Some Don’t Like Me Because They Misunderstand Me – Hell, I Thought It Was Because I Walk Like A Pimp! – But It’s Deeper Than That

I feel that it is necessary that I explain myself from time to time.

I do attempt to on my About Kevy Michaels page.  But because I am often misunderstood, I really want you to understand the man that I am.

I accept that people often don’t get me, of this, I am certain.  I have had countless experiences of being characterized as a narcissist, aggressive, arrogant, “up to something”, as a show-off, dishonesty, and everything else, BUT A Child of God. 

I experienced being misjudged very obviously when I cared for my mother in New Orleans.  I was just ‘too many things’ for the Big Easy’s very contained static existence.  I was simply too dynamic.  I must have seemed like an alien to most.  My intentions have often been mischaracterized especially in my generous gestures, and also when volunteering my services and talents, free of charge.

Recently, I was misunderstood by a non-profit agency when I volunteered to deliver Christmas gifts to seniors.  I was extremely excited about serving with the purest of intentions.  But, I really felt that the agency turned me away because they did not trust that I wouldn’t steal gifts and gift cards.  I don’t steal.  I never have.

My spiritual awakening has made me better at managing my emotions when I am misjudged, though.

I now realize that it is my spiritual awareness and how it is changing me that perhaps causes confusion in others who attempt to understand me.

Nonetheless, I’ve evolved to actually find empathy for those who wrongful assess me.  I am not an easy-to-understand guy.  …Poor ‘normal people’.

I feel very unusual at this point in my life. 

I feel unusually good!  I feel very disconnected from the majority of stigmas, rules, world problems, dis-ease, and deceptions of the world.  I credit my current state to, one having experienced the distraction and destruction of not focusing on God, and two, evolving in the progression of life away from the physical world, and steadfastly toward a spiritual existence.  After all, at the end of my story, I wish to be remembered and embodied as an admirable spirit.  …Just as I admire and attempt to embody my mother today.

To those who misjudge me, this state has to be difficult to understand and accept, simply because I don’t fully understand it myself.  On the surface, I seem so unlikely to be blessed with having this spiritual experience.  After all, I don’t know bible scriptures off of the top of my head.  I have to Google them.

I am not a man of the cloth, and furthermore, I often clash with religion.  My lifestyle is very untraditional.  I have no children, wife, or mate.  I am no longer a sexual person.

I actually appreciate the time that I spend alone, after having experienced a very vivacious life of social popularity and personal despair.

I’ve earned large incomes and owned lavish material possessions in the past, but damn near gave it all away, or lost it.  And, I don’t miss or regret anything.  Today I find greater happiness living a humble and more modest life.

My political positions are dictated to me by God as I understand him or her.  It is quite easy for me to determine on which side I stand.  I do not talk out of both sides of my neck politically like Evangelicals who love guns and support Trump.

And, not only do I not fear speaking truth to power and deception, I enjoy it!

You see, I believe that all that I am precedes me.  My experiences, uniqueness, confidence, faith, and spirit exudes from my pores.  My aura impacts every person I encounter, and every room that I enter.

My face, body gestures all reveal clues about me.  They reveal my confidence, faithfulness, and love of myself.  Spiritual Awakening has changed me in ways that are very noticeable to others, though they can’t pinpoint just what it is about me that they don’t like or understand.

Hell, I used to think that it was as simple as folks not liking me because of my pimpish-George-Jefferson walk.

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Nick at Nite Jefferson’s promo from 1999.

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On many occasions, there is instant tension between me and others, for no apparent reason.  What makes matters worse is that I can read energy.  I can feel the spirit of others before they say or do anything.  What I perceive about their energy is a tell for how I may feel about this, and they can sense it.

Recognizing that I have this kind of impact on others who may not understand why themselves, I am no longer attempting to convince or convert.  That didn’t work well for me.  I was just viewed as crazy.

“What I now aim to do is to create a virtual planet-wide network of other Children of God who unapologetically embody and acknowledge that they too have been stroked by the artistry and Love of God above, within, and all around them.” – Kevy Michaels

I no longer want to change the world.  That is too exhausting.  I am now interested in creating a new world, virtual if it must be.

I repeatedly attempt to describe where I’m coming from because it is my hope that you will not misjudge me too.  But since I avoid disharmony, if I appear to be as the misguided have interpreted me, you are free to leave, unfollow or unfriend me.

I will still move forward in my efforts to create a network as pristine as I can, filled with those who understand and who too may be experiencing an awakening, as I am.

weird black manThe other reason why I explain myself is because I want to alert you to my finding that when going through the spiritual progression of life, you will seem weird, crazy, and offensive to others.  You may be perceived as everything wrong under the sun, for no apparent reason.

If so, welcome to a very honorable group.  The resistance to your good vibe, aura, and spirit is a clear sign that you embody the antithesis of those who whom you clash.  When this happens, don’t be offended.  Accept the reality that they live in a reality different than yours, and that you are hard to take, as I was told by a good friend.

Accept responsibility for the roads that you have chosen to take.  Standing out ‘in the world’ is confirmation of your higher consciousness, and that you are on the right path.  Kevy

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Steve Taylor is the author of The Leap and several other books on spirituality and psychology, including The Fall and Waking from Sleep. Since 2011, he has appeared annually in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s list of “the world’s 100 most spiritually influential living people.” Visit him online at

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  • Aliveness, Harmony, and Connectedness
  • Inner Quietness
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • An absence of (or Decreased) Fear of Death
  • Lack of Group Identity
  • Heightened Sense of Morality
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8 thoughts on “Some Don’t Like Me Because They Misunderstand Me – Hell, I Thought It Was Because I Walk Like A Pimp! – But It’s Deeper Than That

  1. hawk2017

    My Friend. No matter how one walks or what accent they use is no way to judge. Listen to the things they say and feel. Then contemplate. If this is someone you want to spend time with, if not, let us be kind in our refusal. We need to love all with a Godly love but we are not required to like everyone. I choose my friends very carefully. TY. Be blessed.

    1. Age and wisdom teaches us that.

      There was a time when I was very successful and befriended just as to not seem as though I ‘forgot where I came from’. Oh, that was a huge mistake.

      Now I am very careful and find comfort in being alone, if I must. Kevy

      1. hawk2017

        Wisdom, is with you. The Word says wisdom is worth more that silver and gold, but I have found that we must get closer to the golden years?:) to see clearly and hopefully learned from our mistakes. TY .

      2. I love celebrating my perfections, and imperfections, my relevance, and insignificance. I share these things with the world through my works and deeds, unashamed and unaplogetic. Kevy

    1. But its not isolation though. The world has loss its appear to me. I feel very loved and protected. My being alone seems more like a duty so that I can complete God’s mission for me. Kevy

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