I Knew This Day Would Come But Didn’t Expect It To Be Today – It Must Be The Grounding!

I knew that after taking as much time off as I needed, I would one day return to posting on the blog. 

I never stop writing, but most of it is personal or pieces I share in writing workshops.  Otherwise, I’ve been very private about my writing.  I have a great deal that I have yet to share.

This is why I often say that I write when I want to.  My writing tends to reveal my deepest feelings and in opening up that much, I must ‘feel’ doing so in my spirit before I really can.

Well, today is one such day! I think I may have mustered up the courage to write again.

I recently endured through a very challenging life trial, the first of its kind for me.  I went from worry, to fear, to awakening, and breakthrough, over the past few months.  Nonetheless, I held true to writing.  Most of it was written in private on my smartphone as draft emails that were never sent.

Until I get into the full swing of blogging regularly, I ask that you bear with me. 

I really have been through a great deal, really.  I am, though, once again changed.

I feel spiritually transformed in an even greater way.  The primary reason is that during my trials, as with this recent one, I found myself coping alone, after disappointedly expecting at least a small entourage of support from those around me.

And it each of these trials, I ultimately surrendered to The Lord, totally.  In every case, I was victorious, even when it appeared that I really wasn’t.

I have yet again been vibrationally elevated!  I can feel it but have not yet discerned how the universe wants me to use it.  I am awaiting the answer in a whispered message, at the most unexpected time.

Bear with my blogging because it may seem random.  I will start by sharing some private poetry and try to build full posts around it.



brian-mann-16600-unsplashI pampered myself excessively as I was in the midst of my challenges. 

My challenges required that I perform optimally mentally, and emotionally, so I made sure that physically I was exceedingly strong.  I worked out, juiced, meditated/prayed, took regular mineral baths, used essential oils, and drank ozonated water.

Though I had occasionally grounded (walked on the Earth barefoot) I really ‘amped up’ this practice after watching a social media video and doing further research on the science behind recharging the body and mind’s electromagnetic battery with the core of the Earth’s electromagnetic frequencies.

The studies on Earthing or Grounding are amazing!  They have proven it to reduce inflammation and nearly anything emotional, psychological, or mental.  The benefits are instantaneous!

If you ground with sincere intent and surrender to the Earth, you will truly have an incredible healing experience.

I believe that I was grounding one day and wrote the poem below while sitting with my back resting on a tree.



Grounding For Eunice

Kevy Michaels

I needed her healing touch

The touch that

Dissolved the lumps on my neck

That once protruded like popcorn

Under my skin

I need her Ivory Soap

And Johnson’s Baby Powder


Prayers prayed over me

…With passion

…I longed for her prophecy

I needed her

In that moment

To soothe me

…Reassure me

To Heal me

But she had returned

To the fertile soil

She had been enriching it

For years now

So I took a barefoot

Walk on the Earth

…To find her

The dirt embraced

My every step

Like clay

In clasped hands

Blades of grass

Hugged my soles

Like a mother to an infant

With charged polarity

Pulsating Rhythms

Were Attuned

To my heartbeat

Barefoot walking

On Clouds of Energy

As Reliable as my mother

Massaging my back

But instead

The wise bark of an

Old Magnolia tree

Did this time

I felt a hint

Of her spirit

Infused with those

Of Ancestors

Animated by the Mother of


My mother’s spirit Caressed me

And then a slight whiff of baby powder

Tickled my nose for but a second

As if to let me know

That she was right there with me

I smiled


I sat there

Absorbing the ground

For a little while longer

priscilla-du-preez-98675-unsplashMy Mother Nature

By Kevy Michaels

My mind was challenged the other day

So, I took a scenic drive

To Cherry Creek Park

To reflect and work it all out

I was greeted by Canadian geese

Who anxiously approached me

Upon my arrival

They greeted me like no child of God ever has

…Except for my mother nature

They squawked in appreciation

For the bits of banana, I gave them

With such humility and authenticity

Like no one has ever given to me before

When the treat was gone

They gracefully returned to eating grass

Without complaint

Unlike me, when not getting exactly what I wanted

Squirrels were playfully animated too

Excited by the simplicity of a pinecone falling from a tree

As if it had fallen from heaven

…Tossing a mere pinecone kept them joyful!

