‘They’ Say That I Don’t E-ven Seem Like The Holy Type – ‘They’ Question If I’ve Been Spiritually Transformed

I don’t care about how others view the belief that I am being spiritually transformed. 

It is a personal process between me and God alone.  I affirm my spiritual metamorphosis passionately with pride and gratitude that supersedes others’ opinions.

I have come a very long way, from where I once was, and my life is now more simplistic serving and even magical.  I find adventure in discovering and perceiving every choice I must make, from the spiritual perspective.

From this perspective, everything makes a great deal of sense.  I’ve found that when I evaluate my life from a spiritual perspective, I tend to evaluate my actions, along with others’, more carefully, always looking for what “I” could have done, or will do in the future, in a better way.  When my reference point was the ego, however, I rarely evaluated myself, but only evaluated others, in error.

My new found spirituality comes first and foremost in making decisions involving my diet, health, peace of mind, morality, relationships, mistakes, and victories.  As my tagline says, ‘Life Is A Teacher’.  In the ego-based evaluation of life, I aimed to look good, and please others.  Pleasing God was not first when I was asleep.

Under the ego-based approach, I screwed up royally.  I kept feelings inside, did not speak my mind when uneasy, and most damaging of all, I tried to please others, and not myself or God.  This approach was most contributory to my trials and adversities.

“This is the key to life: the ability to reflect, the ability to know yourself, the ability to pause for a second before reacting automatically. If you can truly know yourself, you will begin the journey of transformation.” – Deepak Chopra

Today, I could care less if anyone doubts my spiritual awareness and awakening. 

What others think of my spiritually bodacious nature is not of my concern, simply because I am trying to please God, not them.  Most of these folk are spiritually sleeping, and may not realize it.  In fact, the most obvious sign that they are ‘fake-faithful’ is when they challenge my faith.  It lets me know clearly that they don’t understand that we are all worthy of God’s glory, not just them.

These types are often wrapped in spiritual cloth, but underneath the wrapping, they violate some of the most fundamental spiritual principles of:  Love, Humility, Honesty, Generosity, Gratitude, Faith, and Courage.  I possess all of these virtues, and more, and am constantly growing in each area, ‘feeling’ closer to God each day.

My family is a great example of the ‘fake-faithful.

During my trials, especially trials involving my fall from grace, and caring from my mother, as they turned their backs and betrayed both of us, showed their true colors.  Some even had the audacity to justify their dirty deeds as having been inspired by messages that God sent to them.  All of these family members are older and more experienced than I am.  But age is not a relevant gauge of true faith.    …Actions are. 

Well, while these family members go to church each Sunday, and spit bible verses like spit, they don’t have a clue what a true relationship with God truly is.

They wouldn’t know how it feels to be in the trenches of life, and having only God on which to depend.  They may or may not have faced death, financial ruin, grave illness, and persecution, as I have endured.  They don’t seem to know how to escape their mental bondage, as I have.

And, they have violated God’s will, in the name of Jesus, in ways that I would never consider. 

They have:  Lied, Deceived, Abandoned, Betrayed, Cheated, Stole, Killed, Resented, and Hated.  …Still do today.  I would not do what they have done to a dog, let alone to another child of God.

This week I had a very cathartic moment, while working at the Denver Voice newspaper.  The Denver VOICE is a monthly street newspaper that provides economic opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in the Denver metro area.  

Since 2007, they have employed more than 4,400 people through their vendor program.

The Denver Voice’s mission is to facilitate a dialogue addressing the roots of homelessness by telling stories of people whose lives are impacted by poverty and homelessness and to offer economic, educational, and empowerment opportunities for the impoverished community. 

This videos is very touching.  Just the fact that the individuals highlighted are so humble and candid about their mistakes is more admirable than any ‘fake-faithful’, verses and all, that I have ever met. 

Please donate to The Denver Voice, if you can. Donate Here

kevy AquaI know that it may be hard to imagine that I volunteer as a copyeditor at The Denver Voice, due to the typos on my blog, but I am.  I edit the work of others better than my own.  Besides, I am a one-man operation, without staff to assist me.  I lean toward being a content production machine, which has allowed me to post 110 articles in weeks, instead of trying to be a perfectionist.  Also, I am unashamed of my flaws. 

