We Gonna Go Back…Way Back – Guest Blogger Lady G – That’s My Jam! – My Jams 1971 & 1972 – ‘Catch Ya On The Flip Side’

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In this post, I am going back into time with Soul, R&B, and Funky music.  Music was so much better then, in my opinion, in artistry and message.  I am not a big fan of today’s music.  With music readily available on streaming services, and on the web, there is no reason not to be stuck in time with good old school music. 

Please join me and new guest blogger, Lady G, as we reflect on the music of 1971 & 1972

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I am this way, but as a part of my style of communicating, it is intentional that I attempt to encourage others to join in the conversation.  Often when a fellow blogger or a person, who does not blog,  comments on my posts, whether they agree or not, I encourage them to submit a post that I will repost.

I want to release one additional thought before I delve into this post on Lady G’s 1971 R&B music jams.

I believe that in this New World Order (we’re in it now) more friendships and connections will be made under the expansion of this existing paradigm.  We will meet friends and like-minded and not like-minded people through social media and blogging, more as a norm in the future.  I feel this way because even before the coronavirus, we were becoming distant.  Post Corona, we will be well-entrenched in using these platforms as a viable way to meet friends and make meaningful connections in an increasingly impersonal world.   This is how I met my new friend, Lady G.

Thank you Lady G  for allowing me to repost your article on your favorite ’71 jams. 

I appreciate that my recent ‘Corona Casandra’ Is Something Else – Kevy’s Earth, Wind & Fire Method To Put Her In Check! post inspired memories of your favorite R&B (Soul) old school jams.

I proudly repost this and look forward to our new cyber-friendships like ours.

In 1981 LadyGYoung Sister
Photo Lady G Blog – 1971

I proudly repost this and look forward to our new cyber-friendships like ours.    

Your post on ’71 jams has inspired me to clear off the cobwebs to think of my favorite jams of that era.  OMG, the music was so much better in talent, message, and happiness.  Thanks, sister.





Kevy Michaels – 1972

By the way, here is my pic from 1972. 

This is Kevy during the 1970’s music explosion. 

I was all into music back then too.







Lady G WordPress Blogger
Photo – Lady G WordPress Guest Blogger

This morning, while taking my daughter to school, I got shook!  I mean completely knocked the hell over!  I was utterly caught off-guard!  Do you want to know what did it?  A song!  Yes my loves, I was knocked off my ass by a song.

Here’s the interesting part, the song that initiated all of this madness was not well known by the masses.  However, it held special significance for me because I listened to it over and over during my pre-teen years. I guess I was pining away over a fictitious relationship that I ‘had’ with this dude down the street.  Anyway, when I heard the song today, I was immediately bum-rushed by every single image that I had ever seen or imagined from the year 1981.

Now that I have sufficiently tortured you with preliminaries, I guess I should name that tune!  Are you ready?  It was “Who’s Been Kissing You?” by Hot Cuisine.  Yeah…you probably don’t know it right off hand.  However, you can go to You-tube and check it out, here’s the link.

Whoa! I think I hear the distant chattering of ‘old head’ music buffs questioning my song knowledge.  Well, let me explain…

You see, I was lucky enough to have been born into a magical time and place.  In this place, there reigned a powerful Godfather, not the Italian mobster; I am talking about Soul Brother Number One! Anyway, our Godfather infused the city’s airwaves with esoteric knowledge on ‘the good foot’ and ‘the one.’

Here’s a quick primer: ‘The good foot’ refers to the dance and the ‘the one’ refers to the beat. Now, if you require more information on either of these concepts you might want to consult with world-renowned Funk Bassist Bootsy Collins.

Wikapedia Commons Back_Stabbers_by_O'Jays_US_vinyl_single_Side-A (1)
Photo – Wikipedia Commons Back Stabbers – Ojays

Anyhow, as a natural-born student of soul music, I would spend any given day in 1981 taping songs.  You see, back in those days, we didn’t buy songs; we taped them as they were being played on the radio.  In order to do this, you had to place a cassette tape into a tape recorder, press play/record and sit it right next to the radio.  Some might call that piracy; I choose to call it creativity.

