I Apologize But I Got Sucked In By Social Media – The Gratification Is Rather Instantaneous

My dear friends, I apologize for not posting much lately.  There are many reasons. 

I don’t need to tell you how busy I have been.  I’m sure you are too.  You may have never noticed.

Though not on the blog, on almost every post.  Lately, I haven’t been much time into my creative tasks, though I have written a few poems and other works.  I’ve just been busy with life.  Well, I guess you could also consider that creative since I regularly turn my trials into poems and into songs.

But I have been primarily busy because I’ve been sucked in by social media. 

I started Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook accounts at the same time that I started blogging.  I remember the date well, May 19, 2018.  I started out with a bang!  I can remember writing up to six posts in one day.  I was on pure adrenaline back then because of the excitement of being appreciated by folks literally from around the world.  I slept very little, too anxious to share my spirit with you.  Your comments inspired me to write even more.

I lot has changed since then. 

I now have nearly 1000 followers on the blog, so posting content has become more of a responsibility than it was before.  I have empathic tendencies, therefore my responsibility to you has become even stronger.  Over time regular meditation and prayer are making me not only sensitive to others’, but it’s also intensifying such emotions and observances.  Sometimes I get caught up, but only for a season.  Therefore, I have simply not been in the mood to write.

I feel obligated to only write to you only when I feel like writing.  I also rely on mystical messages sent to me on which topics write about.  If I get no messages or did not feel moved to write, I won’t.  I have a long list of preselected topics, but even it gets ignored if I am not in the mood.

Empathic – The adjective empathic describes the ability to understand other people’s feelings. There is nothing better than a truly empathic friend when you’re feeling sad.  Empathic people are sensitive to the way others feel, and even seem to share those feelings. If you give truly empathic support to someone who’s suffered a serious, tragic loss, you may even cry along with them as they tell their story. Empathic is an older word than its close relation, the more common empathetic. These synonyms come from the Greek root pathos, or “feeling.”

I also felt the responsibility to do better at researching topics before writing.  This is where most of the work lies.  Sometimes, I spend five hours or more on a single post.  Eighty percent of this time is spent doing research.  I also want to proofread better than I have on my initial posts.  Well, I’m not sure that has worked out well.  It doesn’t bother me as much as it may others.  I find honestly in displaying my imperfections.

Due to these factors, writing post has become a bigger challenge given my personal responsibilities, including still pursuing film school scholarships, volunteerism, social media absorption, and personal writing.  Oh no, I have not scratched the surface of all that I have to offer.  So don’t think that I’ve run out of juice.  Not!  I often write and keep those writings to myself.  I’ve been doing it for twenty years that way.   I have a lot in my archives.

The biggest drain on my ability to write lately has clearly been social media.  For the past couple of months, I have been actively posting on Facebook.  On some days I post over fifty posts on my timeline.  I also have additional profiles on other networks that I keep updated.  Though I created social profiles at the same time that I started the blog, May 19, 2018, I have about 6000 followers on social media.

I enjoy social media because the effort is less, and the gratification is instantaneous.  Also, the posts require very little verbiage, sometimes none at all.  Social media instantly connects me with other like-minded people all over the globe who are a bit more eager to Like and Comment on my posts.  Facebook has brought many of my friends to the blog, as well.

Since May 19, 2018, I am reaching close to seven thousand people, covering over 60 countries.  That impresses me, given my short tenure.  It is also causing me to regroup and sort out how I want to approach being bestowed with this powerful platform.  I am considering spending the week on social media, and the weekends on the blog.  But, that too has limitations.  I do need time off, and I can’t program myself to write on a dime, just because.

I believe that, in the future, I will put more of my energy into social media posts, videos, live streams, and perhaps podcasts.  This is where the action is.  It is much easier to review a social media post on a smartphone than it is to read my lengthy blog posts.  I will not eliminate the blog.  I will keep it active, but at a slower pace, and with shorter posts.  I will have to cut down on all the research, though I will still do so.

I’d be very interested in knowing if any fellow bloggers out there have experienced what I am now experiencing.  It causes a bit of a dilemma for me, but a good one.  I only worry that blogging will become more like a business and will no longer be as fulfilling.

I write for three primary reasons.

Legacy –To write my story and leave an impressive legacy.  No one can tell you about me at the depths that I can.

Network – I want to create a high vibration network of other writers, however experiences.  I vision this network crossing the globe as a go-to for wisdom, information, and encouragement.

To Grow – My writing is therapeutic, as it is for most writers.  But it also helps me to develop my craft, and find my voice.  I think that I have found my voice now.  I am less apprehensive to convey my perspective and am nonapologetic about it.  Kevy


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