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“One would have to live in a cave to not sense that we are in a very unusual period of civilization as it relates to news, information, and media.” – Kevy Michaels 

The obvious stigma that lurks is that of so-called ‘faked news’.  Whether a valid concern or not, it has taken a toll on our appetite and trust in media and news sources.

We are in an age where facts don’t seem as important as they once were, simply because we don’t have a reliable way to discern what is fact and what is fiction.  Additionally, the delivery of information by TV, Streaming, Smartphones, Alexa, and other devices have become more aggressive leaving us very few routes of escape from it. 

Many are becoming sick of news and the media monsters and just shut it down.  I am now to the point that I only watch the news occasionally.  I like being informed but found that the news was depressing my day, especially during the elections. 

Though I am a bit frustrated with the pace, inaccuracy, propaganda, and aggressiveness that media and information are shoved in my face, I am no fool, I am not resistant to it.  The latest trends in media and news are larger than I am.  I could never fight this monster and win.  So, I must embrace it, and I will.  You should too.

I find that folks are resistant to many things over which they have no control. 

They waste tremendous amounts of energy and cause undue stress, fighting giants over an issue for which they will never be victorious. This happened with the introduction of calculators, rap music, realityTV, and now news and social media. Anyone who engaged in those fights has long since surrendered.  They will surrender on this front too.

I don’t suggest that we necessarily surrender to ‘fake’ aggressive news.  I suggest that we are receptive to it, simply because we don’t really have any other choice but to be.  In being receptive to it, we may find ourselves accessible to new opportunities for disseminating and absorbing counter-mainstream information in the future.  Perhaps inspiring messages and creativity will have an opportunity to board the aggressiveness and social media train.

I have had friends and acquaintances tell me point-blank, “I don’t do social media”.  Others were reluctant to do much of anything on their $ 1000 smartphones, other than text, receive and make calls.   Some are totally resistant to executing business transactions via apps, smartphones or the internet, and prefer to do things ‘the old fashion way’.  To them, I say, ‘see ya’.  You will be left behind.

Our new way of doing business and communicating will proceed with or without you, surely it won’t stop for you.  Trends are that social media will become more integrated with business, and therefore our every day lives.  We may get to the point whereby we will beable to pay bills, file complaints, search for jobs, and become educated throughFacebook.  This is already in place, but it may become the more common way in the future. 

Our social media footprint influences career opportunities today.  …incarceration too!  In the future, we may actually apply for jobs via social media and apps as a common practice. Learning has already been dramatically changed due to social media, aswell.  Personally, my learning has been strengthened by social media, Google, and YouTube.  On issues I used log support incident tickets, I now solve myself.  Besides, human customer support is already nearly nonexistent. Instead of hiring a carpenter, electrician, or plumber, I do it myself, after watching YouTube DIV videos.

So, I say, get with the program or you will be left behind.  There is too much money driving these changes, more money than we could ever fight.  But what is more important is that there are certainly opportunities abound in this new paradigm, and we should seek to take advantage of them.  Hidden opportunities always exist when there is change.  We, however, waste time fighting the change and miss sight of new opportunities.

This is actually the case with personal trials and struggles. We fight and fight and fight until we realize that the trials made us stronger, wiser, and more equipped to strategically work with or around them.  This is the mode that we need to be in with regard to the future of communications. But we need to become better equipped strategically, without having to put up much of a fight.

Here is an example of how I am benefiting from the tentacles of social media.  I am approaching 4000 Friends on Facebook, and 900 on WordPress.  As a result, I am connecting with Friends from around the world, from different cultures, and who speak different languages.  Google translate allows me to communicate with them in over sixty different languages.  It allows me to share content, poems, and songs with them, translated. 

elephant in the room\’ I am virtually able to travel the world and get ground-level information from others, not ‘big-news that are supported by video, pictures, and personal accounts.  Just 10 years ago, I could never imagine having this reach as an ordinary world citizen. This is a blessing for connecting with like-minded people worldwide.  As a result, I am becoming very enriched intellectually in a 3-dimensional way, not 1-dimensionally.

Content creators will be and are being dramatically impacted by this shifting paradigm.  For one, the information pipeline moves much more rapidly than before.  Therefore, it seems that content will have to be shorter for easy and quick absorption.  Ohshit!  Houston, we have a problem!  Brevity is not one of my strengths.  I realize that I will have to present posts in a much shorter form.  I’ve always realized that.

