Sometimes in 2019 U May Find UR Self Missing In Action – And, It’s All Good!

I know it may seem like I’ve been missing in action, but I’ve actually been quite busy.  With the new year here it’s always a very cathartic and reflective time for me because I spent the last few holiday seasons with my mother and caring for her.  Now that she’s in heaven, I still go through a bit of grieving, and then it gets a little sentimental, and also reflective because my birthday is right at the beginning of the year.

So during this time of year, I’m always thinking about those things that I wish to change about myself.  I’m on a constant effort to improve myself.  So, I’ve been reflecting a lot lately, thinking about what I don’t want to repeat in 2019.

I’ve been reflecting on my growth in spirituality, health, discernment, and wisdom.  I like focusing on the lessons I’ve learned, deciding what I want to leave behind in the passing year.   I don’t put as much emphasis on what I want to accomplish in the new year.  I find it to be a lot more effective focusing on what has passed simply because I’ve already lived out the past year.  It is tangible.  I have concrete proof and evidence in support for making the decisions on what works for my greater good and what doesn’t.

If I focus only on New Year’s goals, it becomes a bit of a fantasy.

There’s so much uncertainty in goals for the future.  Don’t get me wrong it’s always good to have goals because they do motivate movement.  But I don’t want to be goal-oriented to the point of having the audacity to think that I’m in control.  The ego is cunning and tries us this way.  I’m not in control though, God is.  Many times New Year’s plans just don’t work out the way I plan them, and as a result, I set myself up for big disappointments.  These often lead to even bigger setbacks.

But there are no disappointments in eliminating those mistakes that I made in life, or could have done better, or eliminating those environments, relationships, and behaviors which are toxic to our aspirations.  Eliminating them is more tangible for me, than dreaming of and planning for my desires.  Instead, I focus on eliminating what blocks me from my desires.

I’ve already decided on those things that I’m leaving behind in 2018.  Welcome to 2019!  Happy New Year everyone!  I have big plans for this year and I hope that you do as well.  These plans are very fertile for they are plans for accomplishment, absent the burdens of those things that kept me from achievement in 2018.

Here’s my list of 2018 eliminations, followed by plans for my blog and social media presence.  It is not my complete list, but it identifies some of the most important things that I’m going to leave behind in 2018.  Goodbye, you no longer serve me. 

  • Gaining Others’ Acceptance: I will no longer put energy into what other people think of me and will refrain from trying to gain their acceptance if it is taking too much energy.
  • Fear of Jumping: I will no longer fear to take a leap of faith.  I will build into my plan that I may not get exactly where I want to but that won’t be enough to stop me from at least trying.  I will reach for the stars.  I’m going to keep thinking bodacious dreams without being overly concerned about how I will achieve them.  That’s not my part anyway.  That’s for God to do.   …So big so that I may just one day realize them.
  • Resist Being Alone: I will no longer resist being alone because it’s allowing me to focus like a laser on those things that I desire.
  • Resisting Life As It Unfolds: I will no longer fight life, and therefore the entire universe.  I will put up some resistance to those things that don’t serve me, but no exhaustively.  At a certain point, I will embrace even seemingly unpleasant changes, looking for “the buried blessing”.  Those changes that life presents to me will be strategically embraced so that I may instead direct my energies into adaptation or elimination.
  • Shame: I will no longer shameful about the choices I’ve made, my faults & mistakes, or opposing points of view.  It’s a damned shame to be shameful.  I am, like everyone, imperfect.  I will no longer allow the fact that I openly discuss my faults cause me to feel shameful.  No man is righteous, not one!

    I apologize for missing in action for two weeks, but I actually have been very busy.

    It’s interesting to know that I help a lot of people in the background, as I express in my posts.  I  help because it’s a good thing to do, but more so it is part of my healing regiment.  There is a not-so-obvious connection between healing the mind, body, and spirit and my extending love randomly.  The love comes back to me, blessed and multiplied.  It often gets wrap the effort towards my dreams.

    I’ve been helping friends with career advice, resumes, letters and business matters.  I’ve been helping a neighbor who is disabled and has special needs to obtain food and resources so that he can survive.  I’ve worked on a very extensive business document that took nearly 2 weeks to complete.  And,  on top of that, I am planning the way that I would like to approach my blog my social media presence moving forward.  I will present some of my ideas below.

    But, in this post, I want to express that sometimes you must be missing in action.  There is so much coming at you and you must take a break from it all.  There are friends, families, co-workers, and loved ones with whom you interact that bring their energy into yours, which might not be the same as yours.  It may actually clash with your vibe.

    There is news that maybe just ruin your day just listening to it.  I am losing so much TV in 2018 too!  There’s too much hate abound.  There are so many things that can distract you from reaching your potential and your greatness.  It will become necessary at some point to simply have to check out, and it’s OK.   

