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Scientifically & Spiritually We Are One – Accept That

It may seem as though I was rather harsh in my post on racism.  I was told and expected that some would be offended.  Again, I must remind you that it is not my intention.  In a broad sense, my intentions are always based on love and truth.

I actually aimed to encourage discussion.  But, there were few comments.  The ‘Likes’, ‘Views’, and ‘Followers’ numbers were normal, but no one seemed to want to comment on it.  …Tough crowd.  It seems I can’t trick you into expression.

  • I was brunt in my approach to discussing racism because that’s just how seriously I feel that the unsolved ill will intensify, and therefore will have to be sincerely addressed.

We must act now and we all play a part, not any particular race, in doing so.  It’s like global warming, some deny that global warming is real, because if they didn’t, it would hurt their pockets, portfolio, and profits.  I believe that they really understand the consequences of continuing to rape the planet.  They enjoy the financial benefits and just don’t want to accept the responsibility of having to work, like us all, to reverse the damage, which includes perhaps making less profiting.

Racism is much the same way.  I don’t believe that anyone can deny that it exists anymore.  But where they run into challenges is in accepting that they may contribute to it, and therefore must play a role in eradicating it.

My tone on most topics will be strongly opinionated.  You probably picked up on that.  I am very opinionated with regard to my life experiences, friends, family, politics, medicine, religion, and racism.  I figure that it makes no sense to have an opinion if you don’t stand firm on it.  Racism is one that has impacted my life and my passions are strong on this topic.

Though I am opinionated, I am flexible.  But I am not flexible like taffy. 

I am more like a tree branch that ’s firm when the wind blows, but not so firm as to cause it to snap and break.  I am open to even greater understanding of every topic.  This is what I seek most of all.  I want to understand my purpose, our purpose, under God.

  • This leads to the second reason why I am blunt, passionate and opinionated.  I want to initiate discussion.

I would prefer that you engage in discussion through your posted comments, as some have.  But as long as you discuss the topic with anyone, it still satisfies my desires.  It does not have to be with me.  You could enter discussions with your significant other, friends, co-workers, or family.  That is fine by me.

To encourage discussion, instead of being politically correct all the time, or “killing with kindness”, I just state how I feel, often knowing that someone will be offended.  Those are the main people with whom I wish to engage. Perhaps they can change my mind, or at the very least, give me other considerations.  I can bend, but will not break.  Perhaps, I could change theirs.

Another reason why I am so opinionated is that I have become very spiritually aware and wise in my late fifties, often from making the wrong choices, and from making mistakes.  But in addition to that as the driver of my passion, I research everything extensively.  By the time I write a post, I have researched it for several hours, sometimes for days before posting it.

  • I write in a cocky style because “I’ve learned “through the school of hard knocks”, and because I have done my due diligence before every spoken or written word. 

The racism post took a week of research and nearly 10 straight hours of writing.  I tried to identify what value my blog had for followers and concluded that one of my biggest offers, is that I do all of the research on your behalf.

So, when you read on any topic that I post, rest assured that I present recommendations, based on experience, research, and spiritual awareness.

With regard to racism, our differences I salute!  I am enamored by the various cultures of the world.  I have done some world travel and actually experienced African, European, Creole, Caribbean, Asian, and The Americas cultures in real life.  In some cases, I experienced it here in the States, interacting with international friends and co-workers. In other cases, I experienced culture through my travels.

From a spiritual perspective, it is clear that God meant or us to be together because we are far more beautiful as a bouquet of assorted flowers than even 2 dozen of red roses.  This aspect of our coming together is the “feel good” aspect of unity. 

One-race-the-human-race 2I don’t know about you, but even in spite of my strong feelings about racism, I am overjoyed when I am welcomed into celebration, in a culture that is not my own.

For example, a friend from India invited me to Pooja, when he moved into his new home.  I don’t know all of the details of pooja, but I know that he invited me only after other pooja rituals had occurred with his family.

On the day that I arrived at his family’s home, I was elated by the beautiful and colorful charcoal drawing that his mother drew at the entrance.  There were mini monuments and offerings, decorated with candles, food, flowers, and scents, in various parts of the house.

As for the meal, OMG, there was a wide variety of tastes and they all seemed to go well together.  My friend’s mother and wife prepared the food and the spices which were a recipe in itself.  The hospitality was exquisite, showcased in scents, tastes, beautiful colors, and spirits.

Participating in Pooja was a very special feeling.  It is a very special tradition, and I felt special to be a part of it.  On a deeper level, I, my friend, and his entire family were connected, as I believe God wants to be, not just on special occasions.

