My Mother’s Laminated Prayers – The Power Of Prayer & Faith In Spite Of The Image

With the season changing, I went through my closet the other day to get a coat.  Here in Colorado many of us have several coats from which to choose.  I chose an old double-breasted black, white and grey vintage coat.  It’s one of my favorites, but only wish to wear it occasionally.

When I put the coat on, I dug in the pockets, one with a big hole in it, and I discovered my mother’s laminated prayers.  It touched me suddenly with sentimental memories.  We used to pray together extensively during our caregiving trials and the laminated prayers, bound together with a metal key ring placed on the corner, kept our praying organized.

Though the cards were tattered, I reflected on times we purchased them at Catholic gift shops in San Antonio, New Orleans, and Denver.  We prayed passionately as part of each day.  I have never prayed so hard as I did with my mother.  For her, she prayed this way since I was a child, and perhaps since she was.

This short video shows how attached she was to her laminated prayer cards.  Though we prayed unscripted prayers, we never prayed without the laminated prayers.  Here we are praying in San Antonio, Texas at The Oblate Grotto and Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  When living in San Antonio, we would wake up at about 6:00 am each day to attend 7:00 am mass, then pray and light candles.  This ritual kept us hopeful and faithful.

Lil Eunice Praying At The Grotto San Antonio Texas – Kevy Michaels – Published on Dec 17, 2018

My Current Ritual

Today I pray many of the same prayers.  Some I have memorized, but I also pray close to ten specific prayers where I petition to God for his will in my life in areas including Healing, Clarity, Cleansing, Bad Habits, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Discernment.

My prayers proceed into a meditation that sometimes goes so deep that I am not conscious of my physical body, as I visualize.  I must meditate every day to remain balanced and to keep my mind relaxed and calm.  Meditation makes me more immune to the troubles of the world, and of my world.  It ignites my creativity and visions.  It elevates my vibration even when I’m living everyday life.  But, I think others can sense that I meditate and our energies clash for no apparent reason.  This happens to me regularly, but I commit to continuing to meditate until the day I die.

On a funny note, when I cared for my mother, I tried to teach her to meditate.  I didn’t expect her to go as deep as I do, but I wanted to share it with her, as I do with others, because its powers in healing, creativity, tranquility, and spirit are amazing. 

Anyway, I got her to follow the instructions as we meditated together, or so I thought.  It just did not work out for her.  She was an old school girl.  Meditation was just too weird to her, as it is to others.  I caught her cheating looking at me strangely, when she was supposed to have her eyes closed, focusing on her breathing.  I never tried meditating with her again.

OMG, what I sometimes visualize is like what this video shows!  I thought it was only me that visualized this way, then searching for a video for this post, I stumbled on my own visualization.  But my visualization is in full color.

Starfield – 2 hours Deep Space Travel- Interstellar Mindfulness, Relax, Meditate, Chill – 847,999 views – LIKEDISLIKESHARE – zenchantment – Published on Apr 29, 2016

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Holy Cards – An Enduring Tradition – Holy Cards – An Important and Enduring Catholic Tradition

Inspired by stunning paintings of Jesus and the saints, the first holy cards appeared early in the 15th century. They were portable woodcut prints that provided those who could not afford to own custom artwork a way to have their own image of their patron saint. In those times, it was considered very important to have an image of one’s patron saint. As time passed, a new type of holy card became popular. These holy cards were typically handmade with black ink-etched portraits on parchment and were often decorated around the edge with a bit of lace or ribbon, or stuck onto a backing of lace. Our modern-day valentines are descendants of these elegant little cards.  Read More

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Pocket-sized images of religious figures, known as Holy Cards, first appeared in the 1500s.  These cards, which were created to be carried around or simply displayed in a person’s home, allowed everyday people to bring saints and other religious figures into their day-to-day lives.  Unlike other sacred imagery at the time, which was expensive and tended to be confined to the wealthy or religious, these cards allowed the average person to establish a personal connection with a saint.  The cards were inexpensive and disposable, and their value came more from a person’s connection to the saint and the meaning they imposed on that relationship, rather than from the price of the card itself.  Read More

 The Laminated Prayer Cards All Had European Images

I spend many hours each day on social media, Facebook, in particular, Kevy Michaels.  I see a large number of memes and post by Africans, Jamaicans, Black Muslims, and African Americans shaming black Christians who pray to a white God and the European interpretation of the bible.  These posts don’t just rant, they come armed with historical and geological facts that support their assertions.