At any rate, I would sit for hours waiting for the DJ to play my favorite songs so that I could include them on my tape.  Most times this strategy worked pretty well.  Then other times, not so much!  I remember getting pissed when the DJ played my jam just as I was going to the bathroom or just as I was coming back from making a peanut butter sandwich.  In cases like these, I either stopped in my tracks in order to try to record as much of the song as I could, or I had to wait until the joker played it again.  Damn!  Kids today don’t know anything about that!

Now on days when I was particularly bored or had a bunch of cassettes, I would simply record everything that the DJ played-at least until I ran out of tapes.

Marvin Gaye What's Going On Discogs
Photo – Marvin Gaye What’s Going On – Discogs

Suffice it to say, I had collected a massive hodge-podge of songs from 1981 (and years prior).  Some songs were popular, and some were not.  But once I had captured them onto my cassettes I learned them all!  Hence, the reason that I know songs like “Gigolette” by Ozone-featuring Teena Marie or the song that tipped me over this morning!  I hope you’re smiling!

What’s the point of all of this?  Hell, I don’t know!  Just kidding! No, here’s the point, I have decided to post some of my favorite songs from the past along with a little commentary every Thursday.  I would love to hear your feedback on my selections as well as your suggestions for other songs from that weeks’ time period. Just so you know, you can shoot me an e-mail at msfleurs87@gmail.com to discuss!

In the meantime, if you think you know a little sumthin’ about old school soul, funk and R&B GET AT ME!

Lady G’s Jams ’71 – On March 24, 2016, By Lady Gin Music, My Jams

This post is part of the “My Jams” series which currently includes my jams from 1966-1970.  If you haven’t already done so, please go check them out. – Lady G

45 Cat aretha-franklin-spanish-harlem-mono-atlantic-s
Photo – Aretha Franklin Spanish Harlem – 45Cat

It’s all starting to come back to me.  I can faintly see a golden light bulb atop a lamp with no shade.  I am slowly being rocked to sleep as I listen to “Just My Imagination” by The Temptations.

Fast forward, I am standing in front of a reel to reel player watching the tape from one cassette slowly move to the other.  I am swaying back and forth to the song “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get” by the Dramatics.

My friends, these two scenarios are really just snippets of events that I vaguely remember from my childhood.  My cousin Ron refers to these as ‘cryptic memories.’

Sadly, with age, those ‘cryptic memories’ are beginning to fade so I thought I better record them here while I can still recall them 🙂

And so…

Here we are!  Into a new year!  So how are you adjusting to this whole ‘70’s thing? I pray that 1971 finds you doing well!

As implied in the first few paragraphs, this year, I am starting to become more independently conscious of music.  While I can’t say that I know the names of songs or the artists behind them, I can say that I am happily able to express, via dance, my love for a good groove.  With that being the case, my list of jams is starting to get longer.

Forgive me, folks!  Just hang in there with me 😉

So, with all of that said, let’s get it in!

“Family Affair” by Sly and The Family Stone

Ah yes!  I remember this one because Sly is more or less ‘rapping’ to us.  If you really think about it, he is talking to us about the realities of family, “One child grows up to be…”

Now, to be honest, I didn’t ‘get’ this back in 1971.  However, I did ‘get’ a funky groove; and this one certainly qualified!

“Spanish Harlem” by Aretha Franklin

Please don’t tell me you forgot about this one!  The guitar was definitely giving us a strong ‘Spanish’ vibe.  And then there’s ARETHA baby!  What more can I say about that?

“Never Can Say Goodbye” by The Jackson 5

This is probably the very first love song that I remember.  Too bad it was filled with “anguish,” “fools,” and “doubt.”  Damn, I just thought about that!  So what does that mean for my outlook on love?  LOL, let’s move on!  Anyway, the melody here is so beautiful that I can easily forget all the drama!

By the way, did you know that the actor, Clifton Davis, wrote this beauty?

“Mr. Big Stuff” by Jean Knight

“Just who do you think you are?”  Yessir, Ms. Knight is cutting somebody’s butt down to size!  HA!

