My Favorite Girl In the World – My Mother – Is An Angel

Today is the Day of the Feast of the Guardian Angels. It is also my mother’s birthday. She is now an angel in heaven. Today she makes 100 years old.

As much as I want to share with you, I have not been able to in the past few weeks. I will get back to regular posts.

As I’ve mentioned, I am currently attending media school. I found this non-profit community media foundation, after leaving my mother’s grave two years ago. I was lost on the return and stumbled on Open Media Foundation.

Two years later I joined as a member. I have already taken classes in Field and Studio Production, Video Editing, Digital Storytelling, and in several other areas. I am excited about the possibilities.

Today, on my mother’s birthday, I was asked to lead the members in an effort to preserve this foundation’s function in serving, making media accessible to the public. It is coincidental that this happened on today, October 2, 2018.

I believe that my angel, my mother Eunice, inspired this to happen someway.

The meeting will be broadcasted and the mayor, city council, and media will be present. Because this cause is so important, I have dropped everything, including the blog.

Not to worry, I shall return. I do apologize. I have some really provocative posts planned for when I return.

Here is a video that I prepared on My Favorite Girl in the World, Eunice Mary Johnson.


My Baby Baby Baby – My Favorite Girl In The World – My Ace Boon Coon – By Kevy Michaels

My Favorite Angel Lil Eunice’s 100th Birthday 10022018 Final Cut (2) from Kevy Michaels on Vimeo.

Open Media Foundation – A Higher Definition of Media –

Published on Jul 23, 2014

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