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This week has been rather intense for me. That is why I haven’t created many new posts. I have been working on Kevy Michaels’ social media presence, on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and it was, and will be very time consuming.

I tracked down an old friend through Facebook and was pretty delighted to speak to him.

He was one of the people who encouraged my pursuit of writing back in 2000 – 2001. As I say on my About page, I started writing poetry in 2000, and my first poems were not good. They were very corny and rhymed way too much.

I was embarrassed to share them, but he would encourage me to. One evening, in Houston, Texas, he ready my poems to a small group of friends. He is quite inspiration as well to others pursuing dreams, particularly creative ones. He is a writer, actor, and likely has other talents.

In our conversation yesterday, we filled each other in on our lives over the years. Among the victories, and challenges he discussed, he mention wanted a ‘significant other’ in his life.

He mentioned it in our conversation a couple of times, so I knew that it was important to him. My dear friend Saia has repeatedly discussed wanting someone romantic in his life, even asking his parents (missionaries) to pray with him, that God may send him a mate.

I pray for a significant other in my life too, and for spiritually like-minded friends. But….I always preface my prayers to God with, “if it is your will”.

Making this request to God, and all other requests that I make, in this way, acknowledges that God decides what is best for me.

Whether I am in relationships or not, is not my choice, especially since I’ve been spiritually awakened. I do not want anything granted or bestowed on me that is not in accordance with God’s will.


What if it’s God’s will for me to be alone, so that I can serve him optimally? Based on the time that I put into prayer, meditation, health regiments, nature, writing, blogging, and yes, social media, I can’t image having time for many close relationships. I am just that busy, but passionately busy, serving others. I am joyously busy.

In one of Deepak Chopra’s spiritual laws, Dharma, he asks that we reflect on ‘the thing’ that we do, when we lose our sense of space and time. That is our Dharma, our purpose.

I feel that communicating in writing, speaking, and someday videos, is my Dharma.

I can concentrate on such endeavors for hours, non-stop. Who would put up with that? I have been in romantic relationships where the relationship was challenged by passion I have for my projects. I would zone out on technology and creative works, but not give enough time to the relationship.

Now, I am not as concerned about being alone. I prefer it.

I now accept that being alone may be God’s will for me to allow the space to follow my purpose. As I go deeper within my soul, I have become a lot more accepting towards being alone. I used to hate being alone. Now, I rarely want to be in social settings, and definitely don’t allow relationships to get too close. I fear that relationships will take me away from serving God optimally.

But, I will continue to ask God, “If is in your will, please provide me with spiritually-minded friends, and a spiritually-minded romance.”

Until I receive an answer, I prefer to be alone, doing my work, unless God’s will reveals differently.

44 For Jesus himself testified, that a prophet hath no honour in his own country.” – John 4:44 King James Version (KJV)

Also, in my About page I try to clarify my not believing that I am a prophet.

I do not believe that I am a prophet.

I do have the confidence of a prophet, and try to emulate the characteristics of a prophet, for I believe that it’s what God desires. I try to be like Jesus too, but I don’t thing that I am the Messiah!

I simply use these representations to guide my spiritual growth. The qualities of a prophet or disciple are quite impressive.

I encourage everyone to try to be like a prophet because, it is my belief that in today’s times, our leaders have grossly failed us in politics/government, medicine, education, and religion.

I believe that everyday-people will return to becoming modern-day prophets and disciples, as it was with my African ancestors, my dear mother Eunice.

The traits of prophets are quite admirable to me. Every one of the characteristics listed below resonate with me. I feel that I am beginning to master some.

At first I thought that it was too bodacious to identify with a prophet.

I have grown to realize that I was apprehensive because of fear of having to be so faith, obedient, and discipled.

But What Does This Have To Do With Loneliness?

Whether you are a prophet, or going through spiritual awakening or transformation, you will be lonely.

Prophets get lonely too. But, I feel that it is requisite to serving God wholeheartedly. It is most challenging to serve God wholeheartedly, and have intense relationships at the same time. I am asking God to reveal to me whether I am meant to have either one, or the other, but not both. But, I really can’t imagine managing both, therefore I may already have the answer.

Beyond ‘the calling’ there are other reasons why one may feel spiritually alone. I found that I was lonely because I was missing my old self, who had left me, as part of my transformation. Deep, huh?

I was still clinging on to who I used to be, nicknamed, Kevy Kev. Kevy Kev had lots of money, friends, drugs, and the appearance of people who really cared about him, but did not. He lived in an illusionary world of joy and happiness, but I was not joyous or happy, but at least he had relationships in his life.

Kevy Michaels’ loneliness stemmed from evicting those people from my life. Most left on their own, once they realized that Kevy Kev had fallen from grace. Others thought I lost my mind, believing that after living a life of such indulgence, how I could have the audacity to go all spiritual on them.

I’ve recently called old friends, after having been spiritually cleansed, and found that we no longer connected. They were communicating with me as though I was Kevy Kev, while I communicated as Kevy Michaels. They expected me to be as I used to be, while I was determined never to go back to that person.

When I first realized that nearly all of my past acquaintances and family members were no longer inspiring me on my journey, I became saddened and lonely. I sought understanding, through prayer, meditation, and searching the web.

I found that loneliness during spiritual awakening is normal. In fact, I found that being lonely was a sign that I was spiritually on track. Just as most prophets were loners.

It made me lonely at first to accept that most of the people I know, will slowly be eliminated from my new life. But, I was overjoyed by the success of meeting new people in my new life.

