‘Brain Washed’ Myself – Now Today Is Amazingly Beautiful! – Join Me – Brain Wash Yourself Too!

“Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become.” –

In the wiser years of my life, I am most attentive to what information I believe and what I do not believe. …What I take in, and I cast out.

In addition to having worked for CNN, I have been deceived through religion, law enforcement, employers, doctors, friends, and family. We all have. Reflection, prayer, and meditations revealed that I had to get wiser! Then I discovered that God gave me the right to believe whatever I choose to.

I had to become very proudly opinionated as an alert to let others know that I will not allow anyone to control my psyche. It is my God-given right to choose to see the world as I desire, not as I am told, or brainwashed to believe.

We have the ultimate power to control our individual destinies, and the direction of our entire civilization. Together and alone, we are quite powerful. But, our power starts in our minds, not outside of it.

This is why distortion tactics run rampant today. Those who wish to maintain control over masses of people, namely to feed greed and power appetites, realize that our minds are quite powerful. They don’t want us to know just how powerful we really are.

In our minds, we can choose to see black, as white, darkness as light, and love, never giving power to hate. It is important to use this ability for most of our fears and hopelessness exist in our minds, and in our minds alone. Furthermore, what frightens us generally does exist in our minds today, but rather in the future or in a past. In the present moment, in this very second, there is nothing to fear.

We must focus on those seconds where no threat is really there, and turn those seconds into minutes, hours, days, years, and lifetimes. When we place too much focus on the past or the future, thrown off by its uncertainty, we are more likely to accept someone else’s truth, or ones that our egos conjure up, because ‘nobody really knows’, and we need something to go by. But, remember that, Nobody Knows!

“A handful of us determine what will be on the evening news broadcasts, or, for that matter, in the New York Times or Washington Post or Wall Street Journal…. Indeed it is a handful of us with this awesome power….And those [news stories] available to us already have been culled and re-culled by persons far outside our control.” – Walter Cronkite

So, don’t get your panties all in a bunch, over something about which No One has a clue. There is probability that the future could have blessings in store for you, just as the probability that there isn’t. I say, believe in the former, not the latter, just because it’s your God-given right to.

Why would God give us the ability to change our vision, emotions, feelings, and outlook, while sitting watching TV on a sofa of despair? It is a gift given unto us, and I believe that the ultimate expression of gratitude to God, is to use it. We are being summoned to simply change the channel on the TV, and of our beliefs.

The few weeks ago I did a post entitled, I See Like Stevie Wonder Y’all. The research that I did to compile this post was very thought-provoking.

One of the videos discusses blindness, and pointed out that our eyes don’t really see. That’s right! Our brain sees, and uses the signals that our senses send it, combined with our memories and experiences, to form our reality. It went further to state that blind people can see (just like Stevie Wonder), because though their eyes do not send signals to the brain, their other senses do.

So in essence, the blind can really see.

That being established, it is even more important that we do not allow our perceptions to be distracted or distorted because not only will it affect our interpretation of what is right before our senses in the present moment, it will plant seeds in our memories that may impact all future perceptions.

I can give you a couple of good examples on how we allow our perceptions to be distorted. I was in a writing class for ‘hard times’ yesterday and a seasoned African American woman read a most wonderful writing on travelling, while homeless and marginalized. In the piece she described other’s perception of her, and began to ponder whether she was all of the negative things that society has placed on her, unfairly.

As an African American I also find myself compensating for things I know aren’t true about me, because society has demonized black males. I am no demon, but nonetheless I have to stop myself from going out of the way to prove that I’m not.

Trying too hard to disprove for others’ benefit, what I knew as a lie, absorbed energy that I could have used to create, or to heal my spirit, body and mind.

I don’t, and you don’t have to prove shit to anyone! We are beautiful children of God, case closed.

“For some reason, we’re brainwashed to think if you’re not a thug or an idiot, you’re not black enough. If you go to school, make good grades, speak intelligent, and don’t break the law, you’re not a good black person.” – Charles Barkley

Another example that really hits home involves my family, particularly during a rough sibling-caregiving rivalry. They systematically distorted my caregiving intentions, mental stability, and quality of care that I provided to my mother. I let those distortions enter my psyche and went to great lengths, working myself to the point of illness, just to prove undisputedly that I was not what they propagated.

I stressed and degraded my mental, physical, and emotional quality, just to defy their lies, in front of them, for I knew they were lying.

Why did I do this? Why was I not satisfied with only me and God alone knowing the truth?

It’s because I allowed deception to control me. It nearly destroyed myself. Now I know better. I could care less if 1 million people embraced a lie against me, I will stick to my truth alone, and trust God.

I bet God is smiling on me now, thinking, “I’m so glad he finally understands that I gave him a mind that no one else can control, if he does not allow them to”.

Ziggy Marley says in the song, Rebellion Rising, ‘Love is its weakness, the system I protest…we are its biggest threat…the plague of consciousness. He’s speaking to what I am feeling today. There is no threat to our consciousness, if we do not allow it.

So, guard your psyche! Just like caring for your body and health, stop bad energy from being absorbed into your senses, and therefore your mind.

Doing so will make your day more inspiring, and your future days brighter.

