People’s Opinions On Life’s Road During Crisis – I’m Talking About ‘Some People’ & ‘Them People’

“I am as convicted, as passionate, and as certain as I am today because of the trials I’ve endured, conquered, and failed.
I thought that I was only whistling and walking down this road called Life.” – Kevy Michaels

Kevy Tying To Take A Peaceful Stroll Down Life’s Road

I’ve walked on many of life’s roads which led me through the uptown side of town. I’ve also strolled ‘Backatown‘, tripping over a few street ditches.

Ursulines at N. Villere - Treme Fall Color - New Orleans, LA
Photo – Ursulines at N. Villere – Treme Fall Color – New Orleans, LA

“Back of town,” said by many locals as “Backatown,” is a term that asks one to visualize New Orleans as front and back. The “front” would be the streets and neighborhoods directly along the Mississippi River, starting with the Vieux Carré (the Old Square) aka the French Quarter. – Nov 4, 2013 -Go NOLA – Back of Town

I am what New Orleanians refer to as a “river rat“. I grew up two blocks from the Mississippi River. In other words, I lived ‘offa Tchoupitoulas Street’.

Tchoupitoulas Street (CHOP-i-TOO-ləs) is a street in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA that runs through uptown (where I grew up). It is the through street closest to the Mississippi River. Formerly, the street was heavily devoted to river-shipping commerce; but as shipping concerns gravitated to other locations in the latter part of the 20th century, more of the street has been utilized for residential and other business purposes. – Tchoupitoulas Street – Wikipedia

Our nearly 200-year-old home would shake at night from the vibration of passing trains. I learned to sleep through the sounds of ship horns, cranes, 18-wheelers, while sailors and seamen, from all over the world, would walk drunk and curious through our neighborhood. And, I got accustomed to funky smells of the Mississippi.

From these humble beginnings, as the youngest of 8 other siblings, I was ambitious and outspoken from about 5 years old. Those traits would be key to my accomplishments and passion, even today.

While I was on the uptown side of town, on Life’s Road, I made a lot of money and traveled the world. I was exposed to many People from various cultures.

After the season of abundance passed, Life’s Road led me to face and conquer the eyes of a few hurricanes, meteorological ones, and life’s hurricanes. I was broken and grieved for years over the loss of my mother to cancer, and ultimately the disconnection from my entire family, through sibling rivalry that still lingers today.
Nonetheless, I still maintain that I’ve gained strength and learned new wisdom from every trial, whether I was victorious or a failure.

I’ve gained the most by way of pain. Always easily finding the silver lining is proof enough to me that: “God is good, all the time”.

I live by the adage, “When sifting through the ashes, look well.”

I know who I am on this long journey. I appreciate the adventure of taking the least traveled roads, of discovering the unknown. Now I always choose to take the road least traveled when I meet forks in the road.

I learned “who I am”, through my many encounters with others, “who I was not”. – Kevy Michaels

After over 50 years on this journey, I’ve come to understand the many faces of People. I believe that there are pedigrees for People. Though we are all unique, our psyches, personalities, values, and spirits fall into a host of stereotypical profiles. Scientists theorize that it may even be genetic.

Human behavioral genetics is controversial – “Does human behavior have a genetic component? The answer to that question is controversial in part because ethical and legal issues make controlled studies of human behavior difficult to devise. However, the evidence for a genetic component in human behavior is overwhelming in spite of that limitation.” – Cognitive Neuroscience: GENES AND BEHAVIOR – ÓJ. J. Wine – Last edited 3-28-2000

This thinking is not as farfetched as it may seem. Our personalities are formed by our upbringing, and refined by the information we absorb, including media, politics, religion, status, experiences, and lifestyle.

This list of factors will only produce a finite list of possibilities, mathematically. Everyone may not be the exact same but everyone seems to fall into a stereotypical list of personalities. Many of those we meet every day have similar personalities, values, and convictions that we clearly recognize. Since I’ve traveled so much, I’ve seemed to have encountered most of these personalities. I’ve learned from each.

Likewise, I am sure that when others meet me, in person, or through my content or expression, they categorize me and know just what type I am.

The lessons that I’ve learned through People-interactions resonated strongest when I traveled Backatown’ on Life’s Road when I found myself alone and broken.
With no other choice available, alone, I reflected, prayed, and meditated. I gained clarity and tranquility through years of practice. I departed from every situation wiser, knowing myself and People better.

During today’s Coronavirus scare the many faces of People are vividly surfacing. I wonder if you have noticed.