    Anyone who is creative, transformative, and visionary will have to take periods of being alone to reflect and create.   …To do the damn thing!  This is why many artists, writers, and otherwise creative people are loners.  You too may have to become a loner from time to time, when you were burning with desire to make progress.  If you don’t resist being alone, but rather embrace it, you will find adventure in it and will experience the joy of accomplishment.

    Funny now, but I used to feel sorry for myself when I found myself alone at times in my life.  Sometimes I was alone and sick.  At other times, I was broke, broken, and gloomy.  When I resisted this, the feeling of loneliness only intensified.  But one day, after meditation and prayer, God helped me to realize that he orchestrated this mass clearing in my life.  He did it to give me the space required to create and transform my life!  Based on the number of people and activities that used to be in my life, it would have taken years to rid my life of all that conflicting energy.  God did it for me in one clean swoop!

    Remember, it’s OK to check out sometimes.  You can always explain to your reason for being nowhere to be found to your crew later.  I would not recommend trying to explain it before you ditch, though.  It’s very hard to explain checking out to people who rely on your energy, even if they drain you.  So, sometimes you will just have to check out and then check back in once you are where you need to be.

    Those who love you and who are close to you will applaud your accomplishment will ultimately understand and forgive that you skipped out on them.

    I’ve been missing in action also because I’m thinking about where I’m going to go with writing, creativity, blogging, books, and my social media presence.  It’s a lot to comprehend!  I have a very imaginative mind, so I see things without any restrictions or without needed resources.  I have some pretty grandiose plans and they’re ones that I can’t afford it, but it never stops me.  I don’t know how I’m able to continue as I have and to be as active as I have been on a shoestring budget, with no staff.  But, I do it because I enjoy it!  I love it!  I guess in a way, I have been successful because of having such unrestricted visions.

    I believe that if I formally formulated these grandiose plans, and structured how I’d get there, I’d just set myself up for disappointment,  So, I just go full force putting all that I can into creating, writing, and producing.  I do these things, complimented by doing random deeds of kindness, to see where it all lands me.  The added compliment of doing good to and for others plants fertile seeds.  As I’ve told you before, I believe in the concept of the existence of a karmic bank.  So, I’m always making deposits in the karmic bank so that one day I’ll receive interest and dividends.  I believe that I will someday!

    My point is that we really need to check out and focus on all the expressions, good intentions, and positive energy that we put out there.  Helping others may not obviously seem connected to reaching the goal of becoming published, producing videos, or writing blogs and stories, but it is.  All of that good is the energy that makes dreams manifest.  Helping someone may not seem directly related to healing an illness but it is because the realm of that good karma, is the same realm where healing occurs.

    So, ‘check out’ if and when you have to.  Now is a good time to apply these principles because it’s the beginning of the year.  It’s a new beginning and it’s going to do you really well to just focused and claim your space for achievement.  You will find this to be a very non-confrontational way to define on what level you are available to those around you, when in the midst of ‘doing the work’.   You will be training others how you want to be dealt with.  If they respect, love, and appreciate you, they’re going to allow you the space to focus on your aspirations and will not feel offended.

    Happy New Year my friends!

    My 2019 Focus For Life is a Teacher Blog Posts

    I plan to categorize all stories and social media posts into the following categories.  These departments will influence the topics on which I write and the messages that I convey:

    • Quotes – Famous, Spiritual, and Organic Quotes of Inspiration, Wisdom, and Truth
    • Done Before – Everything That Happens Has Happened Before In History
    • Meme Inspirited –Finding Simplified Inspiration In An Element Of A Culture That May Be Copied And Spread Rapidly By Social Media Users To One Another.
    • Brave Enough To Ask The Question – Posing Probing Questions That Need To Be Asked
    • Chill Like An OG – Chilling On Life Itself From The Wise & Tried
    • Next Virtue – Living Without Resistance To Spirit and The Universe  
    • Not As It Seems – Exploring Common Beliefs, Clichés, and Scriptures Which Are Not True
    • #Poetrimony – Personal Testimony Through Poetry – Not Only Mine
    • Vibration Of Healing – Features On Whole Healing Through Lifestyle, Diet, Environment, and Thinking
    • It’s A Book In The Making – Feature Stories Series That Will Serve As A Draft For Publishing Projects. 
    • Woke Spirit – Those Things On Which We Must Be Mindful
    • Soul Series – Words Spoken From The Soul
    • Written In A Song – The Wisdom Of Life As Written In A Song
    • Crazy Science, Fascinating Universe – My Nerdy Obsession With Our World
    • Know UR Peeps – Features On The Beauty Of World Cultures

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