“What’s wrong with propaganda? Nothing, except if you claim that it is not what it appears to be. Almost all countries practice propaganda in one form or another, depending on the policy agenda and the region of interest.” – Ayman El-Amir

In a post yesterday, I mentioned a dear friend, of whom I am most proud. He has been the best example of recovery that I have ever witnessed. He went from hopelessness and destruction, to glory. Today, 14 years into his recovery, he is a teacher, a mentor, a missionary, inspire many every day, and a faithful child of God. He inspires me!

When supporting him 14 years ago by attending Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings, I remembered several AA concepts that I embrace today. I am not surprised, though, because the 12 steps are based on spiritual principles.

One piece of wisdom that has stuck with me since attending those meetings is the adage, “Fake it until you make”. Oh my God, this principle works (if you work it), and it applies directly to this post!

We must ‘fake it’ if we have to, to see a brighter picture than the ones with which we are bombarded.

I have practiced this principle for years and still do, though I was never in the AA program. What I have found is that after ‘faking’ on a regular basis, I was no longer faking it. That which I faked, became real one day, because I worked it.

I am suggesting that we all just decide today, and every day, that all is well and beautiful. Everything is going to be alright. It will be!

There are many powerful entities that want us to believe that there is something to fear or worry about. ….Not!

Most of what we tend to fear and worry about are things that do not exist, in the very moment. Those negative thoughts are all in our mind, and as long as they are there, it is our nature that we will find some way to make those fears manifest. Our ego needs such validation.

Likewise, if we plant in our minds that God is in control, that we are loved, and that there is nothing to fear, our egos will be tasked to make these beliefs real, as well.

Put your lazy egos to work to make your thoughts manifest. The ego is good at making what we believe, real. Read my post entitled, “Unemployment’s Low! – Even My Ego Has A Job Now!” for further explanation.

I have used ‘brain washing’ (not brainwashing) my mind in this way for years, defying drugs, health, financial, and family challenges. I literally vaporized huge problems, in my mind, just because I programmed it to not acknowledge that there was a problem. Sooner or later, they all disappeared.

Please keep in mind that those who distort our minds are not only in the media, religion, politics, and medicine. We are most distorted by the people around us.

They get to us easily because of kinship, emotions, faith, trust, and our sharing common trials (but not necessarily the same strategies to deal with them). The reason these sources distort us so effectively, is because they reach us in our most vulnerable states, when our guards are down.

If we are to survive the tidal wave of mass manipulation and distorting that is occurring now and that will surely intensifying in the future, we must apply the same guards against those close to us, as we would, say against the Trump Administration’s rhetoric.

If the beliefs that they both propagate are not for our greater good, don’t take them in. Negativity is universal, and so should be our efforts to guard against it. Therefore, family, friend, politician, clergyman, or employer alike, they must be shut out of our life and psyche, if they even attempt to destroy the more faithful and hopeful perspective that we have solidified in our minds.

It is not easy to remain upbeat at all times, but if you knowingly start out each day purposeful in this regard, it gets easier with each try.

Alternatively, if you do nothing, distractions and distortions will continually aggravate until you ‘believe the hype’ that is usually manufactured in distorted minds, including our own.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.”
Bob Marley

Establish a spiritual shield around your greater truth. Stand firm. Don’t talk a good game, then run like a sissy when you are outnumbered. Stand firm in positivity and hopefulness.

Brain wash yourself.

Wash your brain with sterilized healing waters. It is your God-given right.

No one owns your mind but you. Even God made that clear to us. I am now reminding my followers of such.

Here are phrases I say to myself silently and out loud to affirm my hopeful beliefs.

  • I am a beautiful child of God.
  • I love myself; I love God
  • God loves me
  • I’m Grateful
  • God always provides
  • I am worthy to receive God’s blessing, just as we all are.
  • My future looks bright
  • I will make today a beautiful day
  • I feel alive!
  • Today is Happy Day!
  • I am a creative expression of God’s grace
  • Man is weak, his talk is cheap
  • God is in control
  • I’m going to brighten someone’s day today
  • Miracles are real, I know this.
  • I am a miracle
  • Love is contagious, so I will spread as much as I can
  • I will speak truth to lies, and to power
  • I have no fear or worries for this moment is perfect
  • No one owns my beliefs, but me
  • Every Day, Clean Slate
  • Fulfillment Fulfilled
  • I don’t pet no monkeys
  • Everything will be just fine
  • I cannot be bothered
  • Life is too short to fuss and fight
  • I will not embrace my own defeat
  • I was born to win
  • I’m not trying to hear that (When they come to you with BS)

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Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great information, fake it until you make it . It’s not easy sometime we feel that our mind will never quiet. Another quote is “bring the mind and the body will follow”.

    1. Whenever you feel moved to contribute to or write a post, just let me know.

      I love the idea of followers from around the world exchanging wisdom and Love.

      With regard to your comment, if I didn’t pray and meditate every day, I know that I wouldn’t have clarity or the ability to focus well.

      Having a busy mind is not our fault. Look at the fast pace of life we are pushed to keep up with.


      Cada vez que te sientas motivado a contribuir o escribir una publicación, házmelo saber.

      Me encanta la idea de que seguidores de todo el mundo intercambien sabiduría y amor.

      Con respecto a su comentario, si no rezaba y meditaba todos los días, sé que no tendría claridad ni capacidad para concentrarme bien.

      Tener una mente ocupada no es culpa nuestra. Mire el rápido ritmo de vida que estamos obligados a seguir.


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