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Terror On The Caregiver – Time To Recap

Like Hansel in the story Hansel and Gretel, I’ve laid breadcrumbs on the path of my history, for you to understand better.

 In this 1812 classic fairytale, Hansel, traveling with his sister Gretel, drops breadcrumbs on their path, after being kicked out of their home, by their stepmother, and captured by a wicked witch, as part of his attempted strategy to return home.  The breadcrumbs mapped their path to return to their father’s home.

Moral messages were the cornerstone of all classic fairytales.  The moral of this story is interestingly appropriate to use as an analogy:

Throughout Hansel and Gretel, the moral of the story is don’t trust strangers and don’t disobey your parents. The witch in the story tries to lure the children into her home – “Do come in and stay with me. No harm shall happen to you.”

Please review a post reviewing the original fairytale’s morals, as compared to the Hollywood movie’s morals, if it interests you.

I described my story to followers like Hansel & Gretel dropped breadcrumbs and pebbles to map their way.  I provided tidbits of details on my story so that you could appreciate the path that led me into my caregiving terror.

I briefly explained the history of New Orleans, my family’s history, the crab trap within crab traps perspective of living in New Orleans, and its black caste system.

I touched on my successes, failures, and mistakes, while hopefully making my intentions clear to all readers.  I established that I am a soldier and have endured through battles, by communion with God, when it seemed no one was there for me or my mother.

I scratched the surface of the close bond that I and my mother had, implying that it was deepened by my father’s suicide when I was only 8 months old. 

I presented my mother as the ‘tough titty, in her words, which she was.  Another way of conveying the same characteristics is that she was an incredibly courageous, diligent, and faithful soldier.  She influences my life, in spirit, even today.

I only established a framework of the judgment, deceit, deception, and lies that surrounded me and my mother, as I solely cared for her until her ascension.  The intentions and actions of those who attempted to undermine us, family, friends, and cohorts, were all influenced by the very breadcrumbs in history, mentality, and circumstances that I presented as a prequel.

But, their mischievous actions, were also ritual in the practice of how New Orleans blacks judge, persecute and frame those who try to defy the confines of ‘crab trap’ thinking, and how they use their network to propagate their selfish and elitist agendas.

I admitted to my mistake of fighting their fire with my fire, causing spontaneous combustion, which further imperiled me and my mother.  The force of my bodacious fighting alone, with God and my mother’s support and guidance in the background, against tormentors, only led them to apply more devilish tactics, thinking that I would succumb.  I did not.

However, once I accepted the full responsibility of caregiving and ceased from fighting my tormentors, angels appeared randomly who helped me and my mother leave New Orleans for a brighter future in Colorado.

I explained that the most challenging aspect of my caregiving battle is to present the ruthless tactics that they deployed and that, through God’s grace, I and my mother endured.  It is challenging to convey because when their actions are described and aligned, the story seems too incredible.

I intentionally only scratched the surface of how adversaries conspired against me, some perhaps unknowingly.  It is also challenging to explain because it hurts to remember this segment of my life, without having a full explanation as to why people in my family and circle acted against me in the way that they did.

I have taken the audacity to speculate on why they acted as they did, though. 

It was redeeming to find that caregivers, particularly those from large families, too have experienced what I did.  It was also satisfying to determine that ‘the devil operates from the same bag of tricks’, revealing some of the tools in his trick bag that were used against us.  I’ve provided ample articles on research, and videos to support these theories.

At this point, after revealing what I have, I feel a bit courageous, because unlike many former caregivers, who want to forget about their experiences, I am sharing mine for the benefit of anyone who it may benefit.

Furthermore, I am finally brave enough to tell my story, my truth, which I appreciate is not everyone’s, but is certainly someone else’s.  In telling my story, with good intentions, it is my hope that my life will enter the field of pure potentiality and my new beginning will blossom.   It is my hope that my adversaries with experience a spiritual reconciliation.

Closing this chapter will release the restraint of the pain that it has caused for years.

Before I pick up on the Terror on the Caregiver series, I recommend that you track the breadcrumbs that I have laid for you, to better understand the path that led me into a situation that made me wiser and stronger.

…That transformed me by exposing me to many things which I am not.

I promised to unveil my story methodically and in order.  Because I believe that God does like order, just as my sister-in-law Leona told me.  I am doing the best that I can, and hope that readers can appreciate that.