The trees in the background were barren

From enduring the winter

But still stood aligned in pride

Though they had no leaves or flowers to adorn them

It reminded me of how ungratefully shameful I was

When standing to reveal my wounds

The winds toyed with its branches

Just to strengthen them

They would bend only when necessary

Otherwise, they stood firmer

…Firmer than I’ve ever stood even in gentle winds


I reflected on my mother Eunice

Her virtues were just like nature’s

Did nature reveal its secrets to her?

She too was gracious and welcoming

Her gratitude was like that of the geese

Even when she was not adorned

As cherry blossoms in the springtime

She held her head high

In tattered clothing, with 9 children clinging to her side

She stood in the eye of many storms

Never bowling down

But bending only to endure it

…And she always did

She found happiness

In the simplicity of what she had

…Never focusing on what she didn’t

Did nature reveal these secrets to her?

Was it that she and nature were simply connected?

To the same Most High God?

Was I led to this spot on that day?

…To ponder these questions?

If so, they were never answered

I’m not sure if they will ever be

While I’m here on earth

What’s most important

Is that when I drove away

From this sacred spot

My mind was no longer troubled

I was confident that

Like all of nature

…And like my mother

To my adversities

I must Stand firm

…At least until Spring comes

And, since then

It’s come several times

The videos below will perhaps explain why I am so enamored by Grounding or Earthing.  The science is amazing.  Besides, it makes common sense to me.  As I become more spiritual, I become healthier because both practices require being more attuned to Nature, The Lord’s creations.   I believe that Visions, Health, and Creativity are all Spiritual Evolutionary processes.   

Earthing has that kind of instant effect on me.  After Earthing I feel closer to God, love for myself, love for nature, visionary, and creative.  Please try this practice.


I must always remind readers to read our medical disclaimer. I do this not because I don’t believe in the protocols that I recommend. I do it because most alternative healing is not accepted in Westernized cultures, and I could be fined for giving what is considered ‘medical advice’. So, please read our medical disclaimer statement.

Alternative regiments work best if you practice a holistic lifestyle and believe in the benefits of the regiments you follow.


Great video on Earthing / Grounding with Clint Ober and Dr. Christy Weston Groundology – Published on Aug 3, 2012
Dr. James Oschman Discusses Earthing or GroundingMercola – Published on Jan 6, 2011

Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. James Oschman discuss the process of earthing, which is also known as grounding, and how it can help improve your health.

Effect of Grounding on Blood Groundology – Published on May 26, 2018

The video clip shows the results of some blood tests before and after grounding, which were performed on some volunteers live during the Longevity Now Conference 2010. Presented by David Wolfe.

Dr Sinatra on GroundingGroundology – Published on Aug 4, 2012

Dr. Sinatra discusses Grounding / Earthing. For more information visit: http://www.groundology.com


Fight Inflammation and Chronic Disease by Walking Barefoot on the Earth


When you put your bare feet on the ground, you absorb large amounts of negative electrons through the soles of your feet

These free electrons act as antioxidants in your body and help to reduce chronic inflammation, the root of many chronic diseases

Through the simple act of walking barefoot on the Earth and making a point to stay grounded when you’re indoors, it may be possible to thwart chronic diseases and even slow aging  Read More

Earthing Grounding Research, Background and Documentary

Pain and diseases other disturbances in our bodies are often caused by chronic inflammation. Such inflammation is, in turn, caused by positively-charged molecules called free radicals. When you make direct contact with the Earth, either by being barefoot outside or via a conductive sheet or mat indoors, the negatively-charged electrons from the Earth are absorbed into your body and reduce the free radicals and inflammation. This is our theory and it is supported by our research and feedback from thousands of people who use Earthing products.

This benefit of Earthing is very important because medical research has found that many of the chronic and debilitating diseases of our time have the same cause: chronic inflammation. Scientists now realize that pain and disease arise in our bodies where an inflammatory response has taken place, but the inflammation has not completely stopped after the healing process. A low level of chronic inflammation can continue for years, damaging normal tissues and wasting energy. Read More

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