  • Some are fearful, while others are ‘prayed up’. Several of my established relationships are fizzling out because of strong differences in philosophical and religious views.
  • Some people are not being honest with themselves about their health status whether it’s regarding Corona or other comorbidities. I am.
  • From what I’ve experienced in the Black community, those who have maintained healthy lifestyles seem to be at odds with the unhealthy ones.
  • Most seem to have removed the top from their ‘dome’ to allow the media, social media, conspiracy theorists, and the like to fill their brains with propaganda and misinformation.
  • Religious leaders seem to have disappeared when their flocks need them most. But in fairness, their entire infrastructure, congregants, and funding sources have been obliterated. They have yet to come up with creative ways to preach the gospel.

I have for about two years reached thousands of People around the world, by myself, and on a shoestring budget. Someday, they may learn how too.

  • Mainly friends and family relationships are strained and may not survive the plague, though they may.
  • People are all over the place regurgitating their political and religious biases and are realizing that they are no longer fond of each other. Great tensions run rampant.
  • Those who are cautious, versus those who are in strict fear, are the most contentious.
  • Those who are optimistic versus thoseCalamity Janes run a close second.
  • Some People honestly forget about new social distancing etiquette and get too closer to others who seem way too cautious and often rude.
  • Some os the most religous & politically extreme People feel that this crisis signals their calling and pick arguments and attack those who ride the middle road.

People are all over the place during the Corona Pandemic. I’ve been reflecting on People a great deal lately.

“As I sit on the side of Life’s Road for a rest and a sip of water, I reflect on People.” – Kevy Michaels

These reflections inspired me to write the poem Some People. I am very familiar with this sentiment. I wrote the poem Them People years ago when under similar pressure, while caring for my elderly mother.

I included it in the post Terror on the Caregiver – But Judas, You Said You Loved Me…

I hope that you can relate to both poems and this post. Maybe you will. Maybe you won’t.

I would appreciate your feedback either way. Kevy.


Some People
Kevy Michaels
tenorPulling Weeds
Photo – Tenor – Pulling Weeds

Some People Are Like Tares
Meant To Be Discarded Like Rubbish

tenorNasserq Good Morning
Photo – Tenor – Nasserq – Good Morning

Some People Are Like Wheat Flourishing In Blowing Wind
Growing Exquisitely Strong In The Nurturing Sun

Photo Tenor – Tae Hyng Hot

Some People Are Mere Facades Of Themselves
Decorated Ornaments

Gifer - Or2Q
Photo – Gifer – Or2Q

For My Spirit
To Reveal What’s Behind The Curtain

tenorJoker Do You Know
Photo – Tenor – Joker Do You Know

Some Wear Vivid Scars Like Fashion Statements

tenorFred Dryer Rick Hunter
Photo – Tenor Fred Dryer Rick Hunter

Flaws Like Metals Of Victory…Badges Of Wisdom

tenorKim Jongun Supreme Leader Of North Korea
Photo – Tenor Kim Jong-un Supreme Leader Of North Korea

Some People Pretend To Be Leaders

tenorSuper Bowl Live Under ARock
Photo -Tenor Super Bowl Live Under A Rock

But They Look For ‘Their Rock’
To Hide Them

Gifer - Ujk
Photo – Gifer – Ujk

When They See The Enemy
Or Even God

The Daily BeastGetty-Stein-trump-meme_s1dxlh
Photo – The Daily BeastGetty-Stein-trump-meme_s1dxlh

Some People Believe In Miracles Cures
Without Basis

Gifer - 3krb
Photo – Gifer – 3krb

Some Are Healed Simply Because
They Believe In Miracles

Gifer - 4hQE
Photo –

Some People Can’t See What Is Not There

tenorChillin Blind
Photo – Tenor Chillin Blind

Some Can See…

tenorHeart Xray GIF
Photo – Tenor Heart Xray

What’s Beyond
What They See

Photo – Giphy Sad Charlie Brown

Some People Are Just Plain Weak

tenorWhen A Bowl Of Soup Just Isn't Enough
Photo – Tenor When A Bowl Of Soup Just Isn’t Enough

Sipping Whatever Soup They’re Served

Photo – Giphy Shameless

No Matter
Who Serves
Prepared It

tenorSatan Devil
Photo – Tenor Satan Devil

Or Whatzinit

tenorPastor Preacher
Photo – Tenor Pastor Preacher

Some People Stand Firm
In Performance

tenorAmen Halle Lujah
Photo – Tenor Amen Halle Lujah

Under Unsurmountable Fire
Stand Certain Courageous & Confident

Gifer - 1ksL
Photo – Gifer – 1ksL

Some People Are One Dimensional

Gifer - MDdU
Photo – Gifer – MDdU

Never Realizing That Life Plays In 3-D

Pinterest - 50a881658be29224901fc1085c9c343e
Photo – Pinterest

Some People Can Only Dwell
In Physical Existence

Gifer - PHiU
Photo – Gifer – PHiU

Some Don’t See Grays

Vice Dot Com - collaboration_between_Citizen_watch___Tsuyoshi_Tane__DGT__rev
Photo – Vice Dot Com – collaboration_between_Citizen_watch___Tsuyoshi_Tane__DGT__rev