My blog was initially intended to be a draft for future books. From the over 150 articles that I’ve posted, I will extract the content, by subject matter, and use it to draft books.  In the future, however, my posts may have to be shortened by at least 50%.

Or maybe blog content should not be shorter. There are predictions that blog post will become longer because they will replace novels presenting a relatively short story on a webpage or smartphone.  There are also predictions that followers will read the post twice, once quickly on their smart device, then later at home on their desktop or notepad.

Additionally, bloggers will have to offer audio versions of content. That is because of Alexa.  She’s going to be asked to read content to followers, instead of them reading it for themselves.  Fortunately, Google already has text to voice technology that can translate any web page into audio.  I don’t know much about it, but I do know that it exists.  See the video below on adding Alexa to your blog.

The same applies with regard to vlogs.  Bloggers will have to place greater emphasis on video blogging. This area of media is growing substantially each year, outpacing other forms. 

I am studying video, film, and media currently, but don’t know if I can keep up with the rapid progression of this form of communication. I cannot magically accelerate years of video and film creative experience.  That takes time.  But I will try so that I am not left behind.  I suggest that fellow bloggers embrace doing the same.  The opportunity here, though, is for writers and videographers to collaborate.  Writers are challenged by vlogging and videographers are challenged by blogging.

Because of the rapid pace of the news cycle and attention spans, bloggers will be challenged to produce content faster.  This is a huge challenge for me because I write from my soul and only write when my soul tells me to.  I can write otherwise, but it becomes quite laborious and stressful. 

This challenge, though, is an opportunity in disguise. As a result, we may see a trend of bloggers collaborating more as well, sharing content with like-minded bloggers. …working on posts together.  I love the thought of it!  I believe that there is an opportunity to create consortiums of like-minded bloggers and conquer greater goals.  Though we may love to hate media and news, keep in mind that its rapid proliferation will give us an opportunity to thrive on a larger scale if we just come to together….’right now’!

It will become commonplace that Alexa is asked to read and play blog posts, play videos by topic, and start the coffee maker, and shower each morning. 

The pace will be so rapid that all of these things will happen within an hour-long morning ritual, and if it runs over, we will just finish the ritual in our smart-cars or on our smartphones. 

We must adapt to the new paradigm and not resistant to it, and perhaps be left behind.

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Being Receptive To Change

“Depending on how you want to see it, no, better yet, depending on which reality you choose to live by, social change can be viewed as a destruction of humanity, or a magnificent opportunity to reinvent the world.” -Kevy Michaels

Social media has served political movements by amplifying its voice worldwide.  Rap music, for example, has given urban youth voice and has also become the voice of Walmart and Pharmaceutical commercials.  Even Gospel music is embracing rap in TrapGospel and is effectively anointing urban youth who would normally careless about God.  Writers, like myself, and many of you, are given a platform with blogging and vlogging. 

Hell, I am just a regular weird guy, who has developed a voice and an audience…a mere nobody. 

I use social media to travel the world.  I read and view content on other cultures extensively. Once, when I could afford international travel, I traveled the world.  Now, thanks to FB and YouTube, I travel virtually.  We are able to educate each other about our respective cultures. I am familiarizing you with NewOrleans in my content. 

It is undeniable that the rapidity in the advancement of information, news, and media is unstoppable!  It is powerful, treacherous in the wrong hands and minds, world-changing in the hands and minds of the virtuous. 

“Since I can not stop the information revolution, I am obligated to see it as a magnificent opportunity to reinvent the world.” – Kevy Michaels 

One thing that we should all agree on is that media today has amplification power.  In other words, there is the potential of going viral and reaching millions, exponentially propagating a message, if the presentation formula is right.  That never existed even 10 years ago!  Today, we all have this possibility in the palm of our hands….In the field of pure potentiality, I might add. Now imagine conveying your message, your vision, your creativity on this speeding bullet. You could make your contribution to reinventing the world you want to see.  This is happening now, especially in politics, as in Paris, where social media coverage is resulting in legislative changes.

Community Media Is Changing

For the past few months, I have been faced with the possibility that funding for the community media non-profit institute, where I take media classes, will lose its funding.  We are now at the ‘eve of destruction’.  Funding is slated to end in a few days. 