I volunteer at a church, working with young children, and I am a copyeditor at a nonprofit newspaper, serving the homeless. Surely, if God were to deliver to me new spiritually-minded relationships, it would happen through these acts of serving. So I am receptive, but not pressed to find anyone.

I am also elated about the success of my blog and social media presence. I started the blog over 10 weeks ago, have posted over 110 articles, have nearly 3000 followers (social media included), and get touching feedback from hundreds of people.

I did not expect this blessing from executing on the simple idea of blogging. Surely, there will be meaningful relationships established through these sincere efforts. I hope that God is watching, but I will not put any ultimatums on him. I will wait for “His will”, in “His time”.

When speaking to my friend yesterday about loneliness and finding a mate, I came up with a pretty good analogy on the spot. God sends spontaneous understanding to me often, as he did then.

I told him to imagine two doors, one in front of him that was cracked open, and one behind that was closed.

The closed door represented the past version of him, the one that was romantically involved with good surroundings and people. Behind this door were lots of good memories, but they are now gone. That is why that door is closed.

The cracked opened door in front of him represents the future, perhaps God’s will for him sat behind that door. Relationships may or may not be behind that door. God may have even bigger plans for him.

He may have cleared past relations so that he can focus on his craft of acting and other arts.

He agreed that his creativity and talent would be more explosive if he were not in a romantic relationship. I agreed, but only if that was God’s desire for him.

I suggested, as I live by, that he allow God to deliver what he is due. Proceed confidently through the open door, surrender to what God delivers, not to what he may desire behind the closed one.

I now live by this same principle. I set no expectations for myself which are not in sync with the will of God.

I surrender to what he wants for me and find spiritual exaltation and adventure in each day, drowning out my loneliness blues.

The Common Traits of Prophetstaken from The Institute of Life Principles:
  1. Need to Express Themselves – Prophets need to express their thoughts and ideas verbally, especially when matters of right and wrong are involved. In the written account of the Gospels, Peter (who clearly had the gift of prophecy) spoke more often than any other disciple. He also became the spokesman for the early Church. (See Acts 2:14, 3:12, 4:8, 11:4.)
  2. Quick Impressions of People – Prophets tend to make quick judgments about what they see and hear. They also tend to express their views before others speak. In the Gospels, Peter spoke first more than any other disciple did. (See Matthew 14:28; 15:15; 16:16, 22; 17:4; 19:27; John 6:68, 13:6.)
  3. Alertness to Dishonesty – Prophets have an amazing ability to sense when someone or something is not what it appears to be. They react strongly to any form of deception or dishonesty. Peter may have sensed deception in Ananias and Sapphira, because he was prompted to question them about it. His condemnation resulted in their deaths. (See Acts 5:3–10.)
  4. Desire for Justice – Prophets tend to cut off those who sin so that justice will be done, others will be warned, and evil will not spread. Peter desired to cut off his offenders, and he asked Jesus how often he would have to forgive them. (See Matthew 18:21.)
  5. Open About Personal Faults – Prophets are as open about their own failures as they want others to be about theirs. When Christ appeared to the disciples, Peter fell at Jesus’ knees and said, “Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord” (Luke 5:8).
  6. Wholehearted Involvement – Once prophets are committed to a cause, they are wholeheartedly involved in it. Within the context of their commitment, they are quick to respond to situations and opportunities. When Peter recognized Jesus walking on the water, he asked Jesus to bid him to come. (See Matthew 14:28.)
  7. Loyalty to Truth vs. People – Prophets are loyal to truth even if it means cutting off relationships. When Jesus asked the disciples if they were also going to leave Him, Peter replied that he would stay because Christ had the words of eternal life. (See John 6:67–69.)
  8. Willingness to Suffer for Right – Prophets are eager to embrace suffering when it comes as a result of standing for the truth or doing what is right. When he was beaten for obeying God rather than men, Peter rejoiced that he was counted worthy to suffer shame for Jesus. (See Acts 5:29–42.)
  9. Persuasive in Defining Truth – Prophets have a special ability to be articulate in defining what is right and what is wrong. Great conviction was brought to thousands on the Day of Pentecost when Peter pointed out, “Ye have taken [Jesus], and by wicked hands have crucified and slain [Him]” (Acts 2:23).

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But true prophets know better. Prophets tend not to have such idyllic hopes for God’s call. Prophets know too well that the call of God to speak hard truths is paved with difficulty. The prophet’s road is lonely not because she escapes the hubbub of everyday life in order to retreat and draw near to God. No, the prophet’s road is lonely because she is called to the most troubled corners of the world, places which existence we would rather deny or ignore. The prophet’s road is lonely because she must speak boldly to an upside-down world that doesn’t realize it is upside-down. The prophet sees the world as it really is while we see the prophet and marvel that she is walking on the ceiling.

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11 thoughts on “SHARE THIS With Anyone Who Is Lonely – I Used To Be – But I Was Only Missing My Old Self

  1. This is such an inspiring and helpful post! I went through something similar and realised that I had to go through that period of loneliness to really align myself with my purpose and to cleanse out old behaviour habits. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

    1. I am so glad you appreciate my heartfelt sentiment on being alone.

      I found turbulence, triumph, and loneliness to be the prelude to my spiritual awakening.

      From my first poem:

      “I was looking upside down, placing the upside down, never realizing that in the pain, my life would be turned around.”

      Kevy Michaels

  2. Inspiring thoughts n videos.i think-loneliness is a beautiful gift given by God for thoughts of some new,create some new n write some beautiful life,we meet some beautiful n kind hearted persons but it is truth-in this world,alls are temporary n memories are stbborn ,so all beloved are rememberd by us.are you agree with me?dear!!

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