I Know Why The World Has Problems – Partly God’s Fault – Mainly Ours – They May Never Be Resolved – And That’s OK

I only write when I feel like writing.

That doesn’t mean that I am not writing in the background. I do so much writing day-to-day, that I am just learning what experienced bloggers already know. You can burn out on blogging.

Lately, I have been absorbed by media, social media, training, and volunteerism. But, I will never forget the Life As Kevy Michaels blog. I have attracted a few thousand people on various platforms in only five months, and don’t want to lose anyone.

I wrote this post while listening to John Coltrane. Maybe you should while reading it. Luv Kevy

The other day I went to the gym, but only to sit in the jacuzzi, sauna, steam, and pool. I do this at least three times a week. I enjoy it because, in the early morning hours, it’s a quiet and relaxing environment for meditation. It seems that I’ve been going more often since I learned that alternating dips in hot water, steam, or infrared heat with cold water dips expands and contracts the lymphatic system. These motions detoxify the lymph nodes.

Not to deviate too much from the story, but I must share this health information with you now that I suggested that saunas, pools, and steam are good for our lymphatic and immune systems.

The excerpt below was taken from the Baseline of Health Foundation website. The post was written by Jon Barron, an alternative health crusader, and activist.

Sauna and Steam Baths

“Help your lymph system out by eliminating toxins through sweating. Your skin is not just a covering, it is also the largest organ in your body, and one of its primary roles is the elimination of toxins through the pores. Saunas and steam baths greatly accelerate the process. Also, the heat increases your heart rate and your breathing, both of which help move lymph fluid along.”

On this day I sat in the sauna and was in a usually peaceful spirit, after having just returned from the jacuzzi and a cold dip in the pool. There was an Ethiopian lady in the sauna when I entered. She was in her zone quietly laying horizontally, with a towel over her. I did not bother her. Then a man and his wife or girlfriend entered. The Ethiopian lady apparently knew them because she immediately sat up to engage in conversation.

She spoke with a very agitated tone to the couple about a threat at the school where she was employed. Apparently, two students came to school with guns. She was as a result locked in a closet with other staff members for shelter for hours. The guns turned out to be BB guns.

I must admit that I hate it when people hold loud conversations in the sauna. I find it a bit disrespectful for most people just want to be at peace. I guess that’s why I interjected myself into the conversation around the time that the man stated that “guns were not the problem”. He said that guns were around in his day, and they were never a problem. He sternly stated that “people are the problem, not guns.” Then the Ethiopian lady said “Trump is right! It’s the parent’s fault. I watch after everything that my children do. It’s the parent’s fault!”

I had to barge into the conversation at this point. I felt that I was practically in the conversation already since they spoke loudly as if they wanted me to hear and respond. I then abruptly told both of them, “bullshit”. I explained that the problem was deeper than guns or parents. I tried to explain that the problem stems from poverty, poor education, general marginalization, and many other societal ills.

We went back and forth for a while, but neither of us was budging from our political positions. They all left abruptly. I did not feel bad about the matter, though.

But I did note how convicted they were to their opinions. It was similar to a neighbor who argues with me in defense of Trump for hours until I am physically drained. With him, I concluded that the economy and lower taxes ‘trumps’ human issues.

Receiving training at a public access media foundation also gives me the great opportunity to rub elbows with many members of a rather artsy/activist Denver community. It seems that all of the members of the community are passionate about this or that cause, but not about all inhumane causes. I noticed how riled up they were during the last election. Many members are libertarian, anarchist, environmentalist, and feminist, blended in with sprinklings of older, perhaps more conservative liberals.

The contrast between ideologies, including my own, was astounding. They all exuded passion for their respective verticals but didn’t dare to step too far outside of them.

Volunteering for over nine non-profit agencies over recent years, I noticed yet another ideological contrast. In one agency in particular women clearly ruled. The President/CEO was a woman, as well, many of the highest positions were held by women. The prowess of “girl power” was in the air. But at times, especially when on construction sites led by strong women, I felt very marginalized as a man.

The women in this agency were steadfast within their women’s liberation tribe but did not appear to carry such passion over to other humanitarian concerns or even towards others outside of it.