This week I reviewed and edited over 10 stories, written all by homeless writers.  Needless to say, all of the stories were touching.  But they were also inspiring.  I noticed that in spite of their hardship, every single story conveyed some of the most admirable virtues, spiritual traits that one could have:  Love, Humility, Generosity, Gratitude, Faith, and Courage. 

In contrast, some of most religious people that I’ve encountered, in family, and life, have yet to figure out simply how to be loving and honest. 

Their disconnection has become so easy to spot, that I simply put my guards up, when someone comes to me with religious garble, especially while their minds and actions remain in the devil’s workshop.  I have great disdain for the ‘fake-faithful’.  They are most often full of shit.

Marginalized people that I’ve encountered, in spite of their devastating trials, including death, addiction, incarceration, and homelessness, are certainly more holy.

Blanche It’s Because I Have Been Spiritually Transformed!  That’s Why I Proclaim It!

No one defines what spiritual awakening means to me.  I define whether I feel that I am being transformed.  I know me, who I am, and who I used to be.  They simply don’t!  Only I can feel what I feel.  And, God knows.

Only I and the God of my understanding really knows.  So the first point is that those who question my spiritual status, aren’t qualified to evaluate it anyway.

They don’t, and will never, know what goes on in my heart and soul.  They are erroneous and bombastic to assume they have such qualifications.  Furthermore, when I reflect on their deeds, they are certainly not experiencing God’s spirit as I am, for they would not do the dirty things they do.

Many may define requirements to qualify for Spiritual Awakening, Transformation, or being Born Again.  Don’t listen to them. Even if they are experiencing a renewal, they only know about what being spiritually transformed feels like for them, not for you.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” – Romans 12:2

We all see God differently.  Some believe in a different God.  Some of those that believe, believe with different levels of conviction.  We all have a different path, a different past, and different faults.  From what we were transformed or reborn from, is different.  How could anyone ever know what I am feeling in this regard?

Where transformation leads us, and how it moves us is personal.

So, Awakening is a personal experience.  If you believe that you have been Spiritually Transformed, then you have.  All it takes is your sincere belief.

Life, experiences, victories and defeats will mold you into shape over time.  Being reborn is only the beginning of a lifelong process.  After Awakening, you will continually seek to understand new things about God. As you do, your conviction will grow stronger and you may meet, or surpass how your deeds exemplify your rebirth.

“Living out God’s will and becoming more like Christ happens through endless fellowship and communication with Him.”  ― Bobby Gene Redding

Saying that you are born again, is just talk, when there are no corresponding deeds in living a spiritual life, and there isn’t an insatiable desire to learn more about God.

This is where I am today, and this is my validation for knowing that I am being spiritually transformed.

Here are symptoms of my spiritual transformation.  Some of these symptoms are common, though your scenario may be different:

  • I am a different man, than I was before I passionately sought to please God, as I do today.
  • I no longer live in fear, or make choices based on fear.
  • I am no longer concerned about what others may think of me.
  • I find great joy in pleasing God, over pleasing people.
  • I don’t fear death; I see death as an ascension for those who are holy.
  • I believe in miracles. I have witness miracles.
  • I know who I am. I know my true self. I love my true self.
  • God is in charge of my life and every choice I make is a spiritual choice, whether political, medical, relating to relationships, finance, entertainment, etc.
  • I pray and meditate every day, and throughout the day.
  • I seemed to have inherited wisdom and discernment of ages, and don’t always understand how I learned these lessons.
  • I prefer time alone. I fought loneliness for a period, and surrendered.  I found that I was lonely for my old self.
  • My life seemed to be in complete disarray at one time; I lived without a clue. The pieces began to come together, bit by bit, without my intervention.  Now my life is taking a life of its own!
  • I am Grateful every day and thank God every day, throughout the day.
  • Strive to find new ways to please God better in every way, though I will never reach perfection.