“Smiling Faces” by The Undisputed Truth

Can you say “foreboding?”  If you don’t know the meaning of that word go look it up, I’ll wait!

This one reminds me of Sly’s “Family Affair” in that it causes us to examine the realities of our relationships.  Despite all of that, it shole is funky!

“What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye

This one finds me nearly speechless!  Most music aficionados point to this song as Marvin’s transition from traditional Motown stuff to all things edgy and political.  There is nothing that I can add that will do justice to this lyrical and musical masterpiece so instead of saying anything more; I have simply decided to bow down.

“Clean Up Woman” by Betty Wright

Good Lord!  This song is just about one of the scariest cautionary tales that anybody has ever recorded!  Ms. Wright warns that the “clean up woman is a woman who gets all the love these girls leave behind!”  Yass Baby!  Betty goes on to say, “The reason I know so much about her is because she picked up a man of mine.”  You gotta love a woman who is issuing a warning based on her own prior experiences 😉

“Whatcha See is Whatcha Get” by The Dramatics

Man oh, man!  For me, this one is right up there with “It’s A Shame” by The Spinners!

Again, we have another song that urges us to pay attention to the folks around us, “You know some people are made of plastic, some people are made of wood…”  I am getting chill bumps just thinking about all of the low, mid, and high vocal ranges that are to be relished in this song!  Weeeee!

And the music….I just can’t call it!  It’s smooth soul at its best!  Now I have to ask:  What woman can resist a man with a beautiful falsetto saying, “All I want to do is love you…”  I just can’t!

The Dramatics have dropped the freaking mic!  Shout out to Tack and T. Wayne on that!

“Thin line” by The Persuaders

Another cautionary tale!  To be honest I just can’t get over this joker saying, “It’s five o’clock in the morning and I don’t give it a second thought!”  What???? You mean to tell me that you didn’t think twice about coming home to your woman at five o’clock in the morning?  But wait, he goes on to say, “Here I am laying in the hospital, bandaged from feet to head.  In a state of shock!  Just that much from being dead…”  Based on results, I would venture to say that he’ll probably start getting home a whole lot sooner! 😉

Alright, my friends, I am going to speed up this process by dropping the commentary.  I can’t leave 1971 without mentioning:

(I’ll hit on the remake of this one later–Can you say “TSOP” or better yet, The Sound of Philadelphia?”)

And with that, I bid 1971 a fond farewell!  What are your jams from 1971?

Kevy’s 1972 R&B, Soul, Funk & New Orleans Jams

Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly - Discogs
Photo – Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly – Discogs

I’ve listed quite a few of my jams from 1972, and still, I could not list them all.  The music then was so much better.  My brother-in-law was a disc jockey at New Orleans #1 Soul radio station, WYLD.  Our entire family was very influenced by music and had lots of demo singles.  We had about 3 – 4 record players, 2 big fancy wooden console ones, and one portable one upstairs for me and my sisters to play.

In 1972, I listened to whatever adults listened to, whatever was popular on the radio.  It was safer then to do so.  What we thought was vulgar back then, is Christian compared to the lyrics and messages of today’s music.  Back then music had a message, often influenced by what was going on at the time.  But, sometimes the songs were just happy songs, which don’t seem to be as common today.

I had to throw in a few New Orleans jams.  By the way, Lady G, Jean Knight, of Mr. Big Stuff, is from New Orleans. 

New Orleanians, like myself, are proud of our music, culture, dance, and food.  As I’ve mentioned before, New Orleans is a ‘bucket list’ vacation.  …A must-do. 

 Though I include a few 1972 New Orleans jams, you really can’t get the true feeling of the songs until you are there, meet the people, and eat crawfish.  Enjoy.  Kevy.