…Never Notice Spaces
Between Thoughts

Photo – Tenor Spiritual

Some People Cannot
Elevate Above Themselves

tenorSpiritual Spirituality
Photo – Tenor Spiritual Spirituality

…Can’t See Their Energy
In Oneness With God

Gifer - ys
Photo – Gifer – ys.gif

Some People See Colors, Faces
Hear Words
Listen/Tell Stories

Tenor Breaking News GIF
Photo – Tenor Breaking News

Some People Read/Share
Books, News, Gossip, Conspiracy, Opinions, Predictions, Scriptures

Tenor Good Day Bad Day
Photo – Tenor Good Day Bad Day

My People
I Am An Exception
I Am Unlike
Some People

Gifer - 6os
Photo – Gifer – 6os

I Am A Deprived
But Beautiful Anomaly

gifer - 7gRx
Photo – Gifer – 7gRx

I Read Energy, Auras, Vibrations

Gifer - WGkW
Photo – Gifer – WGkW

I See Spirits

Gifer - LAB
Photo – Gifer – LAB

I Read Messages
In The Wind

Photo Nihilisme

My People…
Many Of You
Are Unlike
The Pure Energy
That I Identify As Me

gifer - 8OpY
Photo – Gifer – 8OpY

I Vibrate Very Differently
And Quite Proudly

Giphy Bounce TV
Photo – Giphy Bounce TV

I Must Accept
‘Some People’
‘Them People’

Giphy Jenni Sparks
Photo – Jenni Sparks

…Accept Them Like
I Appreciate That Hatred
Breathe Life Into Love

Gifer - Bee Sting - QqA9
Photo – Gifer – Bee Sting – QqA9

…I’ll Let Them Be
Like Overlooking
The Sting of A Bee

Tenor Wandering Soul Lost Soul
Photo – Tenor Wandering Soul Lost Soul

I’ve lost
For Consenting
With Lost Souls

Gifer Chakra 106L
Photo – Gifer Chakra 106L

Some People
May Will Never Comprehend
How I Radiate

My People…
I Will Never Resonate With
Your 1-D Simplicity

Gifer - DoPc
Photo – Gifer – DoPc

I Immerse Deeply
Into This Vibration
Where I Find It In
Men People, Women People, Children People

Gifer - Nature - Cb8
Photo – Gifer – Nature

…Or Into Nature’s Beautiful Surround
Sometimes I Must Find Completeness
Immersing In God’s Pure Spirit
All Alone

Gifer - 4NiZ
Moving On From Some People To Them People Photo – Gifer – 4NiZ
‘Them People’
By Kevy Michaels

‘Them People’ think
I’m always bragging
Always flossing
Always swaging
But all I’m really doing is sharing
What God can do for them too
They believe
That I’m crazy
My thinking’s warped
My clarity hazy
But opinions never really phase me
I don’t work for them
They don’t pay me
And I’ll never see life as they do
Then they feel I’m unworthy
Spiritually Filthy
Morally Dirty
Unstable Mentally?
.. And not sturdy
Besides everyone knows
Only ‘they’ are worthy
…Cause they know bible verses
And pray every Sunday
They also see me as a fool
…Cause they take, take, take
…While for me
Giving Is still cool
I post daily on my blog
Like a teacher in school
Living by golden rules
And not all their ‘Yakety Yak’
All the time
That must be
Why they don’t show me much love
Though we praise the same God above
Maybe they just need a hug
Or maybe a big shove
Off that high-horse
So that Love
Guides ME to catch their fall
Now I’m thinking
They may never get it
They can’t imagine
…With the Holy Spirit?
As for scripture
They’ll surely spit it
Believing In God in print
…But not in their spirits
And they just don’t live
…As they claim they do
But, Real Talk
I’ve been born again
Checked me out lately?
…I’m A brand new man
God told me that
All of our chances are all the same
So I’ll pray that their blessings come too
It’s just like momma Eunice told me
Long ago
Never let ‘Them People’ stop your flow
Pray that
One day
They’ll truly know
The spirit of God
In whoever
And wherever He may appear.

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4 thoughts on “People’s Opinions On Life’s Road During Crisis – I’m Talking About ‘Some People’ & ‘Them People’

    1. Those who preach but don’t practice, who talk but not walk it are still excellent teachers.

      They tell you all the perfect lessons, priciples, verses, and wise things to do.

      Just don’t trust them to do what they say or reciprocate to you in that way. Kevy

  1. I find that some people are great teachers OR writers OR philosophers.
    Rarely do you find one who is gifted to be all three!
    Kevy, that, you are!

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