‘Corona Casandra’ Is Something Else – Kevy’s Earth, Wind & Fire Method To Put Her In Check!

My mind is weird.

I attribute it to being spiritually elated repeatedly through life’s seasons. It’s as if after each trial, I was rewarded with a strong, yet lighter armor.

You see, through the trials I endured, in addition to losing a part of my old self, I practically lost everyone around me, including my immediate family and closest friends. Through my trials, they abandoned me. This, I’m sure, is a familiar story. It was partly my fault because my tests were devastating ones. They devastated me.

Finding myself alone from most people in the aftermath for years, several of which were with my elderly mother as her caregiver, I learned to go within, pray, and meditate. I didn’t practice like a normal person, though. I don’t do anything like a normal person. I kinda celebrate being different. I practiced more like my devout Creole Catholic mother, like an old Catholic novena mass-attending Latina, morning, noon, and at night.

But, I prayed even more than that! And, I meditated heavily, while my mother Eunice did not. I tried to teach her and caught her watching me, when her eyes were supposed to be closed. It didn’t work. She was too old school and that was just weird to her.

I spent hours praying and meditating, even while working, exercising, jogging, and writing. Over time, I got really good at it. I still practice this way today. After over 30 years of regular practice, it has elevated my vibration. Today, I see all sorts of visions, epiphanies, and creative ideas. Sometimes having these regular inner visions alienates me from others. I take that as part of the responsibility for these gifts.

“Through devotion, blessed are the children. Praise the teacher, that brings true love to many.” – Devotion – Earth, Wind & Fire

Anyway, the way that it relates to my mind being weird is that I was jogging just yesterday, and all kinds of ideas were popping into my head. I was using my new Fitbit Versa 2 for the first time, listening to the soul music group Earth, Wind & Fire. The music stopped for a mile or so, so I jogged and prayed, as more ideas would pop into my head.

I ran several miles nonstop yesterday, more than ever! I impressed myself. I took screenshots of my accomplishment on my smartphone and sent it to a few friends.

Now let me make this clear, since we are becoming friends. I am not a showoff or a bragger! I may seem like one, though. You may get this impression of me, as do most people.

“Only those on a spiritual vibe similar to mines understand that when I share accomplishments, selfies, pictures of Creole dishes that I prepare, and creative writing, I am celebrating Life, God & Gratitude. I have defied odds, endured trials, and beat an incurable illnesses that everyone is frantic over. I celebrate these things every day”. I should. – Kevy Michaels

I feel as though I am proof that there is a narrative other than that which the media and politicians are selling on COVID19. Corona Casandra was not as powerful against me as they claim she is.

The media version of the virus may be a reality for those who do not take optimal care of themselves, but not me. So that’s why I’m trying to conjure up ways to share what I do, without getting into too much trouble.

Oh, “Corona Casandra” is a name I came up with while jogging as well. Again, my mind is weird.

The ideas that came to mind while jogging was all blog post ideas. I came up with three:

  • Corona Casandra Is Causing A New Dualism
  • Corona Casandra Is Two-Faced – Here’s Her Good Side
  • ‘Corona Casandra’ Is Something Else – This Is The Earth, Wind & Fire Method To Put That Gurl In Check! – That post is this one!


My weird mind married Earth, Wind & Fire with Coronavirus, and Casandra!

I don’t think that it’s normal to merge unrelated thoughts together like this when you’re not dreaming. I do, though.

This is what all that going inward, praying and meditation has done to me.

“Open your heart, feel the touch of devotion. Maybe this song, will help uplift your day” – Devotion – Earth, Wind & Fire

So, here it is! This is The Earth, Wind & Fire Method for protecting yourself against Corona Casandra.

This protocol uses connecting with the elements as a foundation for strengthening your immunity. They say Corona Casandra despises and is not entertained by those with strong immunity.

If this works and she comes your way, she will leave you like a moth leaves its cocoon.

OMG, that is a horrible metaphor! But it does allow me to explain for a moment that moths and butterflies do not transform inside of their cocoons.