When I used to sell love-inspired t-shirts and other products, I used to travel around Texas, and the Austin areas often to sell at festivals, concerts, and raves.  Each of these venues exposed me to a different culture.  I loved it! I was like gravy to a biscuit.  I am a groupie for other cultures.  At the festivals, in particular, I loved trying different international dishes, but love to watch whites, blacks, and others forget their differences, and racism, and bask in their differences.

In the Costa Rica months, my mother and I enjoyed a very elaborate spa and hot springs treatment in waters heated by the nearby Arenal volcano.  The waters were amazingly healing but were upstaged by a sumptuous buffet of traditional Costa Rican food, followed by traditional songs, paper Mache costumed characters, and fireworks.  My mother and I felt as though we are on top of the world.  Saia, my friend, and his family felt proud to offer their culture to us for our enjoyment.

My mother and I reciprocated with Saia’s Costa Rican family.  First, I prepared Creole dished and sponsored a party in Puerto Viejo, the Atlantic Ocean Caribbean section of Costa Rica.  The party was planned in a day.  I prepared Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice, Fried Fish, Creole Potato Salad, and other dishes.

People came out of nowhere!  Puerto Viejo is referred to as the Orlando of Costa Rica because it is an international Spring Break favorite spot.  I did not know this when we gave the party.  It was packed with many different nationalities including, Japanese, German, African, Panamanian, and European.  We had a wonderful time dancing to the music piped in from my Walk Mate.

My mother extended an invitation to Saia and his family in New Orleans.  They too were thrilled by the jazz music, restaurant, and home-cooked meals, dance, and the French Quarter.  Again, there was joy on both ends.  My mother and I were overjoyed to extend our culture in pride.  Saia and his family were overjoyed in feeling so welcomed.  We were all connected to each other spiritually.

I am convinced that God wants us to unite. 

I am convinced for one simple reason:  it brings greater joy to all parties who have intentions of unity.

God knew when he created us that we would far better as a fully extend peacock than we would as a bird of only one or two colors.  Though the latter is beautiful aesthetically, and just because it is one of God’s creations, the former is a masterpiece.

This is very unscientific, and also most likely requires examples.  I should be embarrassed to be so elementary on racism, but I don’t care.  I’m doing it anyway. 

I believe that reciprocating cultural exchanges are similar to the principle of Giving and Receiving. 

You can’t do one side of the process, for it requires both actions:

  • Sharing your culture with others
  • Being receptive to receiving other cultures

The process of Unity requires one act of extending, balanced with the other parties’ receptivity to receiving the other’s extended arms.

When we break this dual cycle, we don’t truly embody love among each other as God intended.  Doing neither, or just one without the other severs connections to God’s divinity.

Lighthearted Examples of Variety Being the Cayenne of Life

Exhibit A – A divinely beautiful red bird.  See below.  db97f2ac-100c-4dea-843b-ab36814ed3e0

Exhibit B – Bird with the same red, but combined with other colors of the rainbow.  See below.  5356222387_accd5cbd16_b

Which do you prefer?  Experiment 1 Complete.

Exhibit C – Steamed Rice (Brown or White)

brown steamed rice

 Exhibit – D – New Orleans Creole Jambalaya (Rice, Shrimp, and tons of other ingredients and spices)  Jambalaya_2__5cdb2559-d92c-4240-ae7b-9d820e0ea187

Which do you prefer?  Experiment 2 Complete. 

You may fail Experiment 2 if you never had authentic Jambalaya. Trust me, though.  I would not lie to you.  Jambalaya is some good stuff!

I don’t expect based on these 2 simple experiments for you to go out and buy a Benetton sweater and sing Kumbaya at an international campfire festival.  I am presenting them to humor you.

But on a serious note, on my spiritual journey, I find life principles embodied in everyday situations and objects that surround us.  I pointed this out in the recent inspiration I received from being surrounded by trees.  I also pointed this out similarly when I spoke about seasons permeating in nearly everything:  Weather, Emotions, Health, Wealth, and Spiritual Awareness.  I’ve written about the principle of seasons in several posts.

But I do want you to think about the larger point of this post:  We are beautiful individually, but masterful together. 

Consider the joy that is exchanged on both sides when we come together in celebratory unity. Consider the new things that we learn about each other, and create together, when we try.  Also consider that together we make a beautiful flower arrangement, while apart we offer limited beauty.

It is easy to come up with analogies for Unity.

Here are a few that come to mind. 