“10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. 11 Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.  12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me [with thy] free spirit.” – Psalms 51:10 – 51:12

Affirmations – 2,206 views – Richard Vagner – Topic – Published on Apr 17, 2018

Posts on Spiritual Transformation

I love this first article on spiritual transformation.  I love how Ph. D Steve Taylor, contrasts those ‘who are asleep’ with those who are awakened. 

I did not look at his list of awakening characteristics prior to writing the content.  Amazingly, my list of the spiritual transformation changes in my life, agree with his list, and each of the lists that follow.

In writing this article, I can now make greater sense of the changes that I have been feeling in my mind, body, spirit and soul. 

The Symptoms of Higher Consciousness – 18 Unmistakable Signs of Spiritual Awakening – BY STEVE TAYLOR, Ph.D.

A New World: Perceptual Characteristics

The clearest way in which spiritual awakening manifests itself is in terms of the wakeful person’s different perception and experience of the world around them.

One of the man signs or symptoms of an awakened individual is that they don’t perceive the world in the same way as other people do.

The world is as different a place to them as the world of a child is to the world of an adult — or, you might say, as the world of a pre-civilized indigenous person is to the world of a modern Westerner.

  1. Intensified Perception – In wakefulness, perception is vivid and direct. Spiritually awakened people see the world in a very childlike way — struck by the wonder, beauty, and intricacy of phenomena that other people take for granted and don’t pay much attention to.
  2. Increased Presentness / Timelessness – Another symptom of spiritual awakeningis that also brings a different perception of time or, you might say, a shift in time orientation. In wakefulness, the past and the future become much less important, and the present becomes correspondingly more important.
  3. Awareness of “Presence” or an All-Pervading Spiritual Energy – At higherintensities of spiritual awakening, we experience symptoms like becoming aware of a spiritual force that pervades all things and the spaces between things. Aliveness, Harmony, and Connectedness – One of the signs of spiritual awakening is a sense of aliveness.
  4. Inner Quietness – With spiritual awakening and enlightenmentcomes a dramatic reduction of the inner noise of our thought-chatter.
  5. Transcendence of Separation / Sense of Connection – In spiritual awakening and enlightenment, the sense of otherness between us and the world fades away.
  6. Empathy and Compassion – This sense of connection is closely linked to the high levels of empathy and compassion associated with spiritual awakening. When we’re connected to other beings — animals and the natural world as well as human beings — we’re able to sense what they’re experiencing, to feel what they’re feeling.
  7. Well-Being – Well-being is perhaps the most obvious symptom of spiritual awakening generated by wakefulness.
  8. Absence of (or Decreased) Fear of Death – Fear in generaldecreases in the wakeful state and fear of death is our most fundamental fear. The ego feels especially fragile in the face of death.
  9. Lack of Group Identity – In spiritual awakening experiences this need for identity and belonging fades away. People no longer feel affiliated with any particular religion or nationality, just as they no longer feel defined by their careers or their achievements.
  10. Wide Perspective: A Universal Outlook – As a sign of spiritual awakening, awakened individuals have a wide sense of perspective, a macrocosmic outlook. This means that they have a spiritual awareness of the wider impact of their individual actions.
  11. Heightened Sense of Morality – As we have seen, awakened people tend to be more ethical and responsible, more compassionate and altruistic.
  12. Appreciation and Curiosity – In awakened individuals, they do feel grateful after a spiritual awakening. They don’t get used to the good things in their lives once they’ve had them for a while. This sense of appreciation also leads to curiosity and openness.
  13. Altruism and Engagement – Spiritually developed individuals are commonly believed to be detached from the world and not particularly concerned about what is happening in it. Spiritually awakened individuals tend to become more altruistic. Altruism is the natural fruit of the awakened person’s strong capacity for compassion, their universal outlook, and their innate sense of justice.
  14. Enjoyment of Inactivity: The Ability to “Be” – Awakened individuals love doing nothing. They relish solitude, quietness, and inactivity.
  15. Beyond Accumulation and Attachment / Nonmaterialism
  16. In wakefulness, the impulse to accumulatefalls away. It’s no longer important for us to try to accumulate possessions, wealth, status, success, or power during spiritual enlightenment.
  17. Autonomy: Living More Authentically – Awakened individuals tend to experience symptoms of spiritual awakening in which they are more autonomous and inner-directed. They feel less identified with their culture’s values; they are likely to reject them in favor of following their own impulses.
  18. Enhanced, More Authentic Relationships – In some cases, friends and relatives resent spiritually awake people’s new authentic way of living and misinterpret it as selfishness. This contributes to relationship problems that can occur after spiritual awakening.

