Using Tactics From His Bag Of Tricks Satan Got Me Punked! – The Devil Made Me Act Out!

Sharing Satan’s Bag of Tricks With You

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” – 1 Peter 5:8

Satan is a liar. But he can make lies seem true.

He can make truth, not true. But I have come to learn that when he does his dirt, he relies on the same bag of tricks and tactics. Noticing this is very key to not getting ‘punked’ by the devil, but even noticing it, does not guarantee that sometimes he will still succeed against you.

Another key to his success is that he infiltrates the minds of those with whom you interact, and especially those closest to you, including your ‘dear loving family’.

Remember, this is my story and experience. This ‘truth’ to me may not apply to you, but I believe that in most cases it will.

I feel so confident in making this assertion because I have examined how Satan misled me throughout my life, and I have identified many of the ‘same soup warmed over’ tactics. When I review history, including biblical history, though the settings and stories are different, the same strategies are used to undermine the Holy Spirit within and thus deceive. Even when I review current day news, I can see the same patterns.

satan bag -4

I hate even skimming the surface of this topic, but this man presents a perfect example, Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been on a campaign to make truth appear as untrue, and lies appear as truth, for many years.

Trump has ignited fear all over the world. Trump demonizes. He deceives, lies, steals, and provokes fear. Then he packages this value pack of evil and solicits his disciples to follow him, luring them with enticing media propaganda-saturated information. And, it works! He picks up many followers and supporters, who may never realize that they are following the devil.

This has happened to me in many instances in my career, with my family, and with friends.

The point here is that Satan operates from the same bag of tricks and has been for quite some time and that we must be perceptive of these tactics, and not become sidetracked by our own emotions, particular about the person perpetrating Satan’s agenda against us.


Already Been Told

By Kevy Michaels

Every story has already been told

Every ending is already known

There’s no journey that hasn’t been traveled

And on this path, we are never alone

Everything we can see has been seen before

Even our tears have already been cried

Many have endured what lies before us

Encouraging us that we’ll make out just fine

As imagined as rainbows ending in a pot of gold

And as sure as conquering all will never be enough

Satan’s schemes will always exist in our lives

But will surely perish when we call his bluff

Every season has changed before

Just as nothing ever remains the same

Many bridges have been burned

But Faith, like rain, can douse the flames

Hopes have been hoped for through the years

The worst scars have healed and cleared

Life’s giving us what’s been offered before

And in every battle, victory is always near

Another one of my observations, especially when I juxtapose my trials, with the trials recorded in history, is that everything that seems to happen, has already happened before. As a civilization, we are constantly challenged and weakened by the same conflicts, the same internal conflicts of virtue, and use the same tools to fight these battles. Satan has gained mastery in using his tools against us.

Evil has a limited number of tools and uses them repeatedly, thus gaining experience over the years. So, Satan is quite an expert in his field by now.

God, on the other hand, does not have a bag of tricks. God operates from an endless supply, from a horn of plenty, and therefore manifests “in mysterious ways”. But Satan, being limited in his abilities, ‘warms the same old soup’ and serves it to us with a garnish, croutons, and parmesan cheese. And, we go for it.

But it is my argument that if we don’t focus too much on our emotions, and the people who Satan appears through, we might just recognize his patterns and therefore prevent being punked, by stopping him dead in his tracks.

Satan does not do his own dirty work. He provokes us to be emotional and deceived by people through whom he operates.

But, if we recognize ‘the game’ and put little focus on ‘the player’ in the game, we will be left with clarity on the tactics which are repeatedly used against us.

I will go as far as to say that if anyone operates from the same bag of tricks that Satan does, to me, they are a manifestation of Lucifer.

At first I used to fall for his tricks, and not recognize his limited tools until I started seeing similarities in situations that challenged my spirit, and maneuvers used to trick me. But after repeatedly feeling betrayed and tricked, I had to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I am analytical, maybe to a fault. I analyze everything meticulously then analyze the analysis even further. I say to a fault because I even analyze my spiritual experiences, my transformation process. This blog and books, and other projects to follow is an examination of my spirit.

