I Got My Government Cheddar! – Moolah, Baby – 10 Healthy Ways To Spend That Cheese & Put UR Intentions Into Motion

“This is about that Cheddar, not about that Feta. Cheddar…the one that comes in slices.” ~ Kevy

I received my cheddar, my stimulus payment this week. I damn near spent it before the ink dried on the check.

cheddar – cheddar= money, riches, wealth, ballin
usually found in rap songs – “He has a fat bank account, drives a BMW or Mercedes, and wears the finest clothes, he has THE CHEDDAR” – JeffFo – September 12, 2006

I am so comfortable with spending money, seemingly frivolously to set my goal and intentions into motion. I have been living vicariously when it comes to fulfilling visions for over 20 years and this approach has served me well, leading to many successes.

American Cheddar Cheese Mike Mozart Flickr
Photo – That Cheddar – Mike Mozart Flickr

You will find several common themes running through my postings, poetry, songs, and writings. With regard to Spending That Government Cheese, the principles are at work here. If you share these principles with me, it will not be difficult to set your plans into motion, using the government stimulus money to do it.

  • Faith
  • Lack of Fear
  • Believing in your vision
  • Investing in you

I repeatedly have tried to convince friends to do the same, but they are so cautious and full of fear, especially during ‘this plague’. They save nearly everything, ‘to see whatz gon happen’. They cannot see the logic in vicariously making dreams manifest. …In taking a leap of faith, knowing that everything will be alright.

This is the only way I live. Faith, Courage, Believing in myself and Trusting. God has a lot to do with this sentiment.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

Remember Seal’s Song – Crazy?

Seal just happens to be one of my favorite recording artists and songwriters of all time. Read a few of my posts, then listen to Seal’s songs. Particularly the album Seal – Crazy – Raquel Prates

“In a world full of people, only some want to fly. In a sky full of people, only some want to fly. Is that not crazy” – Seal – Crazy

Purpose of the Stimulus Payments

Photo Markus Spiske

Though I focus on the stimulus payment made to Americans, $ 1200 per individual, and extended unemployment benefits on sterols, for up to 8 months, it seems that nearly every country is providing stimulus ‘cheese’, ‘bacon’, to its citizens. Some are more generous than the richest country on the planet, the USA. Please note that many of the countries below have a smaller population and economy than the US.

Also, consider that any expense budget savings will free of cash for you to spend.

Check it out.

“Governments and other institutions around the world are looking to buy their countries time until the crisis is curtailed” – Quartz

Photo Andrew Stutesman

US – President Donald Trump signed a $2 trillion stimulus bill that includes $500 billion to back loans for companies and $350 billion for small businesses. More was spent later.

China – In China, where the Covid-19 outbreak originated, the government is reportedly planning around $394 billion of infrastructure spending, backed by local government bonds. Banks reportedly have approval from the government to roll over loans, relax guidelines on overdue debt, avoid reporting delinquencies, and for borrowers to skip making payments.

Australia – The government is planning A$320 billion ($197 billion) of spending and available borrowing. The package includes wage subsidies of $1,500 every two weeks for each employee. Parliament had previously agreed to more than A$80 billion in fiscal stimulus.

Denmark – The Danish government is paying 75% of employees’ salaries, up to $3,288 per month, at private companies that have been impacted by the pandemic.

Japan – The government has announced a spending package of about $4 billion that is focused on small and mid-size companies.

Germany – The government in Berlin has signed off on a €750 billion ($800 billion) package as well as plans for loans, guarantees, government stakes in companies, and credit to keep businesses afloat.

Spain – Officials are prepared to make as much as $219 billion of aid available, including €100 billion of guarantees for company loans and €17 billion of direct support for enterprises.

The UK – The British government said on March 20 that it’s writing a blank check for workers: Government grants will cover 80% of the salary of retained workers up to a total of £2,500 ($3,084) a month; no business will pay VAT until June, which is worth £30 billion. On March 26, Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled a similar initiative for the self-employed who earn up to £50,000, offering them 80% of their average earnings for the past three years. The spending measures will cost around £60 billion (paywall), according to Financial Times estimates.

France – Officials will spend €45 billion to help small businesses and employees. President Emmanuel Macron said there will be unlimited aid for businesses.

Italy – The government approved €25 billion ($49 billion) of support for companies and workers, including extra money for the health system, increasing unemployment benefits, freezing tax and loan payments, and suspending mortgage payments. The effort will also make use of €340 billion of financing, and more efforts are expected to follow.

India – The government is reportedly pushing its banks to approve as much as 600 billion rupees ($8.1 billion) of loans by the end of March. The Reserve Bank of India announced long-term repo operations (LTRO) to reduce interest rates and boost lending. Based on the population, India is being cheap.

Canada – The government is planning a package totaling C$82 billion ($56.7 billion), which includes C$27 billion of support for individuals and companies and C$55 billion in temporary tax deferrals for businesses and households. The Bank of Canada cut its overnight interest rate by 50 basis points to 0.75% on March 13.

EU – Authorities are considering repurposing their bailout fund, originally designed to combat the euro zone’s sovereign debt crisis, to cushion the impact of a recession. The so-called European Stability Mechanism has more than €400 billion of unused capacity. The European Commission is assessing a €37 billion Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative to be used for healthcare, supporting workers, and small- and medium-sized businesses.

Source – Government bailouts are beginning: We’re keeping track – March 17, 2020 – John Detrixhe

Many people believe that stimulus payments are to help them financially through hardship. That is not its primary purpose. It is a residual benefit to governments. The primary purposes are as follow:

  • To Stimulate the Economy
  • To prop up the stock market
  • To Create Jobs

It is simply not really intended to help your budget or economic circumstances as presented. So spend it! Help your country’s economy.