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Signs You Are Going Through Spiritual Transformation – Forever Conscious – By Tanaaz

1. Things Start to CrumbleDepending on the size of your transformation, it is likely that some part of you and your life needs to be released in order to facilitate the transformation process.  If you feel that your life is crumbling around you or you have experienced continued losses in some way, usually this is a clear sign that you are getting ready to undergo a form of transformation.

 2. You Feel the Desire to Be AloneJust like the caterpillar spends its days in the cocoon alone, when you are transforming the desire to be alone also emerges. This is because transformation brings a recalibration process. During this period you are trying to figure out who you are and what you are going to become.

 3. You Feel Lost or Confused About EverythingTransformation can be a very confusing process as there is no way to turn back and often there is no clear direction forward either.  Until the cocoon starts to break away all there is darkness and this can be very confronting and confusing.

 4. A Particular Life Lessons Seems to Confront You Life lessons usually flow in and out of our lives in the form of cycles and transformation is usually a sign that you are at the end of a cycle.  During your transformation process, especially in the beginning of it, you may receive the final confrontation of your life lesson.

 5. Heavy Pluto Transit in Your Astrology ChartYou can see transformative cycles in your astrology chart usually by following the planet Pluto.  Pluto is the planet of transformation. He is the planet of death and rebirth and when he makes a strong transit in your chart, it could be a sign that you are undergoing transformation or that transformation is about to begin.  Saturn transits can also indicate serious transformation, but Pluto’s work is often felt on a far deeper and more profound level.

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5 Vital Signs of Spiritual Transformation – – The Event Chronicle – By EDITOR – September 15, 2014

5 Vital Signs of Spiritual Transformation

  1. Fatigue and exhaustion, an overwhelming feeling of tiredness.
  2. Intense dreams that are frightening, provoking symptoms of fear, anxiety, or depression.
  3. Life is literally falling apart (loss of job, marriage, home, or finances).
  4. Increased empathic awareness, feeling other people’s feelings.
  5. Sickness or strange symptoms that have not been remedied through modern medicine.

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11 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening – Awaken – Posted on August 23, 2015

  1. Asking Questions about the world around you and the stuff that is taking place in your life.
  2. Changes in sleeping patterns to suit your needs and requirements as a growing individual.
  3. Stimulated sensations like random bursts of emotion that you didn’t usually feel before, such as crying during movies, feeling compassion and empathy towards those around you, etc.
  4. Having great ideas and putting them into action, seeing the depth of the truth, willingness to look beyond the tip of the iceberg, compassion on a bigger scale, and thirst for knowledge.
  5. Feeling pressure in different parts of the brain, such as the frontal lobes which is the male logical and thinking part, or the back of the brain which is more connected to the female, intuitive and space of connectedness.
  6. The recognition of issues that have been denied, repressed, and avoided in the past and present may surface to be processed.
  7. Changes in the body like looking younger and stronger, which also goes hand-in-hand with changes in the eating habits and life style. Everything revolves around health.
  8. Having personal and peak experiences where one feels at one and in peace with her/his surroundings. Having meaningful dreams and in-depth visions are not uncommon.
  9. Craving more and more to break free from traditions, outdated institutional thinking, blind conformity, and useless beliefs that do not serve the greatest good of humankind… taking that craving, and turning it into action.
  10. Seeing and comprehending the world in a way with deeper meanings. More and more awareness of synchronicities between the physical world and the feelings, thoughts, and energetic representation of the physical world.
  11. Watching plenty of Spirit Science, and telling random strangers about it everywhere you go.

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Videos on Spiritual Transformation

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Deepak Chopra on Steps to Awakening

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