This analytical trait, coupled with an industrious career in trials and battles, led me to see this light! I realized that I can always be ahead of Satan simply by becoming familiar with his limited tools. I believe that as of today, I have figured most of them out.

I recognize his tactics vividly now, and rarely am I fooled. But nonetheless, I still sometimes get tricked.

I must give you an example of what I am saying here. I realize to some that my assertions may seem off based or a bit kooky, but I assure you, I deeply feel what I am sharing. I hope that the examples give me a bit of vindication, at least to some who may read this post. I will explain a scenario, then another similar scenario, then relate them to history and current events.

I am no theologian. I have no desire to be one. Theologians, the religious, and fake-faithful may think that my spiritual assertions are out of my league. You must know by now that I don’t care about their thoughts of me. That in itself is a Satanic tactic, to try to make one feels though they or unworthy or less worthy.

I know that my intentions are of Love. I know and would argue that God knows, that I have a sincere desire to help others with my stories. That is all that matters to me. So, Satan you could really kiss my ass, with your judgments.

There is an incident occurred just yesterday when I attended a Homeowner’s Association meeting. I was punked in this meeting and felt pretty bad afterward, simply because I allowed Satan to trick me, knowing that this tool has been used on me before.

I have been getting a blatant runaround from the association on accounting issues, a roof leak, and a leaking pipe that caused damage to a condo unit below. I had been given repeated promises to resolve the issues that were never fulfilled. I was lied to, deceived and cheated by the management.

With some of the issues dating back one year, I repeatedly called and sent written correspondence to get the problems resolved in a civil manner. I was made promise after promise but to no resolution. After being told in the meeting three months prior that the issues would be addressed in that meeting, they were ignored once again.

For three additional months, I would try to get this matter resolved in a civil business-like way, sending correspondence, and making phone calls. I was told again that the issues would be addressed in the next meeting. That was held yesterday.

One of my complaints was that the HOA board did not encourage owner participation in the meetings. I know that this is true because it took persistence and anger management to pursue something as simple as the date and time of the meeting. It literally took nearly three months to get the date and time of the next meeting.

Once I knew of the meeting time, I took it upon myself to pay for and distribute flyers to all of the owners, to encourage their attendance. I distributed over 400 flyers in two iterations. And, I was successful for when I arrived at the meeting, I was amazed that more owners showed up for this meeting than I had ever seen!

I was proud of my accomplishment, getting so many owners to show, and many thanked me for notifying them, for otherwise, they were unaware of an important meeting that could affect fees, fines, and special assessments. But, Satan had another plan for me.

The board president, with whom I experienced the most difficulty, used that audience to demonize me and distort. He had me thinking that my issues would be addressed in that meeting when he had no intention of doing so. He made it clear, once I was there, that they didn’t have time, knowing that the next meeting would be in another three more months.

Needless to say, I was livid!

I went off on him, out of the heat of emotions that had escalated over the past year. I told him in no uncertain terms that he was lying, deceptive, and playing games. The exchange got heated. One owner shouted at me to shut up and get to the meeting, of which I was led to believe that my items would be on the agenda. The board president told me to shut up. I told him to shut up. I was so angry at this point, that I used the word shit. I allowed myself to be played in front of a full audience that I was instrumental in creating.

Satan, as manifested through the board sat back and laughed inside, while I made an ass of myself, by my display of organic anger, caused by Satan. I was punked in front of many and the script was flipped on me. I became the villain in that situation, and Satan was the protagonist.

The devil made me do this!

