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I can be so soft-hearted at times. I just reviewed the list of gospel videos that I provide below, and it brought me to tears. These are videos of songs that helped me through trials.

I learned years ago that when I am unable to pray, or just don’t know what to ask God, I listen to praise and worship songs for guidance. With certainty, I can rest assured that a song or two will express the exact sentiment that I want express and need to hear, at that time.

It is with confidence that I am sure that someone will appreciate at least one of these songs.

I was brought to tears because each of the songs passionately ask God for help. I’ve done so numerous times. I ask Him for help every day. I express gratitude to Him every day too.

The songs were touching because these are the very songs that I listened to when I felt that I was at my lowest point. …When I was at a point where I felt that there was no one there for me, but God.

My tears were bittersweet, though. Rarely do I cry tears purely of sadness. My tears today were tears of pain and of joy.

“I promise you… nobody cares about your business except for you. Nobody.” – Arvind Gupta
The pain was from remembering the feelings of rejection. Maybe they were more tears of irrelevance. At many times through my health, emotional, and financial trials, my family and friends were idle. They ignored my pleas, wanted me to beg harder, or just wanted regular updates of what was going on, disguised in, ‘God put you on my heart today, so I said I had better give you a call.”

When this happened, it made me reflect on how unconditionally generous I was with these same individuals. The pleas, and reflections juxtaposed, hurt even deeper than before I went to them for help.

It was painful to reflect on times when I explained my problems to friends, like my friend Sylvester in New Orleans, who was quite superficial, who pretended to care, but never delivered. On the surface he was a model citizen, fighting causes for the 4-leggeds, environment, African American causes, Diversity, and whatever cause flowed in the air, and made him appear admirable.

But in actuality, like many blacks in New Orleans, he was phonier than fake gold chains, I brought on New Orleans streets, when I was a teenager.

Remember, Sylvester too lives in New Orleans’ crap trap, within a trap, within a trap. He was skilled at pretending to care.

“I expected someone to come and save me because after you have the baby, nobody cares about you anymore. Nobody cares if you sleep, nobody cares if you eat. It’s just you and this all-consuming thingy!” – Jill Scott
Sylvester nearly saw blood drops from my heart, contained in my tears, and pretended to be comforting, but was bullshit, dressed in well-pressed white linen. He even lied about taking actions to help me and my mother that I later found to be untrue, a lie that further dug our hole.

My sister-in-law Leona, in Atlanta, she was clever, as most fake Christians are. I bared my soul to her, crying on the phone profusely to her, often. I told her that I didn’t know how I would make it many times. I cried to her about money problems, health problems, home heating, and the deceit with which I was bombarded. She talked a good game. She gave pertinent scripture, and pretend-concern.

“I gave you my whole heart. You gave it back in pieces.” – Shane Pendley

Leona actually familiarized me with one of Satan’s tools, and perhaps did not realize it. Thanks Leona!

It’s a tool used when a person doesn’t really want to help you, but wants to pretend that they do. With Leona, after exposing my most intimate fears and challenges, she would say, “Well, let me know if you need any help?”

I’d think, “Huh? Did I not just indicate that I am needing help by my emotional plea? Do you want me to bow down to you more than I have?”

She really did not want to help me. She did send small checks of $ 20 or so, clearly marked to distinguish what was for me, and what was for my mother. But our problems were larger than $ 20, while she sat on wealth that my brother Ulysses left to her and my nieces. Ironically, he left Leona, ‘a good Christian woman’, instructions to ensure that his mother was okay.

These people were superficial and really did not want to help. Don’t be fooled by these types.

I experience challenges today, and share them with friends, who say, “Well, let me know if you need any help?” This is after I revealed that I am hurting and needing.

Trust me, with these type of people you are wasting your time.

I remember, my family humiliating me when I pleaded for financial assistance to get the heating system repaired. My mother and me endured through temperatures as low as 32⁰, inside of her historic home, which was not adequately air conditioned, to the point that we had to move in with a friend.

They chastised me about spending all of my mother’s money, which therefore justified their ignoring my pleas for help. Little did they want to accept is that I exhausted not only my mother’s money, but my own compensating for having to pay for senior services that they had halted, and caregiving assistance that they would not provide.