The caterpillars actually dissolve and are recreated (born again, resurrected) as moths or butterflies. Cool. I got that out. Heard it on NPR this week.

“Inside, these caterpillars shrink, shed their skin, their organs dissolve. Their insides turn to mush. Most of their cells die. But lurking in the goo are a few cells (the so-called adult or “imaginal” cells) that at this moment jump into action, reorganize all the free-floating proteins and other nutrients and turn what was once caterpillar into … here comes the resurrection … a moth!” – Are Butterflies Two Different Animals in One? The Death And Resurrection Theory

That’s a horrible metaphor for Corona leaving but surely is metaphoric for something. Anyway, I wanted to get that out there.

See there, that high-vibe, the high-octane mind is weird. It wanders. But it’s weird that serves good, I assure you.

…Back to her. Corona Casandra does not like those who are strong, especially those who use the elements of the planet to build immunity. She probably doesn’t like Earth, Wind & Fire either. So play it through your wireless speakers, smartphones, and earbuds as you read further.

Listen to the lyrics of EW&F’s songs. They are inspiring and hopeful.

Your mental state is part of your healing and strengthening. Without a strong mind, one can never be optimally well physically.

I suggest that you use the Earth, Wind & Fire Method that my mind just created to clap back at Corona Casandra. Here it goes.

Okay, if you like me and if you’re my friend then I have to level with you on a few things with regard to my suggestions.

I am not a doctor. I am only expressing what has worked for me to defy health and medical odds. It may or may not work for you. Over 30 years I have evolved to where I am today with regard to my healthy lifestyle. I believe that I am well-researched, well-connected, disciplined, well-nourished, and researching more every day. I am passionate about this 3-D version of healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Most holistic health acquaintances of mine are the same way.

“I can assure you that if you are skeptical about alternative health and lifestyle protocols, then they will not work for you. You must believe in this, like anything else that works.” – Kevy Michaels

Also, holistic health is a totally different paradigm than what most people are used to. You have to go beyond ‘outside of the box’. You have to be like, ‘what box?’.

The concept of holistic health requires that your Mind, Body, and Spirit are all healthy. If anyone is out of sync, then all the dominoes may fall.

I know this from experience. I did everything right but was extremely stressed last year. The stress negated the diet, exercise, and other healthy practices.

You must practice all aspects in unison. You may never be perfect at it, but that’s just perfect! This will keep you trying to improve because you will never make it to the finish line.

…Like trying to get closer to God.

Please read our Medical Disclaimer Statement. I am required to state this.

Compiling this list and related links took a lot of effort and time. I’ve reviewed this content just for you to take the time to review it as well. Please do so, if you are moved to.

If not, just check out Earth, Wind & Fire links below.

This post is just another example of that weird mind of mine striking again.

Who would ever draw a connection between Corona, Casandra, and Earth, Wind & Fire, who? Kevy Michaels, that’s who.

Here’s An Idea

I realize that all of the information that I am presenting through links below may be overwhelming. I was overwhelmed by reviewing and compiling it.

I do not wish to overwhelm. I really want to recruit others to envision another reality and sense of responsibility with regard to their health.

At a seasoned level, as where I am today, it’s my hope that others see that the intention and action to treat their bodies as a temple is truly a spiritual experience, one that I believe makes God smile.

So here’s the idea.

Absorb the information presented below in parts. Take a week to understand the Earth protocols. Take a week each to understand the Wind and Fire protocols, respectively.

I have several posts already on this blog that go into greater detail on health and lifestyle practices. Future posts will go into greater detail, as well.

Absorb this volume of information over time as a foundation of how holistic health works. Let me build with you from there with my posts and other information that you research.

After reviewing what I present, I urge you to do even further independent research and consult with your health practitioner to determine what works for you.

