UR Poo Poo, Is Saying Things About U – Behind Your Back Too!

I don’t mean to embarrass you. I don’t mean to be gross.

But….we need to talk about your poo poo, your poop…your shit.

Okay, I said it.

But this is very serious, so please review on. Do your own research.

I will tell you what I know about the brown stuff below.

“Everybody looks at their poop.” ― Oprah Winfrey
“What one poops is what counts and not what one had the intention of pooping.” = Pablo Picasso

I’ve regularly visit Chinese doctors and Acupuncturists. I have for over 20 years now. I believe in Chinese Medicine and have experienced treatments, both Chinese Medicine, Moxa, and Acupuncture, which have successfully eliminated ailments, or cured them all together.

I go to Western doctors, as well as, to Naturopathic doctors. The three different perspectives (Chinese, Western, and Naturopathic) can be very complimentary, if you take charge of your health.

Remember, you are the boss when it comes to your body.

I mention this because I have found that Western doctors tend to discredit non-Western practitioners, more than vice versa.

So, you will have to stand firm on your medical choices, if you want to use a variety of disciplines.

Please read our medical disclaimer statement. Alternative regiments work best if you practice a holistic lifestyle and believe in the benefits of the regiments you follow.

What I like most about Chinese Medicine is that the examination is more thorough, in my opinion, than Western Medicine examinations.

When I visit my Chinese Medicine practitioner, at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine Denver, the examination process can take as long as 30 minutes. My Western doctors, on the other hand, are ‘in and out’. I feel like they don’t want me to say too much.

I don’t ever remember my Western doctor asking as many questions about my total being, as Chinese practitioners do, as a norm. Western doctors tend to ask only about the symptoms for which I complain, not much more. This is mainly because most are specialist, which is a more lucrative practice, than say a general practice doctor. Because they are specialist, they tend to stay in their lane.

One aspect of the Chinese examination questions is always a bit embarrassing to talk about. It never fails to come up.

“How’s your shit”, they will ask. No, I’m just joking; they are not that blunt. Usually they will ask, “How’s your digestion?” But, all my mind hears, “Tell me about your shit.”

It would be okay if I could just respond, “It’s okay”. But, Chinese practitioners want to know much more, which gets a little strange, but I do appreciate their thoroughness. They will ask about your turd form, smell, size, and texture. Be prepared for this.

Because of Chinese Medicine, I learned of the importance of examining your poop. It tells a lot about your health.

I have provided a great deal of information on what “UR Poo Poo Is Saying about U”.

I also provide information on Chinese Medicine Diagnostics, as well as, the importance of water and fiber, if you want to have a good dump.

Please take your time to review this information below.

Also, don’t ignore your poo poo. It is saying something to you.

“It is better to have pooped and lost, than never to have pooped at all.” – James Thurber
“I can’t sing, I can’t paint and I can’t write how I feel, so all I have left is poop to express myself.” – Unknown

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

A Chinese medical diagnosis is a two stage process involving the examination of the patient, and the identification of the pattern or patterns of the disharmony at the root of the condition.

  1. The first stage of the diagnostic process is an examination comprised of inquiry and external observation carried out by utilizing the four basic diagnostic methods: looking, listening and smelling, asking, and touching.
  2. The second stage involves the interpretation of the information gathered through the four examinations: the analysis and synthesis of the signs and symptoms and the discrimination of the pattern or patterns of the patient’s disharmony identifying the origin, location and nature of one’s disease. Source – Victoria Segal, L. Ac. – Read More

Clinical Questioning in TCM Acupuncture Theory – TCM Theory

  • Hot, Cold and Fever, Chills
  • Sweat
  • Head & Face
  • Pain
  • Urine, Stool
  • Thirst, Appetite, Taste
  • Sleep
  • Thorax, Abdomen
  • Gynecological
  • History
  • Discuss Acupuncture Theory
  • Questions About Temperature – Hot, Cold and Fever, Chills

The Chinese examination includes

The Individualized Approach of Chinese Medicine

A practitioner of Chinese medicine might also begin with a series of questions when examining this patient. Instead of trying to narrow down the cause of the stomach pain to one particular source, however, the practitioner of Chinese medicine would attempt to discover as many sources for the stomach pain as possible by uncovering all of the physiological circumstances that could be surrounding it.

