper on your own.

The Health and Lifestyle information that I provide is not meant to lead you to immediately begin these regiments, without consulting with your doctor, health practitioner, and without doing your own independent research.  It is most important that you feel comfortable with any health choice that you make.  If you do not feel comfortable with it, it will not work.

 “I can assure you that if you are skeptical about having healthy lifestyle protocols, then making changes alone will not work for you.  You must believe in health for it to work.”  – Kevy Michaels

Please read our medical disclaimer – Not all alternative treatments work for those who do not believe that they will.

Note: You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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    1. Great Charlie…Funny….Follow for this series. It will go on for months and will require doing tremendous research and writing. …maybe some video production.

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