I Understand How Coconut Feels – Upstaged by Coconut Water, Oil, & Milk – His Own Family!

The Blessings of Coconut Water, Milk, & Oil

It is so unfair what was allowed to happen to Coconut.

It used to be famous back in the 70’s, even having a pop song on the charts in its honor, Put The Lime In The Coconut.

Put The Lime In The Coconut – Harry Nilsson – 182,570 views – Ela lopez dos – Published on Apr 27, 2014

Even the Muppets paid tribute to Coconuts, but no longer today. It could be argued that ‘The Lime’ too upstaged the poor Coconut.

Here’s my tribute to the Coconut who must feel broken by the betrayal of Coconut Water, Oil, and Milk.

The Coconut Song – (Da Coconut Nut) – 49,966,511 views – Jeff Lau – Published on Sep 15, 2010

It was upstaged by Coconut Water, Coconut Milk, and Coconut Oil. Nobody seems to show love to just plain Coconut anymore. Coconut was done in by his own family too!

The same thing happened to beef, with turkey.

First there was only turkey for Thanksgiving Day. Then turkey came out as sausage, bacon, steaks, and burgers.

I would say, “Turkey, why don’t you just be yourself?” Beef too was upstaged, just like Coconut.

Enough joking for now.

I have a great deal of material to cover on the benefits of Coconut Water, Milk, and Oil.

As with me, you may be aware of some of its many wonderful health benefits. But I was surprised as I researched to find many additional benefits to which I was not aware.

In Sanskrit, coconuts are called “kalpa vriksha,” which means “tree which gives all that is necessary for living.

You will see from the videos and benefits listed below, that Coconuts are another one of God’s gifts to us.

This is how I pay honor to Coconut in my daily diet. I just did so today, as I do nearly every day.

I only drink the coconut water containing bits of coconut in it. I learned not yo try to chew the bits, though. Trying to do so causes too much mouth aggravation, and besides it wreaks havoc on dental work.

Instead, I simply swallow the bits with the water! There is no need to chew the bits.

They serve a very important purpose, our fiber needs.

The fiber mitigates sugar spikes and it removes toxins from the body like a sponge.

Here are summarized benefits of Coconut Water, Milk, and Oil.

Even summarized the list is long.

The videos that follow drives the point home.

Please read our medical disclaimer. Health benefits don’t work, if you don’t believe in them.

Benefits of Coconut Water, Milk, & Oil

Health Benefits of Coconut Water
  • It has been used for IV hydration due to its high electrolyte content and the fact that it’s sterile if used directly from the inside of the coconut. Coconut water is a powerhouse of natural electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, and is low in sugar, but pleasantly sweet
  • The primary nutrient in coconut water is potassium.
  • It contains approximately 600 milligrams (12 percent daily value), making it a high electrolyte beverage.
  • Coconut water also contains a small amount of sodium, about 40 milligrams and up to 10 percent of your daily calcium and magnesium needs. (2)
  • There has also been some interesting research regarding the cytokinin content of coconut water, which in the future may show some anti-cancer properties. Cytokinins are naturally occurring plant hormones that may help reduce the growth of cancer cells, although more research is needed at this time. (3) Coconut water is the richest dietary source of cytokinins, plant hormones that have anti-cancer, anti-aging, and anti-thrombolytic benefits in humans
  • Water from young, immature coconuts offers a long and growing list of health benefits, distinct from the benefits of its counterpart, coconut oil
  • It’s great for post-exercise rehydration, but also has anti-inflammatory properties, protects your heart and urinary tract, is a digestive tonic, improves your skin and eyes, supports good immune function, and can even help balance your blood glucose and insulin levels
  • Because coconut water is isotonic and sterile (upon coming out of the coconut), it is very similar to blood plasma and has been used intravenously in emergency situations for more than 60 years. Coconut water is not identical to human plasma. However, in an emergency, coconut water can be used.
  • Other health benefits of coconut water include:
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Boosted energy
  • Lowered cholesterol
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Relax muscle tension
  • Coconut water is a safe, healthy beverage for most people.
  • Those with kidney disease should limit consumption foods that are too high in potassium, including coconut water. Now let’s explore the research and science-backed benefits of coconut water.

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Proven Coconut Oil Benefits

According to medical research and the USDA nutrient database, coconut oil benefits the body in the following ways:

  • Proven Alzheimer’s Disease Natural Treatment
  • Prevents Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure
  • Treats UTI and Kidney Infection and Protects the Liver
  • Reduces Inflammation and Arthritis
  • Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  • Immune System Boost (Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral)
  • Improves Memory and Brain Function
  • Improves Energy and Endurance
  • Improves Digestion and Reduces Stomach Ulcers and Ulcerative Colitis
  • Reduces Symptoms of Gallbladder Disease and Pancreatitis
  • Improves Skin Issues (Burns, Eczema, Dandruff, Dermatitis and Psoriasis)
  • Prevents Gum Disease and Tooth Decay
  • Improves Type II Diabetes
  • Coconut Oil for Weight loss
  • Building Muscle and Losing Body Fat
  • Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair Care
  • Candida and Yeast Infections
  • Coconut Oil for Anti-Aging
  • Coconut Oil for Hormone Balance
  • Saturated fats, and most particularly coconut oil, are an important part of the human diet. Recent research suggests coconut oil may help control Crohn’s disease by improving your gut microbiome
  • Studies show coconut oil also supports healthy thyroid function, promotes heart health and healthy brain function, boosts immune function and energy, aids weight loss and much more
  • Coconut oil is an excellent choice for cooking, as it can resist heat-induced damage. Processed vegetable oils produce oxidized cholesterol and toxic cyclic aldehydes and acrylamide when heated
  • Bulletproof coffee is a brain-boosting high-performance beverage you can easily make by adding MCT oil or coconut oil and grass fed, unsalted butter or ghee to black, organic coffee
  • Coconut oil can also replace a number of pricy and potentially hazardous personal care products, including moisturizers, hair masks, shaving lotion, cleansers and makeup removers, body scrub, toothpaste and much more
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Health Benefits of Coconut Milk
  • A quarter cup of coconut milk (full-fat/not skimmed or light milk) has about: (1)
    • 138 calories
    • 5 grams protein
    • 2 grams sugar
    • 14 grams fat
    • .55 milligrams manganese (27 percent DV)
    • .15 milligrams copper (8 percent DV)
    • 60 milligrams phosphorus (6 percent DV)
    • 22 milligrams magnesium (5.5 percent DV)
    • 9 milligrams iron (5.5 percent DV)
    • 157 milligrams potassium (4.5 percent DV)
  • Improves Heart Health by Lowering Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Builds Muscle and Helps Lose Fat
  • Provides Electrolytes and Prevents Fatigue
  • Weight Management
  • Improves Digestion and Relieves Constipation
  • Energy Boost – The medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut milk are immediately digested and metabolized in your liver, providing you with an energy boost.
  • Cholesterol Maintenance
  • Lower Risk of Inflammation
  • Antibacterial Properties
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