Fusion Health – TCM Approach To Digestion Traditional Chinese herbalists view the processes of digestion differently to the way we think about them in Western medicine. According to this ancient system of medicine, consumed food is initially processed by the Stomach organ-meridian (OM), where it is ‘ripened’ or broken down into its useful (‘pure’) and waste (‘impure’) components. Of these, the useful parts are directed upwards to the Spleen organ-meridian system, where they’re transformed into the nutrients, energy (Qi), Blood and fluids the body needs, while the wastes are directed downwards to the Small Intestine and ultimately the Large Intestine for excretion.

Chinese Doctor

Chinese medicine views the body and further, the whole person, as a unified organic whole. Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects are all seen as interrelated and interdependent. This perhaps explains why some people see Chinese Medicine as a “holistic therapy”.

Chinese Diagnosis: TCM doctors make diagnosis by analyzing patient’s tongue, pulse, and whole body situation (reaction, hair, posture etc.) during history taking and physical exam. Diagnosis base on symptoms related to the imbalance of Yin/Yang rather than diseases itself.

Treatment: This is a holistic therapy by boosting your own healing power to heal yourself. Patients with the same disease may have different Yin/Yang imbalance, their treatment may be different even though having same disease.

Western Medicine Diagnosis

Western Doctor

The western doctor observes the facts before him and uses the current physiological theories to explain them. It separates the various systems and organs of the body and delves deeper and deeper into the particles that comprise matter.

The Western Perspective

From the perspective of western medicine, that patient would be viewed as a basically healthy individual with a particular problem – namely, a peptic ulcer. His problem doesn’t distinguish him in any way; in fact, an estimated 10 percent of the male population in the United States has experienced a peptic ulcer. In theory, an unlimited number of people could have the same condition, and each would be perceived as belonging to the same large group – essentially healthy people with peptic ulcers.

Read More

Western Diagnosis: In addition to history taking and physical examination, also by means of a large number of modern scientific instruments to check on the human body (such as blood tests, urine, stool, X-rays, isotopes or computer imaging, ultrasound and other organs function to check). Doctors make diagnosis until all evidences were collected. It is an Evident Based Medicine.

Treatment: Treatment directly target to the pathogen or etiology. For example, with chemotherapy to kill cancer cells, antibiotics kill bacteria, immunosuppressants to control autoimmune diseases, or surgery to remove the lesion tissue. Treatment generally follow a Standard of Care. This means that all patients, with the same symptoms, are likely to get the same treatment. This is done as much for making good medical decisions, as it is for legal and risk mitigation reasons.

Treatment directly target to the pathogen or etiology. For example, with chemotherapy to kill cancer cells, antibiotics kill bacteria, immunosuppressants to control autoimmune diseases, or surgery to remove the lesion tissue.

I’d like to remind you that I provide information on health and healing to my followers for several reasons.

They are:

  1. I practice and seek optimal health and healing through all perspectives. It is a significant part of The Life of Kevy Michaels. The information that I send on health has been researched, and I’ve practiced the regiments or currently practice these protocols. I want to share the good news with you. It is not easy to decipher through the misinformation out there.
  2. I have defied many medical odds following alternative medical methods. I have found truth in alternative practices that have been around for thousands of years versus the couple of hundred of years that Western Medicine has been around. Check this out:
  • Western Medicine – About 240 Years Old
  • Traditional Indian Ayurveda – About 5000 Years Old
  • Chinese Medicine – About 2000 Years Old

3. I believe that true optimal health must be approach holistically. I include health information because it is as critical to healing spiritualy, as well as, many other aspects of our being.

For example, think about the whole idea of us all having a built in indicator (our poop) of our health in our elimination. Just observing our waste, we can determine how well our food consumption travels from point A to Z, as it encounters all of the biological processes: Metabolism, Responsiveness, Movement, Growth,
Differentiation, and Reproduction. Note: These all occur inside our bodies.

God is truly amazing! He’s given us a built in indicator of the quality of our health. But we tend to be as embarrassed about examining what our poop is saying to us, just as we are embarrassed to reflect on the other ‘shit’ in our past.

I believe that there is benefit in looking at your shit, in both cases. Both are saying things about you, that may need to be addressed.

Please don’t ignore this beautiful gift that God gave us, along with freewill, and intelligence, to discern the wellness of your being.

