STOP Right There! – Before Embarking On Defending Truth – Are You A Wimp or Warrior? – Only Warriors Win – I’m One I Know

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” – 2 Timothy 4:7

Friends, this post is going to be another one of those “Lord, I get it” posts.

Everything that I post reflects what I believe from the depths of my soul. I see putting myself out there as very sacred and God-serving. Don’t kid yourself by thinking that I am totally admired for the truth that I reveal. I am attacked consistently, by my family, friends, my sibling’s cohorts, and even strangers. I have been attacked to my face, on social media, the blog, and surely behind my back.

But like water runs off of a duck’s back, I don’t get stuck in others’ contrary opinions. I let it flow beyond me. Obviously, their truth is not mine. You may know from previous posts that I believe in an infinity of truths. Therefore, we can be simultaneously right.

It is our egos that makes us think that there is only one ‘right’, for thinking that way it elevates the ego’s illusions of grandeur. But I know, from embracing unconventional truths for most of my life, that God gave me the right to decide where I place my beliefs. I know that whatever one believes becomes truth, fueled by their belief that it is. I don’t say this lightly. I have been denying truths most of my life, and they still hold true. Truth is not seasonal.

The “I get it” aspect of this post centers around appreciating that before stepping out on the battlefield, that you should make sure that you are armored-up and that you are not a wimp.

I know that I am not a wimp, for sure. The very fact that I am revealing a story on caregiving where over 10 people conspired, judged, and deceived me and my mother, proves my bravery. The entire clan of 10 to this day stick to their same fabricated story about me, just as Republicans lie to the American people with a straight face, all complicit in the fraud.

I see analogies between family matters, life’s adversities, and politics. Each of these arenas become battlefields, when you are an opposing party, especially if alone.

I find pride in standing up for truth and it’s even more personally fulfilling if I must stand alone. You see, when I stand alone, I am forced to soul search and question the validity of my truth. If after this self-examination I feel like, ‘Oh no, I am not going to allow this shit’, then I passed step one of the warrior test. Being on my own does not frighten me.

vernment Agencies, and My Family and Friends

Let’s examine the definition of the word warrior to explain the similarities between a defender of truth, and a defender in battle and to confirm that I selected the appropriate word.

noun, often attributive
Definition of warrior
: a person engaged or experienced in warfare broadly
: a person engaged in some struggle or conflict poverty warriors

Well, that was easy. The word was appropriately chosen. In defending an uncommon truth, you will be engaged in warfare plain and simple. It will not be easy, so don’t kid yourself. If you are weak or standing on shaky ground, spare your health, emotions, and feelings the degradation. They will truly get hurt if entangled in a false agenda or on a weak foundation. Truth warriors defend truth, therefore if one does will pass the test of integrity, they will not win the battle. I don’t do that, because lies never win.

Defending truth will certainly engage the protagonist in brutal struggle and conflict. Even if you have evidence and proof that is unrefutably true to you, you will be challenged profusely. Truth alone is highly overrated in today’s climate. Even if you have, as I have, documentation, videos, and audio to prove your validity, you will be challenged even harder.

Typically, when a warrior is armored-up and solid with their soul, the enemy will build an army of supporters to try to beat you in numbers, quantity versus quality. They will try to break you and anger you so that your own emotions defeat you. Those closest to you will betray you along with the known enemies. At times you may feel that only God is with you.

If you ever feel this way, when defending truth, you are on track!

As long as you gauge your steadfast stance against God’s will and still want to fight the battle, then go for it! No weapon formed against you will prosper. If you feel as I do, even more inspired to fight, then don’t worry, God is with you. In the worldly sense, your enemy will gain confidence seeing you on the battlefield alone, but you won’t be alone. It’s just that they just can’t see that God is right there with you.

Asking God to join you in the battle to defend his will should not be trivialized. You will only be inspired to do this if your truth goes deep to your core. There is a built-in fear of God that will redirect your energies if you don’t sincerely feel that you are fighting in God’s army.

If you are passionate about your truth enough to fight for it, do it! Doing so is not a nicety; it is requisite. Even after passing the initial self-reflection, you will surely lose your battle, if your fight does not get God’s blessings. You will surely lose your battle if you are not being truthful, for truth always wins because God is true. …Always.