Imagine holiday lights

When there is a string of multiple colors lights, they display more vibrantly on the tree.  When it is a one-color string of lights, there usually becomes the necessity to add colors to the tree with garland and ornaments.  Sometimes adding one white bulb to a multi-colored string of lights causes the entire string to twinkle and blink in celebration.  Now, isn’t that something?

Healing the body is another good example of where the collective works better than focusing on a particular organ or ailment.

I have practiced alternative medicine regiments for many years.  I know that alternative healing only works, one, if you believe in it, and two, if you keep building on it.  Over the years I maintain exceptional health because I no longer focus on ‘direct hits’ as with conventional medicine does, and instead focus on healing holistically.

I nourish and detoxify the body, mind, and spirit today.  Working altogether better addresses all possible illnesses because I am creating a ‘well environment’, building it by making a variety of healthy choices to address not just the ailment in focus, but the entire body of ailments, or potential ones.  It is very challenging to explain this concept to inquisitive friends.  ….More is better than one; totality is better than singularity.

In light of my blunt racism post, I am making a comeback with this post.  I want to be loved by you.  I want to love you too.  “I want to be loved by you alone, ooh poo pee doo.”

This post serves as the flip side of the “hard pill to swallow” rant post.  I am not taking any credit away from what I expressed in this post.  I believe in it wholeheartedly.

I believe that we are being tasked with coming together, and we are failing in doing so on many fronts. 

Though it is obvious that corporate and government forces work to separate us, we do the larger portion of the division.  We are more powerful than corporations and governments and can chart our destinies if only we would ‘Come Together’. 

We all seem to prefer to stay in our exclusive cultural cocoons.  While Jambalaya, peacocks, multicolored birds, ornamental lights, and many other objects in our world are all summoning us to come together.  God is trying to tell us that also.

Though God made us in his image and we are all virtually the same, we are all different because of our geography, history, lineage, and choices.  God made us the same but gave us free will.  We have used our free will to embody the beauty that we’ve evolved into.

Now it is time to get back to recognizing The Golden Thread that connects us all.  That’s God’s spirit embedded in us.

“The golden thread is a representation of your intuition; the inner voice that is always gently whispering to you, that sometimes you choose to ignore, that perhaps you have shut down so much that it has stopped trying to talk to you anymore. This is the higher self, the higher conscious level of yourself that comes straight from Source and flows directly from the Universe. When you are following that golden thread, it allows you to be truly on your path and in your purpose. Ultimately, home within yourself.” – Amanda Collins – Golden Thread

I believe that God wants us to figure out how to put this 7.6 billion piece jigsaw puzzle together, but doing it using our free will.  He does not want to force us to.

There you go, another analogy.

Remember the joy that the whole family enjoyed when putting together a 500-piece puzzle.  Now, think about the joy the Earth will experience if we could put this 7.6 billion puzzle together.  The final image will be breathtaking!

Additional proof that we are meant to be together, and likely the most important reason, is that We Are One.

We are connected to each other and there is nothing that we can do about it.  This is God-directed.  There is nothing that we can do to one that will not affect another.

For example, if Mexicans, Blacks, and Middle Easterners are oppressed and suffering, we will all ultimately suffer.  If Whites and Europeans are not included in world unity efforts, we will all ultimately suffer.  Not through violence, but rather through spiritual law.

Individual groups may do well for a while, but will never do optimally in the end.  This is because each part energizes the whole.  We are all part of a beautiful masterpiece that rests in God’s mind, as a vision.  Each color accentuates the others.

That Golden Thread runs through all of us.  It supplies our spiritual electricity.  It connects us to our fullest potentiality.  If the electricity is severed, we just won’t shine as vibrantly.  It will be like removing one bulb from the string of lights, and the now of the other bulbs won’t light up anymore.  There I go again with a metaphor.  What is getting into me today?

This ‘whole versus singular’ argument is supported by patterns that appear as a theme in everything under the sun.  I believe that it’s God’s pattern.

There is a pattern in the beauty of the collective.

That is why I am open to all spiritual beliefs, healing practices, music, and cultures.  With religion, I could focus strictly on Christianity and could be blind to the wisdom that came before Jesus, or that came from other prophets.  Why would I do that?  I would limit my awareness.  Not being this way is key to greater spiritual evolution and discernment.

The pattern that applies to us prospering as united cultures and races go beyond just the inclusion of ourselves. 

We will prosper extravagantly if, in addition to uniting across races and cultures, if we also unite with nature, the environment, and the stars.

We are all meant to be connected to our surroundings because the same Golden Thread runs through those creations as well.  And, the more that we connect to additional sources of energy, the more powerful we will become, and the bigger will be the smiles on our face, and on the figurative face of God.

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Note: You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all. 


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