My brother Earl, may he rest in peace, dying months after my mother’s transition, did send a $ 600 check to get the heating repaired. I searched methodically to find the best deal. The estimates were all over the place. I then deposited the check to get the work done, and it bounced!

The bounced check, resulted in bank fees that we could not afford. He told me that he put a stop payment on the check because I waited too long to deposit it. He never reimbursed us either.

“You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.” – David Foster Wallace

I make it my practice today to not beg anyone, for anything. I may subtlety mention my challenges, but only as a conversation piece with people with whom I generally share my feelings. But I protect my pride.

It is self-humiliating enough to be at your lowest point, with no one to turn to. Having to literally form words in your mouth to beg someone is further demeaning, when you know that they are already aware of your situation.

These type of people may be willing to help, but they do expect something in return.

They don’t discuss this part of the deal with you, though. I will.

They want you to swallow your pride, a bit more. They want to lose a bit more of your dignity. The more dignity you give up, the more generous they may be. …They want you to bow down to their grandness.

Problem is, I only bow down to God, though, and that’s that.

They also want to be glorified for their ‘compassion’, even when it’s not sincere. I never gave them such glory. I never will, especially now that I am wise to such tricks.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I cried tears of joy today, when listening to the gospel songs below.

I find joy in reflecting on how God came through every time that I bared my soul in my pleas to him. My prayers and tears to God resulted in angels appearing in me and my mother’s life, people who sincerely cared. Most of them weren’t people we knew. But they all knew God, well.

For example, when no one else would help locally, though my sister Annette and brother Godfrey lived blocks away, my dear friends, Lorenzo and Saia, flew to New Orleans, all the way from Bermuda and Costa Rica to help!

They stayed for a month or more. They supported me spiritually for months to follow, and even do so today.

I’ve had many other instances like this, as well as, the superficial ones, which I will reveal more of, as my story unfolds.

Pleading to God is a sure shot!

He doesn’t make you feel small in doing so. He doesn’t judge you, or try to control your life for the worth of his help. He helps you and gives you free will to learn from where your help comes. If you need him again, he’ll be there for you.

I am so appreciative of my tormentors and betrayers in this regard. They caused me to get down on my knees and plead to God, who helped without question. It was powerfully humbling and discerning doing so.

It is my sincere belief that, after having been in dire straits many times in my life, and relying only on God for help, my experience of spirituality more vivid and sincere than many who act as prophets simply from reading the bible.

Many of these types of people have yet to experience intimacy with God as I have.

I have many times, and will forever call on Him, when no one is around, or no one cares.

My mother taught also me unconventional beliefs about asking for help. I realized this again, today when searching for ‘Nobody Cares’ quotes. Most quotes say to ask for help and to not be too proud.

That’s not what Lil Eunice says!

To the contrary, my mother told me at the peak of her wisdom, in her 90’s, ‘Don’t ask nobody for nothing, nothing!

If you don’t have something, do without”.

Watch her speak in her own words.

I realize that most people may not be as the types that I’ve identified. There are still a lot of nice people out there.

But I must be real with you…

After asking for help several times, and it yielding rejection or irrelevance, a person becomes apprehensive from ever asking again. Sometimes people will avoid you and refer to you as needy. Other times, they want you to beg harder and ask 50 questions why, even after you’ve explained.

It hurts you even deeper.

Just going to God first is a more prudent strategy. Ask Him. ~ Kevy

Also, watch the gospel videos below that shows how to plead to God, but not to man.

I really want to spare you of the humiliation of asking others to help you, who don’t really want to. It may be a big waste of time and source of additional hurt.

See how to ask for help in the videos below. Warning: somebody will cry too.


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5 Reasons No One Wants To Help You

  1. “You think everyone wants to help you.” …They don’t!
  2. You don’t give anyone a reason to help you. …Usually that benefits them.
  3. No one likes you. …No one helps who they don’t like
  4. They don’t know how. …They want specifics, but giving all the details as a requirement hurts
  5. You’re helpless. …They already judged you as defeated. They don’t want to be part of failure.

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    One thing I have learned if gospel music does not reach your soul then maybe there was no soul from the beginning.
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