“Do not be dismayed to learn there is a bit of the devil in you. There is a bit of the devil in us all.” – ARTHUR BYRON COVER, Night of the Living Rerun

This same tactics has happened with friends, where I allowed myself to do drugs in the past, to fit in. It happened with my friend Saia, on whom I wrote the post, Salute To Saia! – My Dear Friend Mastered The 12 Steps! In his case, he took me through financial, emotional, and physical threats, through his recovery process, which I initiated out of concern for him.

satan bag -7

But in recovery, he was a bitter and judgmental alcoholic who showed disdain for anyone outside of his AA community. Saia, flipped the script on me. In recovery, he may have resented that I did not have his problem, and was not as damaged as he was. So in sobriety, he falsely demonized me, relative to his pristine AA lifestyle. He pulled from the bag of tricks too, by recruiting mutual friends, and my family with lies against me.

I forgave him though. My salute to him embodied this forgiveness, but it did not erase what he did to me. I will remember that forever. I forgive him because he was a very destructive monster, went on drugs and alcohol, and transformed himself into a sober and responsible citizen.

Because his family and I had experienced the intense consequences of his destructive behavior, we had lost hope, prior to convincing him to enter a program. And he came through like a champ, becoming a transformed man. I know that this took tremendous effort and discipline, from where he started his recovery process. I am proud of him for being so accomplished through recovery and post recovery.

Most of all, I forgive him because he acknowledged the harm he had done, and sought to make amends, following steps 8 & 9 of the twelve-step program.

  • Step Eight: Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  • Step Nine: Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

Devil deceptions occurred most vividly with my siblings while we were in a bitter battle over my mother’s care. My siblings, other family members, friends, and cohorts used every tool in Satan’s trick bag transform me into ‘an angry Tasmanian Devil’. He enlisted an entire army against me at that time.

They lied, gossiped, stole, undermined, and deceived me and my mother, to the point that I went off on them all. I was factual in what I argued, but the way that I did it, was what they aimed to provoke out of me. And, it worked.

They had my anger on full display in front of an audience that they assembled and used that to justify their lies and deceptions. It went as far as them attempting to undermine my competence and sanity. What they did rely on the same tools of the evil trade that the HOA president and Saia did.

satan bag -8

In current events, that same thing happens. …Back to Trump. He frustrates people so much, that he incites anger in those on the ‘right side’ of the argument. When he effectively brings the devil out in them, he points to their response as evidence to discredit the truth that they hold and on which they stood firm. …Again, punked.

As a black man in America, this tactic has been used for centuries quite effectively. Blacks are marginalized, poorly educated, enticed into drug use, and charged excessively and harshly in the judicial system, and hemorrhage economically.

These systematic and repeated tactics flips the scripts on blacks when they go off and have had enough of the box in which systematic racism places them. That’s when Satan points again and says, “Ya see what I mean about those blacks”. “They are violent, angry, lazy, and dishonest drug addicts”. They propagate that message, and the truth gets muffled.

It happens, as well, with the anger and frustration provoked in Palestinians, who execute on anger, and ultimately become the villains.

We allow this to happen! I allowed Satan to trick me in this manner.

But, as I progress spiritually, and acknowledge his trick bag, this happens to me less and less, but is nonetheless is still real, for it just happened to me yesterday in the HOA meeting.

I admit that I have challenges responding peacefully when Satan manifests in the people around me, as well as, in those with whom I interact. When I recognize blatant deceptions and lies, I have a natural tendency to go off. I treat such predators like they are the devil himself!

This is what happened with my siblings when they abandoned me with caregiving for my mother. Their brutal deceptions and persecution left only my mother, me, and God dwelling in truth. My mother was discredited by them as not credible due to having dementia. Though God stood with me, God remained out of that mess. God wanted his presence displayed through me. That’s just what Satan wanted to prevent from happening. That’s why he tricked me.

“Satan’s successes are the greatest when he appears with the name of God on his lips.” – MAHATMA GANDHI

Fueled by my sister-in-law convincing me that I was like a superhero “in a spiritual war”, and her historical disdain for my sisters, she discretely encouraged me to act out against them as I did. She was cunning. She used religion and the bible to provoke the devil out of me, as I followed her lead like a puppet. I fought and I fought siblings brutally hard.