Repeatedly serving as a volunteer, I came in contact with some of the most marginalized citizens including the homeless, refugees, the mentally and physically ill, single mothers, and such. I was honored to work in these organizations simply because I knew that it was the right thing to do by God, and it fulfilled advice that my dear mother Eunice gave to me before she ascended to heaven.

But I was a bit surprised to assess that the personnel in many of these God-serving agencies were not necessarily God-like. On several occasions, staff would judge marginalized clients and outwardly treat them rudely. In New Orleans, at St. Jude Shrine, I witnessed a priest shout at a homeless man who interrupted him, as he was speaking to me. The priest in this case, in his words and tone, treated the homeless man as though he was trash.

I have since come to accept that those non-profit and church social agencies and their personnel are not necessarily spiritually aware and are not necessarily guided by a divine calling. They are simply doing a job.

I am well into my spiritual awareness. I am not sure if you would agree, but since I’ve been on this journey I tend to analyze nearly every event and encounter as having the potential to reveal spiritual wisdom. So I sift through these encounters (in the sauna, with my neighbor, non-profits’ staff, etc.) looking for a pattern, for a meaning.

Guess what? I found the spiritual wisdom in all of these events through a personal reflection. The problem is partly our fault, but surprisingly it is also God’s fault. Let me explain.

Why The World Has Its Problems

I had an epiphany when I reflected on the common thread between each of these situations.

It is the fact that we all seem to be so steadfast of our ‘issues du jour’ that we don’t feel the need or inclination to embrace other social ills as passionately, if at all. We seem to believe that those issues outside of our choice are not our problem or concern. In some cases, it seems as though some embrace ‘an issue’ to save them from having to embrace multiple ones. But we have many issues, not one. Every one of them affects the entire civilization.

We have many ills eroding humanity simultaneously, including Racism, Poverty, Ecology, Violence, War, Education, Political and Religious Discerption.

It would seem that to take on all of those issues instead of shielding behind one is a practical approach. Hell, no one can take on all of that! So, it is convenient to ‘Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe it’.

In its worst scenarios, I have witnessed folks who embraced one societal ill, intentionally to avoid having to take a stance on another. I am from the South. Living in Colorado has exposed me to a form of racism that I never suspected, racism within liberal tribes.

I don’t want to go as far as to say that some of the Democrats are racists, but I can confidently say that some Democrats propagate racism, knowingly and unknowingly, by staying clear of the racism cause, hiding behind another, such as women’s rights, animal rights, education and the like.

During the 2016 presidential election, I eliminated friendships that have never returned over this very issue. In particular, I had friends who voted Democratic, but still supported and defended close friends who supported Trump’s racism for the tax benefits they desired.

What bothers me the most is knowing someone who does not see Police Murders, Mass Incarceration, and overall injustices to Black people as their cause, namely because they are not Black. I see it as a humanitarian cause, not a black one, though! Everyone should be outraged, and no other issue should trump simple equality and humanity.

Here is where the problem lies. We do not see ourselves as one. Therefore, we see human ills and causes as an individual selection process. If someone is not directly affected, they won’t care as much about what impacts their brothers and sisters, simply because they don’t truly embody them as being our brothers and sisters. They may say so, but they don’t live that way.

I am personally bothered by this because I don’t live that way. I feel comfortable in saying that most Blacks and other seriously oppressed minorities are passionate about achieving equality, but they are equally sensitive about the oppression of others. We know the ugliness of oppression and wouldn’t wish it on anyone, even whites.

Today, though I accept the history and current socioeconomic status of Blacks in the US, I am also troubled by how Muslims, Mexicans, African are treated, and about Libyan slavery. I am equally troubled by the destruction of our environment, the judicial system, and democracy. One cause never negates the other.

Never will jobs, taxes, or economy usurp the wind out of human and earth causes. That is because my choices are driven and vindicated by God’s will, not my own. It is the bombastic way that we exert our will, without looking through a divine lens that drives us so passionately towards our personal causes and ignoring all others.
I don’t live this way, and never will since my spiritual awakening. Each day I ask God that his will becomes mine. It takes a lot to surrender one’s will, rather ego. It takes spiritual transformation to see all of what God desires simultaneously. I can see the light! It is very easy to discern what is of love and what is not of love, but only if we all chose to.