We have been vigilantly resisting this change in our meetings, organizing, communications, videos, and letters presented to the city of Denver. It is quite admirable how solid a front we have presented.  We are energized by pure passion for expression, art, advocacy, and inspiration. Our cause is very honorable.

But, meanwhile back at the ranch, we too are in the midst of a revolution in public access and community media that may be larger than we are.  Our revolutionary changes are the residual of another more significant change in cable media…viewers’ changing TV habits, which impact funding, are dramatically changing. 

Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Funding for community media is shrinking because it is based on a percentage of cable revenue.  Fewer people are subscribing to cable each year.  More are canceling subscriptions.  Streaming and social media are taking viewers away.  And, cable TV viewing does not generate funds for community media funding.  The larger ‘elephant in the room‘ seems to be that the paradigm has already changed, but we are just not being very receptive to it. 

PEG Fund laws is not likely to change for the how PEG Funds are used is at the discretion of the city.  The city’s objectives are braoader in focus, than those of our rather autonomous community nonprofit.  The city has to serve a variety of municipal interests.

Though many who fight the city of Denver believe that the city is trying to snuff out  advocacy, equality, anti-political, environmental, and human rights voices and access to media, the city may just be making a very practical financial move. 

…But we fight on with vigilance nonetheless, ‘not seeing the forest for the trees’.

Meanwhile, back at the other ranch, the one across the lake, we, a community of hundreds of very talented content creators and media production specialists, are not seeing the unlimited potential of the media revolution in which we are now immersed, because we are steadfast in our fight. 

We may very well be resisting changes that we cannot impact, at the expense of ignoring a field of pure potentiality in social media, podcasts, and streaming.  We too have tremendous power in the palm of our hands, if only we embrace the change before us, and seize the opportunities that it creates.

To put this power into perspective, here is the reach of the top social media outlets: 

Social networks

In contrast, Fox was the number 1 television network in Q1 of 2018, number one.  Here are the numbers of FoxNews’s average live+ same day viewers for Q1 2018, a mere pittance when compared to social media:

Reaching .001 of Facebook’s 2.23 billion users means reaching 2.23 million people.  Whether into community/public access media, blogging, or vlogging none of us have ever had access to this many potential followers, not even close. 

Therefore, I rest my case for embracing this change.  Instead of wasting energy fighting a battle that you will never win, spend time figuring out ‘the formula’ for propagating your works to the masses more efficiently and effectively.

Technology and Social Change – 38,588 views – Ian Dela Cruz– Published on Mar 1, 2014

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Future uncertain for Denver service that runs public-access media for thousands – By Alex Burness – November 27, 2018

Next month Denver will shake up its public-access resource for media production and training.

What that shake-up looks like, and the next location of the service — which allows for more than 2,000 citizen- and nonprofit-produced shows and podcasts a year to be broadcast over local channels — aren’t yet clear.

What is clear: The city’s contract with Denver’s Open Media Foundation, which runs public access, expires Dec. 19 and is not being renewed.

The city is working on a “transition” plan away from Open Media and toward an as-yet-unknown solution that Jenny Schiavone, the city’s marketing director, said will ensure the existing level of service for public-access clients — something OpenMedia’s director, Tony Shawcross, doubts is possible, at this point.

“We are working on an interim transition plan so we can make sure we’re not disrupting service to the community,” Schiavone said. “We’re putting in every stopgap that we can.”

Schiavone said she did not know yet where the services would be housed as of Dec. 20. There is some chance, she said, that those services would go dark for a time Read More

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Aduratomi Blade started out as a radio Disc Jockey and moved on to full-time presentation, which he did for 8 years before he became a pioneer member of the now defunctNN24. He worked as a TV reporter and producer and in 2011, was appointed theHead of Stations Cool FM & Wazobia FM, Port Harcourt. Nigeria Info andWazobia Max TV was added to the bouquet of stations in 2012 and 2016respectively and with his wealth of experience and exceptional leadership skills, he steered the radio stations to become the top 3 most listened to radio stations in Rivers State. He holds a National Diploma in MassCommunication from the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ogun State and a bachelors degree in English & Literary Studies from the University of Lagos. He is a member of professional organizations including the Advertising PractitionersCouncil of Nigeria (APCON) and Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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