Gospel – Not Just Any Gospel – But Trap Gospel –Taking Psalm 98:4 To The Limit – With Trap Gospel

Many are not familiar with Trap Gospel, and I don’t hate them for that.

I just learned of the name for this Southern hip-hop inspired gospel music that is increasingly becoming popular. I remember in a prior post, I jokingly referred to Trap Gospel, as “Hippity Hop Gospel”.

Let’s start out with a definition for Trap Gospel, and a little background, then we can go further into our discussion, and listening to Trap Gospel below.

Trap Gospel is so new and hot that I could not find a Google definition for this genre. You see in general, Trap music is a style of Southern Hip Hop.

The word “trap” refers to setup areas ‘in da hood’ where drug dealers get trapped. This is where th stye of musc can behave heard, ad mat have originated. …Also, strip clubs. Characteristics of this style of music is heavy bass, electronic drums, synthesizers, and a thumping beat.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.” – Psalm 98:4

Hip Hop Trap music has recently been combined with more traditional styles, creating new hybrid styles, such as Trap Dubstep, and Trap Gospel. When you listen to Trap Gospel, unless you listen carefully to the lyrics, you may not realize that it is Gospel music. The music is usually very danceable, and throbbing.

This music was widely introduced with much controversy.

Kirk Franklin can be considered the pioneer. He released the first widely popular Trap Gospel song, Stomp. This is not really Trap Gospel, though. That came along more recently. But, nonetheless, it was shunned because the song samples “One Nation Under a Groove” by Funkadelic/George Clinton. Anyone who knows about black music, knows that George Clinton is the king of Funk music. Funk music is about as close to the opposite of gospel music as one can get.

Because of this the traditionalists nearly had a fit when Kirk Franklin opened the door that had never been opened before in gospel music. They knew that this was a force that they could not stop because the song was so hugely successful, making it to #1 on Billboard. That was over 20 years ago.

Stomp (Remix) – 205,245 views – Kirk Franklin – Published on Nov 5, 2014

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

“Sing aloud unto God our strength: make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob.” – Psalm 81:1

Erica Campbell gave the evolution of Trap Gospel its official birth, with the song, I Luh God.

Erica is the other half of Mary, Mary, a sister gospel duo that has been making cutting edge R&B Gospel for years prior. Erica took a lot of heat for this song, because its style was associated with ‘Drug Dealer & Stripper Music’.

Again, I Luh God, was a smash hit. Needless to say, Trap Gospel is here to stay!

Erica Campbell – I Luh God (Music Video) – 13,446,174 views – Erica Campbell – Published on Jun 12, 2015

My Block Inc., exclusively distributed by Entertainment One US LP

When I first listened to Trap Gospel, I hated it.

It was way too electronic, and I just can’t get with the artists of today, in all genres, using Auto-Tune studio techniques, to make themselves sound like aliens.

But since I listen to most Gospel Music on YouTube, or Kirk Franklin’s Praise Sirius XM station, I could not avoid Trap Gospel.

Though I like the classic gospel songs, going all the way back to Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers, Trap Gospel is the wave of the future. Trap Gospel will not be stopped.

So, I tried to become more receptive to it, and eventually grew to love it. My appreciation for Trap Gospel, however, does not impact my love for traditional gospel. They co-exist together quite well.

Being the opinionated man that I am, I must explain my appreciation for Trap Gospel, in a boarder context.

I will not waste time fighting changes in any new trend or technology. Doing so, is wasting time. There is nothing that we can do to stop texting, smartphones, social mediate, and gaming. ….Nothing. So, I learn to live with Trap Gospel, because it not going away anytime soon.

In a larger context, I also accept that we are in the midst of the unfolding of a very different world. Therefore, we must adapt to, and expect changes. Times are changing. My favorite example of adaptation to trend changes is with religion, church, and spiritual leaders.

“O sing unto the Lord a new song: sing unto the Lord, all the earth.” – Psalm 96:1

I believe that their era has come and gone. If they do not adapt to the Generation X: Born 1965-1980 (38-53 years old), and Millennials: Born 1981-1996 (22-37 years old), surely they will be left behind, like those who never learned to use computers or smartphones. …Along with those who are resist to social media and blogging. The universe will not stop for you.

If you fight these shifts, mainly driven by the age of emerging populations and demographics, it will be like fighting the universe, and you will never win.

We are in critical times and must be receptive to the new tides as they roll in, or we may drown, or at the very least, will never catch up.

I admire that Trap Music has pioneered a way to get young people into praising God. So what if they do it their way. It’s their world.

They can do gospel however they choose in my book, because just like in an old Sam Cooke gospel song, they are praising God much the same. And, that’s a good thing.

Trap Gospel, and Gospel music in general are becoming hugely popular, so much so, that R&B artists are crossing over to Gospel, including Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Charlie Wilson, Pharrell, Regina Belle, Faith Evans, and Chance the Rapper. It’s a sign of the times.

I predict that this music will continue to grow, and it won’t be stopped. Rap music has not been silenced, when many thought it would be. Now it’s mainstream, influencing dance, apparel, vocabulary, and even advertising.

I liken the evolution of gospel music, in much the same way as I view the evolution of spirituality. I feel that religion will become obsolete for many in the future, especially for the Generation X’ers and Millennials. All music will be driven by them, and certainly not by my old ass. So, I must give them their props.

With religion, tradition will fade as well.

The new prophets and disciples may not necessarily come from the church, and may not follow the traditional path to spirituality. Everyday people who preserved through trials, and became spiritually awakened, will be more appealing and credible with new ‘seekers’, and with older ones, who too are disappointed with our religious figureheads. We are in the midst of this.

Have you searched YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlines recently? Many of the inspirational and motivational speakers are not theologians.

….just everyday people who survived a storm, like me, and want to spread the gospel’s ‘good news.

I will go as far as to say that artists, writers, social media, content creators and bloggers will become the new day prophets and disciples, just as Trap Gospel will gain in popularity.

Here are hand-selected Gospel Songs for your Sunday, or for any day.

There are several Trap Gospel songs included in the mixes. You will know it when you hear it because it sounds just like a regular Hip Hop song, but the words are words of praise. I hope you enjoy the music.

DJ PAUL CHRISTIAN RAP X R&B FIRE MIX (OVER 1 HR NON-STOP HITS) – 1,038 views – Dj Paul ‘The Kingdom Dj’ – Published on Jun 2, 2018

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Christian Trap Mix 2018 [DISCLAIMER ADVISED] 🔥 – 21,738 views – The DJ’s Disciple – Published on Apr 3, 2018

DISCLAIMER: By pressing play you’re acknowledging the fact that the device you’re currently using could burst into flames at any moment. We advise you ALL to keep a water hose, fire extinguisher, bucket of water, or anything that can extinguish a fire quickly very close by.

Gospel Music Mix 2018 Christian R&B and More on the Soulcure Radio Show with DJ Proclaima 25th May – 4,737 views – Soulcure Gospel Radio Show – Published on May 24, 2018

Gospel Music Mix 2018 – Gospel R&B, Urban Gospel & More on The Soulcure Radio Show with DJ Proclaima

Sean C. Johnson, Mary Mary, Deitrick Haddon… Gospel R&B Mix 2018 – 842 views – Gutter Free Hip Hop – Published on Jul 14, 2018

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Gospel Music Mix 2018 – Christian R&B on the Soulcure Radio Show with DJ Proclaima 9th Feb – 10,827 views – Soulcure Gospel Radio Show – Published on Feb 8, 2018

Gospel Music Mix 2018 – DJ Proclaima Soulcure Radio Show

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