“Outside of The Lord, I am weak; in

The Lord, I am strong. Outside of The Lord, I cannot; in The Lord, I am more than able. Outside of The Lord, I have been defeated; in The Lord, I am already victorious. How meaningful are the words, in The Lord.” – Watchman Nee

I don’t have to research this topic to convey it and believe that these are characteristics of a true spiritual warrior. History gives us many examples of warriors who defended unpopular truths against an army of adversaries, and satisfied these requirements: Gandhi, Mandela, MLK, Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Mother Theresa, Mary Magdalen, Samson, Christine Blasey Ford, Women of the MeToo Movement, Black Lives Matter, etc., etc., etc.

“There’s nothing more calming in difficult moments than knowing there’s some one fighting with you. – Mother Teresa

Examples of the kinds of defense armies created against truth, though impressive to the ‘unwoke’ eye, include: Dishonest Executive Administrations, Radical Right Membets of Congress, Judge Kavanaugh, Crooked Policemen Who Are Unfairly Exonerated, The US Criminal Justice System, Slave Owners, Those Motivated By Greed, Lust, and Power at all costs, and Fair-Weather Friends.

Here is the part where I take the argument home.

If after personally and spiritually reflecting, you feel even more energized to defend truth, here are the final tests of costs that you must pass. If you are still inspired to fight after evaluating each of these consequences, then in my estimation you are a warrior and not a wimp.

“For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” – 2 Corinthians 10:3-4

Granted, the list was not researched. I simply pulled this list out of my head based on several truth battles that I’ve fought and won.

You are a warrior and optimal for defending truth if you are willing to:

  • Be honored to serve God in spite of being regarded as a liar, while liars are regarded as truthful
  • Submit to being spiritually transformed in the process
  • Disregard what others think of you; disregard the outcome
  • Challenge real and fake authoritative and spirituality figureheads when they are wrong
  • Have your sanity challenged
  • Fight on even when wounded
  • Not be intimidated by quantity vs quality. There will almost always be an army created against you if you are strong and steadfast
  • Lose finances, reputation, and health
  • Have your flaws and mistakes exposed through rumor, gossip, and lies
  • Encounter many things which you are not, to find out who you really are
  • Surrender to God
  • To be poised, with a clean slate and new life to do great things
  • Die for your beliefs

For me, I say an emphatic yes to all of the above.

I am no wimp. I am a warrior. God always wins, and when he does, Truth and I will be by his side closer than when the battle began. I will maintain this truth until I die.


Forever I Will Believe

By Kevy Michaels

Like a soldier on the battlefield

Against an enemy with no remorse

Like a spy brutally tortured

But refusing to reveal his source

Nothing will phase me

Nothing will change my vision

The Glory of God will remain with me

Just as my sins have been forgiven

Like a mouse inside a cage

I will retrieve each pellet of food

In all my tribulations

I will always find God’s Good

There’s nothing that can be done

To change the way I live

And there’s no getting to my Soul

I can’t give what’s not mine to Give

It belongs to my God

Given to me lovingly for keeps

I protect the uncontainable Spirit

That he put deep inside of me

I am prepared to stand my ground

And won’t quit, when everyone leaves

With God, I will endure through all

And Forever I will Believe

Forever I shall Believe

The Prey

By Kevy Michaels

It seems easy for the king of the jungle

But not so much if you are the prey

It takes strength to fight your attackers

While passers-by just laugh in your face

It must be cool to be a non-believer

With so many who support your case

But the believer is fearless and unaccompanied,

…Still standing, though

Only by God’s Grace

But survival is still attainable

Strength will come from the monkeys

You no longer carry on your back

And how loving them throughout the battle

Made them less prone to launch an attack

You realized that God had been with you

Reflecting, while the lion was asleep

You pray that they too will learn, as you did

That what they sow, they shall certainly reap

Lone Wolf – Motivational Video For All Those Fighting Battles Alone – 11,082,451 views – Team Fearless – Published on Sep 12, 2016

The hardest walk you can make is the walk you make alone, but that is the walk that makes you the strongest. That is the walk that builds your character the most.

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