Why It’s Partly God’s Fault

God gave us free will…That’s the problem.

God has very mysterious ways and it shows with granting free will only to humans. It is a beautiful endowment to be able to choose whatever we desire. …And to have been granted such autonym by God, no less!

Where free will becomes mysterious is in its consequences. God does not free us from the consequences of ill choices. We must pay. Most don’t consider the costs at the time that decisions are made, namely because the ego is in the driver’s seat.

God is clever in knowing that we will gain discernment exercising freely through the trials that we must endure when we go too far and are too selfish. He knows that the likely response as we advance on our journeys will be to exercise our will less loosely and to instead to rely on his. …He hopes…

If we relied more on God’s will, as opposed to our own, we will more vividly see all those things that erode humanity and will passionately work to defeat them all, both directly and indirectly. We would not embrace one cause or opinion at the expense of another. And, we would unapologetically oppose those in our circles who go against God’s will.

The bottom line is that we are following our own wills too much, and not enough following God’s.

That is the common thread to the world’s problems. Everyone is only concerned about themselves. God is concerned about all of humanity and nature. By surrendering our will to God, we will be able to see issues, candidates, social ills, and our contribution to those ills clearly.

In the case of the folks in the sauna, I hate to inform them that the God of my understanding would never condone guns or Trump’s hate. Also, God sees problems as though we are one, not as every person for themselves.

In the case of my Republican-loving neighbor, sorry buddy, God would never place taxes, the stock market, and jobs over lack of healthcare, mass incarceration, violence, inequality, and war.

If serving in a social non-profit agency, especially if it is a calling and not just a job, God would want you to be loving through and through, not just on the surface. If living this way gives you stress, perhaps your service is not a calling and is merely a job. Then, get another job.

God’s only partly responsible for our ills because he gave us free will to choose. He’s allowing us to either gain wisdom or hang ourselves. He gives us the ability to live the antithesis of his desires just for us to realize that only through his will our civilization problems be truly resolved.

He knows that our will is ego-driven and is generally singular in nature. God’s will, on the other hand, is all-encompassing, therefore, we can rest assured that all aspects of human and earthly disobedience will be addressed by surrendering or validating our will with God’s.

If our will were the same as God’s will, we would have no real issues. The person who fights for women’s rights will also be down with anti-discrimination, LGBT inclusiveness, gun control, and the environment. She would be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Why We May Never Solve The World’s Problems – Why That’s Okay

We may never eliminate the ills of our civilization until we all are on the same accord with God. We will not all be on the same accord, until we embrace universal spiritual laws, instead of the ones that we pick and choose from our mind.

The problem stems in us not being prone to surrender. God-sanctioned free will keeps us doing it ‘our way’. Usually, we only change after life has beaten us into submission. I am so glad that I have been beaten down to my last compound. I am working every day to live in accordance with what God desires, and it is not hard to do.

We will always live by our personal will and justify our selfish actions with God granting us this right. We may never get the point of being so endowed.

But, is it so bad that we may never change as a civilization? Is it a bad thing that there will always be hate, war, and violence? I don’t think so.

Hate ignites love.  It does so very similar to how pain and trials ignite strength, wisdom, faith, and ultimately victory.  …Very yin and yang-ish…

And, in the midst of hate, the God in each of us always calibrates collectively to overpower any level of hate thrown our way. We can’t control our desire to be loving in the midst of hate. God controls this response through golden threads attached to our hearts.

And, hate never wins in the end

Simply look at the movements that are sprouting up today. For example, as a result of the New World Order’s hateful tone and rhetoric, we all have love in our hearts that is activated in the presence of hate. As hate is accelerated, the vibration of love is struck in hearts around the world to douse its flames. This cycle is of God too that will never end, just as selfish free will.

So, though there will always be hate and selfish free will, there will always be love. ….Always because we are wired to gravitate towards love, some more than others.

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