I Don’t ‘Look to the Hills’ Anymore – Now I Look To My Feet and To The Ground – ማናቸውንም ‘ወደ ኮረብታዎች ዞር አልልም’ – አሁን የእኔን እግር እና ወደ መሬት እመለከታለሁ

The Hills deceived me. – Kevy Michaels

My friends, I realize that I have not been blogging lately. Perhaps a few of you who are loyal followers noticed. With this short post, I hope to assure you that I’m still ticking quite vigorously, but in the background.

Friends, I am in the midst of yet another epic battle. …Another spiritual war.

I am not fearing this one simply because I am a warrior, having been spiritually elevated by each of my past triumphs. Just as all the rest have, this war will end in me gaining another honorable metal to pin on my lapel.

I believe that every story has already been told. This is why in movieland there are so many remakes. I find myself as a star character in the story of David & Goliath. I am David. This battle is spiritual simply because it challenges how loyal I am to The Lord, and Truth, two topics that I have blogged on, almost evangelistically.

I assure you that both Spirit and Truth are non-negotiable for me.

Right now, I am fighting a frivolous effort to silence me. The adversaries have the money and resource to nearly buy the truth. My resources pale to theirs, but I hold authentic truth. Their truth juxtaposed with mine will be like placing a rare diamond next to cubic zirconium and asking a gemologist to decide which is real.

This battle is not for the faint at heart. It is one of warrior proportions. It challenges my peace, health, finances, and security to push me off of the cliff of Righteousness. ….Not!

I would never do that, so I take the beatings knowing that in the end, I will have yet another victory under my belt.

And, like each of the epic battles that I’ve fought in the past, this too shall pass, and I will be elevated to an even higher spiritual vibration and consciousness. This is the way that Righteous steadfastness has always served me.

If I can endure, I will have a more intense connection to divinity and to the truth. I will have more wisdom to share with friends like you.

…Even if at great loss, I will never let go of Truth or The Lord.

Once these virtuous aspects of ones spirit are surrendered, they may never experience its brilliance again.

I will enter this ring with God and Truth and will leave it with fortified God and Truth, regardless of the outcome as the world may judge it.

Armor-samuel-zeller-364234-unsplash (1)
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

I have been overwhelmed for months by this unscrupulous challenge, but feel honored that my silence is so critical to those who aim to silence my voice, hence my reason for not blogging as frequently, and as voluminously as I did just months ago.

I shall return to that level of delivery in the coming months. I expect to be transformed again by then. I was just getting comfortable with the transform me, bestowed for serving my dear mother, and The Lord.

I marvel at the vision of me gaining even greater pearls of wisdom to offer to you. Please be patient with me.

I just finished an early dinner of delicious Ethiopian food, after attending a writing workshop earlier today.

While waiting for my food to be served, I wrote this poem. Some may understand why I no longer look to the hills, some may not. The second poem is an older writing.




The Hills

Kevy Michaels

It’s not that I didn’t realize

That there was a hill

That I had to climb

I had long ago accepted

That my journeys

Would never again

Be on flat land

Through the years

My crew had left me

They couldn’t endure

But my calves were strong

Trained for continuing this journey

I was built for the challenge

Halfway to the top

The hill

The one engraved with my name

Turned into a vindictive mountain

Trying its best

To discourage me

Just at the halfway point

As I celebrated

My accomplishment

I forgave the hill

That deceived me, though

Treating it as equitably

As I have treated

Other unkindness

I then massaged my calves

Looked to the Sun

Then to the ground

It was level

From that vantage point

I stepped confidently forward

Never once looking up at

The Mountaintop

Once disguised as a hill

That tried

But failed

To discourage me

Or…Maybe the hill

Was always a mountain?