In this regard, I feel that spiritual healing, emotional healing, and achieving our goals, and finding our purpose too is holistic. Without striving to be optimal in all areas, we may never be at our very best in body, mind, spirit and soul.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostics : Traditional Chinese Medicine: Stools & Bowel Movements – 1,790 views – expertvillage – Published on Oct 1, 2008

Sometimes a traditional Chinese medicine doctor may ask questions about your stool and bowel movements for diagnosing purposes. Learn more about tcm and bowel movement diagnostics from an acupuncturist in this free alternative medicine video.


Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and The Scoop on Poop – Joyce Marley – Acupuncturist – New Hartford, NY.

  • Chinese medicine diagnosis will alwaysinclude questions about bowel function, regardless of the purpose of your visit
  • The functioning of the bowels is related to so many other issues with your health.
  • Chinese medicine diagnosis describes disease in terms of an imbalance in the body of heat and cold, dampness and dryness, yin and yang
  • Everything about the stools can be diagnostic – the size, color, consistency, frequency, odor and even the time of day that a bowel movement occurs.


  • Constipation: If chronic constipation is accompanied with heat signs, such as a yellow tongue coating and a rapid pulse, the diagnosis might be Heat in the Stomach or Intestine, or Heat in the Yangming channel. This constipation is made worse with a diet of spicy foods and the consumption of alcohol. This patient may also have acne on the face and chest and bad breath or bleeding gums. Chronic heat may be accompanied by acne, bad breath, bleeding gums, irritability, red eyes, hypertension and headaches. Liver Heat constipation is aggravated by stress and frustration. The stool associated with internal heat in the body is hard and dry and looks like small pellets.
  • Constipation in elderly patients or postpartum women is often due to a deficiency of Blood. There is just not enough lubrication for the stool to pass. There is a Chinese expression “if the river is dry, the boat can’t go”.
  • Diarrhea: If is following a meal is an indication of Spleen Qi deficiency. One might also feel tired after eating, tend to worry and have a poor appetite.

Incorporate acupuncture, lifestyle changes and possibly herbal preparations to restore balance in the body. Treatment for each of the patterns above will address not only the problem of constipation or diarrhea, but also the underlying cause. Bowel habits will improve, and so will many of the accompanying symptoms.

Read More


  • Your poop is used as a diagnostic tool and is an important indicator of the health of the digestion, particularly the stomach, spleen and intestines. There are a lot of factors to consider when formulating a diagnosis. Below is a list of the most common and most important symptoms so you can determine what your poop is trying to tell you.
Know UR Poo Poo – 75% Water; 8% Fiber, 8% Dead Bacteria, 4% Fats, 1% Protein, 4% Salts

Guidelines To Getting To Know UR Crap

Color: The normal color for poop is light brown.


  • Smell: A strong, foul smell indicates heat or damp heat in the intestines. A sour smell means that there is an imbalance between the liver and spleen. Lots of gas means liver qi stagnation, gas with a foul smell indicates damp heat and gas with no smell means that there is spleen deficiency.
  • Diarrhea: Loose stools generally mean that there is a deficiency of the spleen, kidneys, or both.
  • Constipation: Constipation is the most common problem of the bowels, and is more common in women and very common in the elderly, often due to a blood deficiency or kidney deficiency. Constipation that is relieved by having a bowel movement is due to either retention of food or dampness in the intestines.
  • Pain: Pain is associated with pooping is also common and it is good to know what it means and when to see your acupuncturist to get it sorted out. If you are having pain after a bowel movement, it is most likely due to spleen qi deficiency. If you are having persistent pain associated with your poops, be sure to go and have it checked out.

Read More

Our consumption of fiber and water is very critical to optimal health and optimal digestion. Seventy-five percent of our poop is water. So, drinking water helps the process go smoothly. Fiber acts like a sponge absorbing waste and pathogens and flushing them out of your body….in your poo poo. Fiber also feed probiotics that strengthen the body’s immunity.

If you don’t believe me, do this: Pick a day whereby you drink more water than normal. As a guide, drink your body weight, in ounces, in water. Also each lots of fiber that day, say fruits, green leafy veggies, grains, etc.

You will see a very grateful poo poo slide right on out. Ur poo poo may just thank you!


Importance of Fiber and Water – Treat UR Poo Poo

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      This is one on the blessings of blogging. It took over 8 hours to research and decipher the information before writing the post. I learn more as I blog more.


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