It is my hope that you will put the pieces together and read future posts, open to understanding its dynamics.  I hope that my testimony vindicates sentiments of those who had similar experiences, and alerts those you have yet to serve as a caregiver.

My greater desire is that, along with my guts that I spill for you, you will feel the sincerity of my heart and soul in my writings, poetry, song, and information that I willing and honestly share.

Below, I review the links to the ‘breadcrumbs’ that I have dropped on my followers over the past six weeks.

 Please review these posts, if you wish to better understand more about events that ultimately transformed me spiritually.   …Story to be continued…

 Luv Kevy

Point of the Post (POP) – As I became financially successful, I treated my mother like royalty, taking her to many countries, and pampering her every opportunity I could, and she loved it.  She was ‘my favorite girl in the world’.  My siblings felt that I was a show-off because I eventually gave up so much to care for her.  In their eyes, I was thought I was the Golden Child, so they refused to help us and left me to figure my way out of their deceitful actions.

Kevy’s Favorite Girl in the World – Lil Euni, Now His Favorite Angel

Point of the Post (POP) – New Orleans’s black Catholic community is one of the largest, because, since 1724, the French required slaveholders to baptize slave children as Catholics. My mother, like most Creoles, was a devout Catholic, as devout as were the struggles she survived.  My siblings, including me, branched out to various Christian and Non-Christian religions, some extreme.  I choose Christian metaphysics, then back to Catholicism to support and honor my mother.

You Won’t Understand My Story Without Knowing My Family’s Spirit

Point of the Post (POP) – My mother was born into and endured turmoil.  My father was intelligent, but erratic, abusive, and alcoholic.  My mother nurtured and protected me exceedingly, seemingly more than her other grieving children.  This caused tensions and resentments, from the day of my father’s suicide, when I was only 8 months old.

You Won’t Understand My Story Without Knowing My Family

Point of the Post (POP) – New Orleans is nearly 300 years old, with a history embedded in slavery and oppression, which today is the foundation of much of the black divide, black-on-black crime, and the black caste system formed to survive the struggle that still exists today.  Living in ‘black New Orleans’ can be like living in ‘a crab trap, within a trap, within a trap’.

You Won’t Understand My Story Without Knowing My History

Point of the Post (POP) – Because I accepted caring for my mother, and she emphatically demanded it, I was betrayed by most people in my immediate circle, both family and friends alike, and that still hurts today.  I wasted energy fighting their evil with fire but learned to pray for them instead.  Mu Judas would fade into the sunset, but when I moved to New Orleans, they had formed an army against me.

Terror on the Caregiver – But Judas, You Said You Loved Me…   & Terror on the Caregiver – Judas Returns (Intro)

Point of the Post (POP) – Continuing to think about writing this story is more difficult and bittersweet, challenging between sparing feelings and telling the truth.  I decided to tell the truth very carefully and to break the story into small segments.  My negative sentiments are juxtaposed with the wisdom and victory, in my mind. There is a constant battle between Forgiving & Forgetting.  My return to New Orleans to care for my mother was met with deception, betrayal, and deliberate hurdles, which made me feel like a stranger in my hometown.

Terror on the Caregiver – The Prequel

Point of the Post (POP) – I recognize and praise caregivers, especially those in large families, for they are rarely recognized for their act of love, which to them may initially seem unfair, but often ends of being transformative, and virtue-building. 

Caregivers – I Feel Your Pain – Blessings Will Come

Point of the Post (POP) – My mother was an admirable Creole woman, who was experienced in survival, and was as dedicated to her family as she was to God. 

Gumbo in the Air (Part 1) & Gumbo in the Air (Part 2)

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  1. hawk2017

    I am overwhelmed by the truth you have injected into every work and by the way you want to help others to understand. Doing this is soul renewing at its best. Let words be the scrub brush for the old. Love in Christ Jesus. (you go,guy)

    1. Well, isn’t that a nice thing to tell me on my quest to discover what is the Lord’s purpose for me. I feel badly that I haven’t had much time. I plan to write a post tomorrow on beginning to get hints as to what is my purpose in life. Thanks. Kevy

      1. I admire that you post a lot of articles. I have issues with brevity. I discover myself through my writings. I pure my heart out. It takes a minimum of 5 hours to compile a post for me. Kevy

      2. hawk2017

        I love my Word press friends. If an article thouches my Spirit as truth, I reblog. I am not a writer but enjoy commenting on my friends who are so prolific with intellegent words. :))

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