Guest Post – Erin Downey Feels Like An Outcast Sometimes – I Feel Like An Alien – Great!

I am welcoming this post from blogger Erin Downey.  Erin’s message resonates with me.  I feel that she is a friend, though I’ve never met her.

At the ripe age of 58 years I must admit that I have very ‘actual’ friendships.  I tend to stay to myself and communicate with the couple of friends that I’ve known for over 30 years.

I consider myself as having no family.  I have not communicated with my siblings in over 4 years.  I tried and gave up.  My mother and father are gone.  I will explain this situation very vividly.

My friends are often virtual friends like Erin.  These are friends that I meet through the blog, social media, and the internet.  Our connection is just as authentic.  I read their writings, poetry, and testimonies, as I did with Erin, and either understand them or not.  I understand Erin’s sentiments.

I sometimes feel like an alien.  I think so differently than most people I meet.

Erin sometimes feels like and outcast.  That’s why I like her and what she reveals of her soul in her posts.

Please follow Erin Downey.  Show some love.  Let’s create an even bigger circle of friends.

I believe that both sentiments are signs of spiritual awakening.  Prophets, Disciples, World Leaders, and the enlightened are generally regarded as ‘weirdos’ of their times.  

As an alien or outcast one must vindicate and certify their own passions and beliefs for they are constantly faced with who they are not.  The fact that they are different slaps them in the face with nearly every encounter.

And guess what?  We still proceed, though.  And over time learn how to live as aliens or outcasts more discerned, realizing that being spiritually aware is not only a blessing.  It is also a responsibility that we choose to take because its driver is soul-deep.



The Beginning of my Journey

As Rupi Kaur wrote, “You do not just wake up and become the butterfly…..”



Most times I feel as if I am an impostor

Not personally myself being the impostor,

But being in a room full of other worldly creatures….

More so,

Like the impostor in the room..

I tryto speak to these creatures and that’s when it hits me,

Is it time for the mask to come off?

Will I see their true form?

Am I THAT much different?

“That” much different, being I’m not sure what is normal—

Or if I am normal….

Am I pretentious?

Am I just crazy?

Should I have a mask to reveal myself, as well?


Is this how most feel?

The science of psychology states that they have the answer…

“It’s JUST the impostor syndrome”

“It’s JUST society making you feel this way,”

“Society makes you feel that you’re not good enough or different…”


FUCK Society

I am NOT the outcast

I am NOT the outcast

Written on September 25, 2018 by Erin Downey©


By Kevy Michaels

Shielded by a wall

Through which I can faintly hear

The pounding of God’s drum

Behind this shield

I am invisible 

I am never noticed

No one strikes up a conversation


I am a loner in this world

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like my home

I communicate by energy 

With everyone in the room


And I vibrate differently

Peace stays with me

Everyone’s on a common vibration

I am vibrating on all frequencies


My skin is as silky as fresh whipped cream

My bone structure is strangely unique

I even seem a bit Martian

……To me

No wonder they call me 

An Alien 

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