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“If I cry, it’s because I’m very angry and I can’t do anything about it because I’ve run into a dead end. That’s when the tears would come down.” – Rihanna

Babies are smarter than we think. They have not been inhibited by ‘the world’ and are more in touch with their God-given emotions than we are. Generally speaking, society, on the other hand, is not as smart as babies are. Society views crying as weak. Most people shun it. This is especially true for men.

As they say, Real Men Don’t Cry’. You may follow that adage if you want to, but I think that it is pure bullshit. Crying is healthy. Take it from someone who has cried rivers as wide as the Mississippi River.

Today, I freely cry whenever I want to. I find that since getting closer to God, I cry even more. Unlike yesterday, I cry more out of joy, than out of pain. But I also allow myself to cry when in pain. I do it because I know that letting it out just feels better. And, research has revealed that crying is a healthy thing to do.

A key requisite to crying is surrender. You must surrender, whether in public or private, to cry, especially in painful instances. Surrendering happens to be the gateway to God. Crying is a spiritual act.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” – Revelation 21:4

We should have figured this out a long time ago, though. Think about it. Crying is our natural emotional reaction. There are few natural reactions that I know of that are not good for us. Crying is the body and mind’s reaction to internal or external stimuli, that is as cleansing just as eliminating waste.

Inspiring Gospel Song

This song, the one below will deeply resonate with someone.  I really feel that it will.  It certainly does with me.  It seems appropriate for this post.

Ok, my Friends don’t beat me up for what I’m about to say in the last part of this thought.

If you are going through or have experienced trials and pain beyond what anyone can even comprehend, listen to this song to inspire you.

When you do, see God as you see HIM, not the way any man dictates. ..even the singers in this song. …As U see HIM! It’s your right. Now listen. Kevy Michaels

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Poems & Song

Still standingWhat I love most about my poetry, outside of the fact that words come to me sporadically, almost magically.  I see the fluidity of my poetry as God sending messages to me. 

What makes writing my poems so fulfilling is that I write from my heart, based on what I am feeling at the moment of creating.  I have dated the poems that I’ve written for the past 20 or so years and can pinpoint what experience life was introducing me to at the time. 

 I call it Poetrimony, a poetic testimony.  Kevy

Cry Inside

By Kevy Michaels

I smiled through trials

To my surroundings

I was like a sunflower

Greeting the sun

But like my mother’s dementia

I could not express my pain

Words would not reveal my heart

So instead chose to cry inside

I faked my strength

I couldn’t disappoint my ego

Like a prizefighter

I boasted until I believed my own words

But like a grieving lover

With no one to understand my loneliness

I remained bubbly with admirers

While all the time I was crying inside

I convinced them that I was brave

I owed God and everyone a good example

I gave my best poker face

While my wounds still bled

But then a dear friend saw through me

He read my soul like a poem

He saw the teardrop stains on my face

And he asked me softly

Something which I still

Reflect on today

‘Why must you cry inside?’

His perception of my soul was absolute

It revealed his spirit

So I sat him down

I explained that my tears

Were of tears of gratitude

But being truthful

I acknowledged

That victories over many years of pain

Led me to such inner joy that I could cry

Without apology

Crying Out For Love

By Kevy Michaels

Cruel words are spoken

Fragile hearts are broken

Children are crying

For the faithful dreams are dying

And I’m oh so tired

But it goes on and on

…The things that we do to each other


Love is crying out for us

And everyone is crying out for love

And still, I don’t know why we can’t unite

All around the world

We just want to be loved

And still, we can’t work our problems out

Truth is dying

Everyone is lying

Families are falling apart

Journey end before they start

And for me, it’s so damn hard

But it goes on and on

…The way we treat ourselves

Chorus (Repeat)

Freedoms are taken

Bonds are breaking

Smiles hide hating

Believers are just waiting

And my hope is fading

And it goes on and on and we still can’t see ourselves


If we just took the time

We would see that there’s only one thing we need.

And it’s the very love that we already have within our hearts.

So listen closely now

And you will hear the sound of Love crying out for us…


Love is crying out for us

And everyone is crying out for love

And still, I don’t know why we can’t unite

All around the world

We just want to be loved

And still, we can’t work our problems out

And still can’t work our problems out

The Taste of My Tears

By Kevy Michaels

On the day that I had nowhere to turn

Everyone had escaped from me

It was like jumping confidently from a cliff

Only to find in mid-air

That a net was no longer there to catch me

I cried on that day

I cried tears of Helplessness

My tears tasted bitter

And with each drip

I was in more pain

It left stains on my face

For everyone to see what I was going through

On the day I was told that I would soon die

And doctors offered no cure

I was diminished from delusional greatness

To delusional worthlessness

I cried on that day

My tears were of Loneliness

My tears tasted salty

Each drip burned my skin

And made my face itch

Everyone knew that something was troubling me

On the day that I delivered all my burdens to God

He welcomed me without hesitation

Like a mother offering comfort to her child

After he had fallen

I cried on that day too

But my tears were of Gratitude

I found peace in these tears

For I cried in honor of God’s mercy for me

Amazingly these tears tasted different than all others before

They were sweet and enticing

Everyone could see my resulting glow

Since that day I welcome tears

My tears are in honor of the Lord

And how well he provides for me

…Funny how my tears have enlightened me

I was guided

When lost

When fearful

I was protected

When weak

I was healed

And through the taste of my tears

God has been truly revealed


By Kevy Michaels

You would never understand it

But that’s alright

Many of us don’t understand

The power of God

And it’s not like I didn’t try to explain

I’ve become hoarse trying to convince you

Giving of my Soul has been hard

I’m not upset with you

I Love You dearly

Your beauty is frozen in my mind

But there comes a time

When you must Love yourself

And right now

It is that Time

Like a chick that’s just hatched

I am not in the same state

As I used to be

And like a butterfly resting on a leaf

It is time to say Again

Hey World, look at me!

In a different Way

In a different place

And beyond all


Deep meditation

Prayer and unshakeable Faith

Has led me to a

New existence

I was



I have been


So, that means that I was


When I was with


And transformed

While out on my


It’s time

To Myself



It may seem crazy as Hell

That I would even consider

Alienating from You

But it all makes perfect sense

To me

Having been Touched

As I’ve been Touched

I was Larger than Life

Then I was Crucified

And, to the Holy Spirit

My soul is now clutched

God’s been right by my side

Through every step

…Not just in the Beginning

He’s with me now

As I marvel at

How much he gave

And how my vibe keeps ascending

Broken shells leave trails behind me

And like the hatched chicken

That entered a new stage

He nor me

Can reverse back to

Or care

To be an Egg

So please don’t be

Upset or Disappointed with me

I’ve been transformed

From a cocoon to a Butterfly

I have changed

I’m with God now

And otherwise

I Prefer

To Be


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  1. hawk2017

    Kevy, I love your spiritual heart. Tears cleanse the soul. Then you arise and face the snare that brought the tears and see It as it really is and go forward. Love in Christ.:)

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