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As with the Life of Kevy Michaels endeavor, I am creating and developing as I go along. 

Though I have taken writing classes in the past, and have been writing for nearly 20 years, this project is helping me to improve in my craft.  I was never really good in those classes anyway.  …too much a rebel.   Hopeful being active on the blog and in social media, at the very least, will result in me making fewer typos.

As this project evolves, I am developing ‘my voice’ the tone from which I communicate. 

I was an extrovert when I was successful.  The average person would if they had it going on.  But the years of trials, and my fall from grace made me a lot more introverted.

I am just beginning to open up my shell more and more, with the content that I share.

If I had to give my style ‘a brand’, I would consider myself to be, a modern day social media disciple. 

I that takes audacity to proclaim, but ‘Name it; Claim it’ is real.  So, I name on.

Actually, that is what I strive to be, and this bodacious proclamation as part of my psychology to get me there.  Proclaiming forces me to get off of my ass if only to spare myself of the embarrassment of not achieving.

If I had to describe ‘my brand’, I would like it to be thought of as offering an Urban Hood-Zen perspective on Life, Love, and God.

I would like to particularly focus on those you have been through struggle and victory and do, or do not want to share in the wisdom they’ve gained.  I do want to share in the wisdom I’ve gain.  It is practically bursting out of me, and I must let it go.

You might guess that I target toward the non-conventional thinkers, the rejected, doubted and mistreated.  I also lean to the outcasts, black sheep, and weirdos.  I’m one.

I find that they have the most sincere souls.  But I will accept conventional crossovers.

I am going to attempt to provide an Urban Hood-Zen perspective on the phrase ‘We are One’. 

This phrase is commonly used in various religions, but I have seen it used most frequently in New Age Christian churches.  In fact, in the Unity Churches, the service usually closes with this statement, prayer, or a related song, sung in unison.

Understanding this phrase is critically important for us all today. 

We are in the midst of times where we need to pull together to turn and destroy the tide of hate, anger, violence, oppression, destruction, and deceit.   Pulling together we can.  Our combined forces of Love could easily overpower hate because though hate is a part of who we are, it is not our most predominant characteristic.

I believe that our purpose, in God’s eyes is to Love.

It is a very simple purpose but challenging for most to grasp.  Maybe if we could see us all one entity, good and bad, ‘As One’, Loving might come easily, and more naturally.

“While there may appear to be many, different, separate people, they are ACTUALLY all particular momentary concentrations of a single vast energy field.” – Kara-Leah Grant

‘We Are One’, to me, means that collectively, all mankind is one entity, to God.  Let me say it another way.  We are all connected to one another from God’s perspective.

My guess would be that if you combined all of our souls and spirits together, we would net out in God’s sight as ‘all good’.

But, if you look at us individually, you may get discouraged, thinking that hateful people are not worthy of your love, or that they are not a part of you.  They are not a part of you if you look at your ego sense of yourself.  But God has no use for the ego.  He left that in the possession of Satan.

We connect with God is through the soul, and express God through the spirit. 

The soul is our true spiritual essence, our real self.  The core of who we really are, we all have this core in common.  That is what connects us by a golden thread to God, and each other.

We are one, means we are one soul.

I have a couple of practical examples.  Remember friends, I am not quite good at expressing myself yet, so maybe a metaphor will make the point clearer, maybe not.

3 Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.’ – Ephesians 4:3

I had a friend shock me one day by telling me that global warming was not real. 

I was very surprised by his statement because he is liberal.  But when he explained what he meant, it made a lot of sense.  So, since I love to immerse in controversy, I sometimes shock people by saying that global warming is not real.

Here’s what he and I mean, when we make such a ludicrous sounding statement.  The Earth will not perish, no matter what we do to her.  We may perish, but the Earth will forever be vibrant and healthy.

The Earth is not in danger destruction because it automatically compensates for whatever it needs.  If there are droughts, the Earth ‘makes it rain’, the real ‘make it rain’.  If the tension of plate tectonics is too much on the Earth, it causes earthquakes.  And, to nourish the trees, plants, and vegetation, which feeds the animals after drought, the Earth causes hurricanes, floods, and storms.  The Earth is doing its thing and is not worried about what we do to her.

The moral of this analogy is that the Earth will not perish no matter what we do to her.  We will before Earth does.

This is the same way that our souls, combined and one body, vibrates relative to God.  We compensate in spirit and in actions, many times without realizing, for the negative and hateful energies that emit from other regions of our whole body. 

This is why understanding the concept of ‘We are one’ is so important today.

We are being summoned to compensate in love, for the uglier sides of ourselves, as one human race.

We must radiate Love as the only elixir to today’s hate.  We must amp up the Love to drown out the hate, just as Mother Earth orchestrates her magnificent balancing act.

Here’s another metaphor. 

Look at Hate, Anger, and Violence, for example, as the big toe on the right foot of a giant.

The rest of the body, in this example, except for the big toe, represent Peace and Love.

But, Peace and Love’s toe is sore and aching.  It needs healing.  And, if it is not healed, it may spread like cancer, destroying the whole body of Love.

So, Love and the rest of the body sends blood clots, red and white blood cells, collagen, white fibers, a scab, and new tissue to heal that big toe, so that it does not disease the whole body.

It is a massive undertaking.  That is why it takes the rest of the ‘well’ body regions to come together in healing and love to help themselves by helping the big toe.

Say the phrase, ‘We are one’, with your eyes closed. 

Now imagine that all humans are just one body.

Imagine the ugliest diseased characteristics of that body are contained in the big toe.

Now, let’s figure out how to heal our big toe, because combined we are one body, in God.

We Are One

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