Kevy’s Earth, Wind & Fire Immunity Method

“Little babies, tell the story. Of Mother Nature and its glory. Share the feelin’ with your brother. Don’t stop carin’ for one another, alright.” – Earth, Wind & Fire – Happy Feelin’

Photo By Jed Owen


Connect with the ground, take in good bacteria, and become part of the ecological cycle. Become a part of the Earth cycle by praising and protecting it to protect yourself accordingly.

Radical Ideas

“You need faith to understand. So we’re saying for you to hear. Keep your head in faith’s atmosphere. Keep your head to the sky.” – Earth, Wind & Fire – Keep Your Head To The Sky

Photo by Luca Bravo Yoel


Oxygen is essential to sustaining our life, breath in, now exhale. Train your respiratory system like you do muscles. Add more oxygen to your environment.

Radical Ideas

You will find peace of mind. If you look way down in your heart and soul Don’t hesitate ’cause the world seems cold. Stay young at heart, ’cause you’re never, never old.” – Earth, Wind & Fire – That’s The Way of The World

Photo by Marko


This is your lifeforce! This is your spirit, your belief, aura, karma, energy, and vibe, all of that!. Elevate it! Clear your slate daily. Go within. Be yourself. Express yourself. Create. Don’t believe in hype.

Radical Ideas

“…immune system profile with mindfulness meditation could theoretically function to improve organism fitness by enhancing immune defenses that protect against viral and bacterial infection, as well as various age-related disease conditions, including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, type-2 diabetes, frailty, and some cancers.” – US National Library of Mhttp://edicine

Photo from John Peele Archive

There is nobody better to introduce Earth, Wind & Fire than Steve Harvey. Kevy

Steve Harvey intros Earth Wind and Fire for Lifetime Achievement Award – 829,252 views – May 29, 2009

Steve Harvey intros Earth Wind and Fire for Lifetime Achievement Award

Earth, Wind & Fire (3/21) – Shining stars (Documentary)63,116 views – May 22, 2008

Shining stars: The official story of Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire (8/11) – That’s the way of the world– 6,751,893 views – May 21, 2008

Kevy’s Earth, Wind & Fire Favorites Playlist – 6 Songs

I apologize for the YouTube commercials, but that is how we get to enjoy the songs for free. I am sorry.

johnpeelarchivethat's The Way

I have selected some of my favorite EW&F songs. This was the most popular group going when I was in high school in the late 70’s, at Mc Donogh # 35 High School, New Orleans, Louisiana. EW&F release a lot of slow dance and party songs. These are the ones that I really enjoy. Kevy.

Earth, Wind & Fire – Keep Your Head to the Sky (Official Audio) – 3,494,756 views – Aug 15, 2013 –
Earth Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire – Sing a Song – 3,361,843 views – Jan 27, 2008

Sean Woolard

Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star (Official Audio) – 4,433,678 views – May 3, 2013

Earth Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire – Sun Goddess (Audio/Live) – 101,116 views – May 28, 2013

Earth, Wind & Fire – That’s the Way of the World (Official Audio) – 5,387,910 views – May 3, 2013

Earth, Wind & Fire – Fantasy (Audio) – 13,853,979 views – Aug 15, 2013

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Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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  2. I’m pretty versatile too.

    A few years back, I featured a cheeky little series on my blog where I wrote about my own personal life events over a soul/ r&b musical timeline spanning from 1966-1996. My followers and I had a blast recalling those days.
    I’ll definitely be back to visit your site as I also deeply appreciate the metaphysical.

      1. Awww…thank you!
        Here is the link to the inaugural post and one for the year 1971.
        Since it was a series, I dropped a post weekly discussing my favorite “jams” from a given year.
        I really hope you enjoy them. If you want to read more, you can find them featured under the category “My Jams” on my blog.
        It’s been nice chatting with you and I hope you have a great day Kevy!
        Lady G😊”See” you soon.



        1. I am very consumed as you will understand being a blogger.

          I will read your post and repost it on my site in a few days. Thanks so much for sharing.

          I am exhausted after publishing my last post on ‘Them People’. Kevy

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