I didn’t do it to hurt them, though I knew it did. I did it because I didn’t see them, the individuals, as who I was really in a battle with. I saw them as Satan embodied through them. I saw myself as in the battle with Satan, as I still do.

They saw us battling each other. Because their tactics came from the same bag of tricks that Satan successfully used on me in the past, I began to recognize the pattern and grew from it.

But before I grew up, I lit them up with a hurricane of “science”, religious scripture, audio, video, exposing their dirty deeds, all determined to prove to them that in spite of their abandonment, arrangements to discontinue senior services, filing complaints against me, and misrepresentations, I was going to prove that I would still prevail. I proved it too.

But what was it all for? I did not have to fall into that trap. I allowed Satan to turn me into a cyclone in response to the evil that they initiated. I was punked by a trick in the devil’s toolbox. Through the aggressiveness of my reactions, I put myself on full display, in a bad light, allowing them to depict me as impossible to work with.

But it wasn’t true! I was tricked into appearing that way. For at least a year I had tried gently to sort out my mother’s caregiving arrangement, recommending that we all play a role. These attempts to work together were met with differences of opinion, arguments, lies, and the eventual walk out.

By this time I had enough and accepted that I was not dealing with them, but Satan and his tricks. And I treated them like Satan, namely because their actions had escalated to outright crucifixion, and they stood unanimously amongst themselves, and with the cohorts, they convinced to support them.

In contrast to their facade, I stood dammed near naked and enraged. My reaction seemed to prove their point, but again, I was tricked.

I mentioned in a prior post how my sister in law Paige “kills them with kindness”. I don’t subscribe to that approach when it’s not deserved. Kindness should be specially reserved for people who are kind and loving. I understand the concept of “kill them with kindness”. It seems dainty and nice.

But I just can’t be kind, when I know, and they know that they are deceiving. To remain kind to the unkind will only yield another disingenuous fake kind gesture, whereby neither party is being truthful.

As I said, I acknowledge that I need to grow in this area, for even today I can’t rationalize treating tormentors and deceivers any other way than with fire. I know that I must work on it because this tactic usually earns me the covenant trophy of “Angry Black Man”. And, Lord knows I don’t need another one of those damn trophies. I would have to purchase another display case!

A different angle on this story flips it on its sides so that another perspective is understandable.

I recognize that since I became spiritually endowed, I can discern people clearer. Anyone who has meditated for over 15 years or more years, may know that it can cause you to start perceiving things that most others can’t.

Namely, I can ‘read messages in the wind’, feel changes in the tide of energy, and can see a person’s energy, and their intent infused within it. Most times they don’t realize that I can read them so well. Certainly, others with whom I share my story won’t see what I see, and therefore won’t believe me either.

satan bag -8a

I see that this is one of the prime areas in which I must grow spiritually. First I must acknowledge and accept my increased sensitivity, passion, conviction, and clarity. I must use these tools, just as Satan uses his, but in a more loving and stealth fashion. Being bombastic will only flip the script on me in an attempt to demonize me instead of the demons, and it will distract from the truth.

After accepting living at a higher vibration, I need to stay in that energy, and not ‘go low’. It will not be well received because the audience can’t see the details of the situation, or can’t see it as clearly as I do, and certainly not with my passion and conviction.

If I continue to let the devil get the best of me, I will be perceived as overreacting, and out of control by others, because my harsh response is the only thing that registers with that type.

Once they’ve provoked me enough, they will repeatedly point me out and say, “Ya see what I mean about him”. That’s what my siblings, the HOA president, Saia, the news media, politicians, and biblical characters did (to Jesus no less).

If I don’t change in this area, I will have to buy that display case to house more “Angry Black Man” trophies. Trust me, that won’t happen.


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