Stimulus Check – By CLAY HALTON – Updated Mar 26, 2020 – Investopedia

“A stimulus check is a check sent to a taxpayer by the U.S. government. Stimulus checks are intended to stimulate the economy by providing consumers with some spending money. When taxpayers spend this money, it will boost consumption and drive revenues at retailers and manufacturers and, thus, spur the economy. Find out how the coronavirus stimulus bills affect you.”

Letters | Coronavirus crisis: the world’s rich look after themselves, stimulus packages to weather pandemic will be no different – 19 Apr 2020 – South China Morning Post

“They have the ear of politicians and convinced them to pour trillions of dollars into “stimulating” the economy. But their real purpose is to prop up financial markets, not to help the people but to protect their endangered but historically bulging portfolios.”

So spend it!

Photo Markus Spiske

“Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal, For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” – Matthew 6:19 – 6:21

Be a good patriot of your country and its economy. Help your country’s economy by helping yourself. Choose spending options that improve Your Health & Well Being, or facilitates your growth.

Splurge smartly, but do splurge, I put a bit in savings, and a bit on bills, but freely spent the rest. After paying bills, saving, and taking care of the essential items (rent/mortgage, food, utilities, etc.), go crazy! Spend! Splurge the rest on the things that you desire, on the things that you could not pursue because money has been too tight.

Our Medical Disclaimer

I am not a doctor. But, I am well-researched, connected, disciplined, and I research more on health every day. I am passionate about healing by way of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

I can’t say that I don’t take any prescription medications, but most of the time I try to avoid them. Furthermore, if I must take them, I work hard to rid my body of its side effects and toxicity, naturally. I am in a constant effort to not to have to take any prescription meds, if possible.

I passionately believe in holistic health and have practiced it for over 30 years, successfully defying many medical conventions. I do not take any vaccines, at this time, and haven’t for many years.

Please read our Medical Disclaimer Statement. Holistic protocols do now work for everyone, especially those who cannot believe in them.

Ideas For Spending That Focus On UR Well-Being

Photo Erik McLean
Invest In Your Future or Business
  • Purchase Business Cards, Flyers, or Marketing/Advertising
  • Kick Start Your New Business with:
    • Consulting
    • Website
    • Equipment
    • Computer/Software
    • Resume & Career Package
    • Creative Purchases
    • Blog/Website
    • Software Subscriptions
    • Computer Applications
    • Publishing Packets
    • Creative Training & Workshops
    • School – Online of Course
Purchase Electronics & Other Health Promoting Items

These purchases are not frivolous ones, especially when it comes to improving your health and lifestyle.

Ensuring That You Succeed

I learned long ago, that the best way to assure future success is to go into debt and spend money toward to future you desire. It will make it more difficult for you to sit on your ass. Spending money and debt will surely make your move.

Photo Sammie Vasquez

I have also mentioned this in other posts. Proclaim your intentions! “Name it and claim it!” It is really important that you announce out loud to friends, coworkers, and family what your visions and intentions are. They may think that you are bragging. That is what happens to me. I did not die from it, though. Haters will hate. They’re doing them.

Announcing your intentions as vividly as you can describe them puts this message out there for others to watch and be inspired by. It also puts you on alert that you have a duty to fulfill.

My God, when you put yourself out there like that. You cannot allow your ego to fail in front of everyone and will try your level best to not let that happen.

“Fortune sides with him who dares.” ― Virgil – Roman poet

Review my prior post on The Spiritual Law of Desire & Intentions where I state the following. Just 5 Steps Will Guide You to Your Intentions & Desires

“It is critical to affirm and proclaim mindful Intentions and Desires because doing so, puts the energy of our entire being on alert to what the goal and plan is. In doing so, we are also alerted when we get off track, in our minds. …It’s called a conscience. That consciousness, our ego, keeps things moving along.” – Kevy Michaels

Refer to the post, Unemployment’s Low! – Even My Ego Has A Job Now, for more direction on how to make your ego work towards your greater good.

I actually set mindful Intentions and desire in a prayer that I modified, and say often, asking God to bless me exceedingly.

Prayer Mosaic Gallery

“Dear heavenly father If it is your will, Bless me abundantly, And, exceedingly, Bless me:
(State how you want to be blessed; Example: Financially, Romance, Spiritual Friends & Acquaintances, Sustainability, Miraculous Healing, and specific desires, such as a New Job, Publishing a book, completing a project, etc. Think huge. Ask for it all!)
The most important blessing that I desire is to know my purpose and how to please you. Please reveal your will for me. Knowing it would be my biggest blessing”

In this prayer, I tell God what my desires are. But, I also tell him about my sincere intention to please him. That part is critically important. I know that I will never be pleased unless I know that I am pleasing God.

The same pleas occur in, Kevy’s Prayer for Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:9-10). In both prayers, I set Intentions and Desires into motion by stating exactly what I want, in terms, of relationships, creative expression, achievement, and God. With the start of each day, I affirm my Intentions for the day, which correlate back to my overall vision.

“If you do both things, let go of that government cheese, that moolah, investing in your visions and intentions, and announce it, you will put yourself and ego on guard to do the work. You will also trigger possible pressure from others that will ensure that you make it happen. Your ego does not like pressure from others.

“The Lord will also get the notice that you are asking for guidance towards reaching your goals. Your success will be proportional to your faith, and relative to God’s will for you.

So, spend, and proclaim!: – Kevy

But please remember and find this in you.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” – Rumi

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