By disguising as a hill

It helped me

Encouraged me

To take a that first step

If I had seen

The mountain


Maybe I

Would have never

Taken the journey

That I am so glad

That I did

Already Been Told

Kevy Michaels

Every story has already been told

Every ending is already known

There’s no journey that hasn’t been traveled

And on this path, we are never alone

Everything we can see has been seen before

Even our tears have already been cried

Many have endured what lies before us

Rousing our belief

That we’ll make out just fine

As imagined as rainbows ending in a pot of gold

And as sure as conquering all will never be enough

Satan’s schemes will always exist in our lives

But will surely perish when we call his bluff

Every season has changed before

Just as nothing ever remains the same

Many bridges have been burned

But Faith, like rain, can douse the flames

Hopes have been hoped for through the years

The worst scars have healed and cleared

Life’s giving us what’s been offered before

And in every battle, victory is near


The Hills

Kevy Michaels

እኔ የማውቀው አልገባኝም

ኮረብታው ነበር

መወጣት ያስፈልገኝ ነበር

ከረጅም ጊዜ በፊት ተቀባይነት አግኝቼ ነበር

የእኔ ጉዞዎች

ዳግመኛ አይመጣም

ጠፍጣፋ መሬት

ባለፉት ዓመታት

የእኔ መርከበኞች ትተውኝ ሄዱ

እነሱ መቋቋም አልቻሉም

ግን ጥጆቼ ጠንካራ ነበሩ

ይህንን ጉዞ ለመቀጠል የሰለጠኑ

ለፈተናው የተገነባ ነበር

ወደ ላይኛው ግማሽ ወደ ላይ


በስሜ የተጻፈ

ወደ ጠላት ተራራ ተለወጠ

ምርጡን መሞከር

እኔን ተስፋ ለማስቆርጥ

በግማሽ ነጥብ ላይ


የእኔ ውጤት

ተራራውን ይቅር አልኋቸው

ነገር ግን ያታለለኝ

እንደ እኩል መቆየት

እኔ እንዳደረግሁት

ሌላ ደግነት

ከዚያም ጥጆቼን አሰብኩ

ወደ ፀሐይ ተመልከት

ከዚያም ወደ መሬት

ደረጃው ነበር

ከዚያ የመረመር ቦታ

ወደ ኋላ ተመለከትሁ

በጭራሽ አይፈልጉም


አንድ ጊዜ እንደ ኮረብታ ያለ ሰው ነው

ይህ ሞክሯል

ግን አልተሳካም

እኔን ተስፋ ለማስቆርጥ

ወይም … ምናልባት ኮረብታው ላይ

ሁልጊዜ ተራራ ነበር?

እንደ ኮረብታ በመደበቅ

ይህም ረድቶኛል


ያንን የመጀመሪያ እርምጃ ለመውሰድ



መጀመሪያ ላይ

ምናልባት እኔ

በጭራሽ አይኖርም

ጉዞውን ተወስደዋል

በጣም ደስ ብሎኛል

እኔ ያደረግሁት

Sharing this post and video is a great time to explain my spirituality, which evolves every day.

I am a deeply spiritual man that has been diligently trying to fully understand what The Lord expects of me and to try to fulfill those expectations.

But I am moving further and further away from organized religion. In it, as well as, in my collection of family and friends, I have encountered too much deception.

Besides, collecting so many metals and being elevated, from past triumphs, “God” unlike as most see HIM, is now energy, a vibration, and less of a character in a story.

I don’t care about the characteristics of ones Savior, or Messiah. I don’t care about his, hers, or its name.

I do, however, care about how “God” manifests in U. Does your “God” lead U Righteously? How do U treat others? Are U honest or deceptive? Can I Trust U?

To me, that’s all that really matters with regard to spirituality in others.

I don’t judge those who see spirituality differently. We are all endowed with believing as we choose. But I do judge evil and will continue to call it out.

At the same time, I can enjoy songs, videos, and messages that don’t express exactly as I do. I have become quite skillful at selectively listening.

With this video, The Hill, though its expression may seem opposite to my blog’s sentiments, I see the message as essentially the same, but simply expressed differently. It is my hope that you find the loving intent in my post much the same way, reinterpreting the message into your personal narrative. – Kevy


The Hill – 328,752 views – TravisGreeneTv – Published on Apr 14, 2017

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  1. hawk2017

    I did miss you. In prayer. and well written as always. Simp;y: If our God takes you to it, He will take you through it. The Glory is all His. Continue the Good Fight. Love in our Christ Jesus.:)

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