I respect their argument, as well as, the history that supports it.  But I don’t particularly agree with their argument.  There is a significant part of this argument that they overlook.  It seems to indicate that those who post these types of messages may have never had a true spiritual awakening.  I will explain why.

First of all, who a person prays to does not bother me.  It’s not my business and vice versa.  I find the act of pray in itself admirable.

Catholic Latinos pray to the Virgin Mary, My mother has had a Virgin portrait on the wall in our home for as long as I can remember.  It was right next to the portrait of Jesus, white Jesus.  I have both portraits on my wall today.

The Baptist, on the other hand, say Jesus is God, while Catholic seems to praise God, and not Jesus as much.  Some Protestant religions see Catholics as Satanic, praying to statues and all.  And today younger Blacks progressives wonder why blacks pray to a white God.

Many religions are too caught up in the name and image of God and shame anyone who prayers to a different God than they do.  Many Christians are caught up in believing in one God and do not respect the right of others to worship as they believe.  I am not that way.  To me, this is all bullshit.

The point that most people fail to see is that when one is deeply immersing in the spirit of prayer, they don’t visualize themselves praying to an image.  I know that when I pray, I do not see an image of the Jesus or Mary that hangs on my wall.  The portraits and statues are merely symbolic.  They give character to stories, but in prayer, I see God and angels as spirituals.  I see them as energy, as nothingness.  I do not pray to a Black or White image of divinity because I don’t pray to an image.

Only a person who has been spiritually awakened would understand this.  This is why those who look from the outside see the image as more significant than it really is.  They may have never experienced the exaltation of deep prayer and meditation.

St._Michael_Prayer_Card03182016__81414.1458327899.1280.1280My mother was a devout Catholic and she was undoubtedly faithful.  She did not know scripture from the bible but had more demonstrable faith and embodiment of God than many of the fake-faithful and holy rollers in my family who spit a verse like spit and do evil in the Lord’s name.

When she prayed, so did not pray to an image.  She prayed to an almighty power that had no image, body, or skin color.

It’s like a lucky rabbit’s foot or a St. Joseph lucky bean.  They are both symbolic.  Folks don’t believe that the objects possess real powers.  They simply embrace a greater power through symbolism.

The same applies to holy water, bread, and wine during communion.  These are all symbols of faith not objects of faith or divine power themselves.

This is the same way I see the European characters on my mother’s laminated prayer cards.  It is actually admirable that my mother, me, and others are not distracted by these images and are still able to seek God through them.  That’s pretty open-minded.

I believe that faith is personal, not congregational.  Once others come between me and God the spiritual energy becomes tainted.  Further, I believe that there are people of various religious persuasions who are truly faithful and live according to their respective religion’s principles, which is based on the same common theme of Love.  I do not believe like Jehovah’s Witnesses or Pentecostals that only their religious followers will be welcomed to The Kingdom. 

On the other hand, there are a lot who ‘fake the funk’ (New Orleans term) and who are quite deceptive, who use religion as a cover.  The church and religion is the optimal spot for those who inflict evil and deception for the following reasons:

  • It disguises their pitchfork and horns.
  • It catches very vulnerable people at their lowest point.

It happened to me.  I trusted my sister-in-law Leona and stepsister Paige, simply because they hit me with ‘The Word’.  Boy was I wrong about those two.  They are both liars and cheats.47681022_1442987339165530_936462651901345792_n

Here’s is why I believe that any worship, regardless of religion, is admirable:

  • They worship a greater power, beyond the self, beyond the ego.
  • Their worship requires that they surrender.
  • Their worship requires faith and patience
  • Their worship inspires and encourages them to hang on a bit longer

Nobody knows who God really is.  Nobody knows how he looks.  I feel that you can see him or her as you please.  It is your right.  Most people simply try to sway your beliefs and image of God to support theirs.   It’s done to vindicate theirs.  But their God and your God are neither of your business.

If you are passionate in your faith and you see God in a way that is unique to yourself, is not my concern.


Image of God – 1,121,372 views – The Bible Project – Published on Mar 21, 2016

This video traces the idea of humans as co-rulers alongside God, who are commissioned to develop the world and its resources and take it into new horizons. How has this human vocation been compromised by our selfishness and evil, and how did Jesus open up a new way of being human through his life, death, and resurrection?

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Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.


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  1. hawk2017

    A lovely way to show faith. The music is very ambient. As you know, the universe vibrates, we hear and we vibrate with it. Our God created this SPEAKING it into existence. :))

    1. It’s people just like You that I wish to attract and be attracted to!

      I no longer wish to convince others. I’d rather create a new world of like-minded energies, souls, spirits. …with folks just like U. …even if a virtual world. Kevy

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