Set My Imagination Free!

Kevy Michaels

I rest on

A rock

Next to

A lone flower


One remaining petal

It must be Hope!

So I take

A sip of water

From The Well
And set my

11 thoughts on “Set My Imagination Free!

      1. I love feedback too😊
        The great thing about our writings is that it speaks a different story to every person – and that is actually quite wonderful..
        Your words of hope existing no matter how weary one can be is like medicine to another’s heart and mind😊
        So – keep on writing and sharing those gems- you unknowingly put a smile on many faces and set our imaginations free..

        1. I want to write foreve. I write everyday and have been for 20 years. Posting requres time and the right vibration though. Life bogs me down taking me away from my passion, but that must change.

          Thanks for the encouragement. Writers often need it. Kevy

            1. I am determined.

              Writers, at least me, spend lots of time alone. Being alone has become a welcomed status.

              It keeps my vibration elevated, allows me to reflect, humbles me, makes my prayer and meditation more vibrant, and ignites my ideas, visions, and overall creativity.

              Now I can’t imagine having a busy life again. It makes me fear success. I don’t want to lose the simplicity that I have evolved into.

              I fear it would have damaging effects on my tranquility, and therefore my spirituality, health, emotions, and creating.

              So now for the sake of my craft, I must be alone, if only for a season. My writing is my legacy. It matters to me most. Kevy

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