Michael JacksonI Wanna Be Where You Are / We’ve Got a Good Thing Going (1972)

The Temptations – Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone / Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone (Instrumental) (1972)

Michael JacksonRockin’ Robin / Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone (1972)

Isaac HayesDo Your Thing / Ellie’s Love Theme (1972)

The Meters – Fire On The Bayou

King Floyd – Groove Me (1971)

Roberta Flack – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 1972

I Can See Clearly Now · Johnny Nash

Harold Melvin & The Blue NotesI Miss You (Part I) / I Miss You (Part II) 

The Jimmy Castor BunchTroglodyte (Cave Man) / I Promise to Remember (1972)

The ChakachasJungle Fever / Cha Ka Cha (1972)

WAR – Slippin’ Into Darkness / Nappy Head (1972)

The Isley BrothersWork to Do / Beautiful (1972)

The 100 Greatest Soul Songs of the 70s Unforgettable Soul Music Full Playlist – 2 Hour Mix – Greg Schulz

The Best Of Soul Train – (1971 – 1979) Vol.1 – Music world TV
  1. That Lady (Part 1)—The Isley Brothers
  2. Live It Up Part 1—The Isley Brothers
  3. Summer Breeze (Part 1)—The Isley Brothers
  4. Release Yourself—Graham Central Station Soul Train Dancers
  5. Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe—Barry White
  6. Love’s Theme—Love Unlimited Orchestra
  7. What Am I Gonna Do with You—Barry White
  8. You’re the First, the Last, My Everything—Barry White
  9. Come Get to This—Marvin Gaye
  10. Distant Lover—Marvin Gaye
  11. Let’s Get It On—Marvin Gaye
  12. I Want to Take You Higher—Sly & the Family Stone
  13. Mighty Mighty—Earth, Wind & Fire Soul Train Dancers
  14. Dance to the Music—Sly & the Family Stone
  15. I Heard It Through the Grapevine—Gladys Knight & the Pips
  16. Back Stabbers—The O’Jays
  17. Respect—Aretha Franklin Soul Train Dancers
  18. Rock Steady—Aretha Franklin

Note: You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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10 thoughts on “We Gonna Go Back…Way Back – Guest Blogger Lady G – That’s My Jam! – My Jams 1971 & 1972 – ‘Catch Ya On The Flip Side’

  1. Wow Kevy!!!

    Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate the love you’ve shown by featuring me 🙂

    You have taken those posts to the NEXT level! You’ve created a beautiful collage and tribute to the music and artists that you, me and so many of us love and hold dear.

    I loved your jams! I picked some of the same ones for 1972. “I can see clearly now” by Johnny Nash was one of my Mom’s favorite songs, she has since made her transition, so it makes me smile and cry when I hear it.

    That picture of you from 1972 is EVERYTHING!!! I love it! TOO CUTE! Those eyes!
    BTW, I did not know that Jean Knight was from New Orleans; your home!

    New Orlean is one of my favorite places in the world. I feel very much at home there. I love going to Audubon Park and walking amongst those old trees. The food there is AWESOME pretty much anywhere you GO! I liked having breakfast at this place called “The Coffee Pot” last time I was there. Oh, and the people are REAL! Very authentic!
    I just love it!
    Last time I was there (2013), I went to a vintage bookstore in the French Quarter and picked up a Creole Cookbook because I love shrimp etouffee!
    I got some amazing shots at St. Louis Cathedral; and all over New Orleans, including the 5th Ward.

    Anyway, Kevy, you are a true treasure! And I think you are on to something. We have to create the spaces we want to inhabit via wordpress because mainstream media ain’t cutting it!

    Thank you Kevy! Keep doing what your are doing! You are the truth!

    1. Thank you Lady G.

      This proves that we can make good connections via social media and blogging. I feel other blogger’s vibe through their posts. I felt yours (and U mine) and that is likely why we both connected well.

      Many of the things you told me in this response were said in the vibe of your posts.

      I Can See Clearly Now is a wonderful song to listen to when overcoming trials. Tell mama Hi. For Once In My Life, Steve Wonder, is another. I love to give songs new meanings. There are love songs that I reinterpret as the Love Of God.

      I am glad we met. Let’s do it again. Kevy

          1. I don’t worry too much about typos or grammar issues as long as I get a sincere vibe from the writer. I get that sincerity from you. Your messages are clear.

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