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I have been juicing and blending fruit and vegetables for at least 15 years now.  I do both actively, but prefer juicing.  I like to drink freshly prepared juices especially when I am fighting a minor illness or when detoxing, which is always, since our environment and food supply is full of toxins.

I regularly ask Whole Food Markets customers, who are “strictly organic” to consider a regiment for detoxing, daily, monthly and quarterly.  Many who go “strictly organic” do not detox, seeming to imply that being “strictly organic” alleviates this need.  This is illusion, in my opinion.  It is much better to eat organic, when it matters.  Refer to the 2018 Dirty Dozen List to determine when it matters.  And, it is wiser to compliment health food choices, with detoxing.  Juicing (and drinking plenty of distilled water) is a great regiment for detoxing.

I also meet many people who sing the praises of juicing, or blending.  Most people choose one over the other.  Most that I’ve met, prefer smoothies over juices.  They state obvious pros for smoothies, and cons for juicing, but leave out many pertinent facts, when making this comparison.

I liken drinking fresh juices to drinking medicine, because it goes into the blood stream within minutes, not requiring digestion.  Think about drinking a cocktail.  After a few minutes you feel it, because the alcohol goes into your bloodstream rather quickly.  The same happens with juices, but not with smoothies.

Smoothies takes hours to digest, namely due to the pulp and fiber content.  Inclusion of the pulp and fiber content is a big plus for blending because fiber mitigates sugar spikes, and it is feeds friendly digestive bacteria.  But, concentrated fiber from smoothies can also ferment in your body causing digestive issues.

Juicing emulates our own digestion, extracting the liquid nutrients that the body needs.  The best way that the body can get nutrition is in liquid from.  Smoothies, on the other hand emulates chewing.  Blending essentially chews our foods for us, but they still must go through the digestive process.  Once completing the digestion process, the liquid nutrients enter our bloodstream, but much later.

Over the years, I resort more to juicing than to blending.  Juicing is more commonly recommended in most sophisticated alternative chronic illness regiments.  It is rare that such regiments recommend blending.  These regiments recognize that juicing has more nutrition, and works faster, and they compensate for the absence of fiber with a good fiber and nutrition diet, in addition to juicing.  These regiments, such as the Gerson Therapy, that has healed many patients of cancer, are a complete regiment, not only recommending a good drink to have in the morning.  They recommend meals which are complimentary to other protocols.

I also combine juicing and blending, by saving the pulp from juicing and adding it to smoothies.  In the smoothies, instead of adding water or ice, I add juices that I freshly prepared.

Both methods, juicing and blending work.  There is no compelling reason to select or stick to just one approach.  The decision of which one you prefer is a personal one, relative to your health status and time.

I’ve done research on juicing versus blending, and include my personal experience with both to give you the pros and cons of each method. 

I also provide tips on how to take advantage of each method’s benefits.

Juicing Pros – Extract Nutrients Like Our Digestive System Does
  • It is easier to consume fruits and veggies as a juice
  • More Nutrients in juices than Smoothies
  • Juices go into the blood stream almost immediately
  • Better Digesting – Easier to digest
  • Micronutrients Rich
  • More Quantity/More Nutrition – You can add more produce to your juicing mixture
  • Our body can only absorb nutrients in a liquid state
  • Alternative healing therapies use juicing more than smoothies
  • Easier to drink
  • Outsources digestion for easy and quick absorption
Juicing Cons – Extract Nutrients Like Our Digestive System Does
  • Juicing can cause more of a sugar spike
  • Messy job – cleaning takes times
  • Juices do not stay fresh long
  • Juices are missing the fiber
  • Juicing is less likely to cause you to lose weight
  • Juicing has more waste
  • Juicing can be more expensive – you can burn through a lot of produce
  • Takes more time to prepare
Smoothies Pros – Blending Nutrients – Mouth Chews Like Blending
  • You get the whole food fiber included
  • Convenience – Smoothies are like one stop shopping
  • Smoothies are macro nutrient rich
  • Smoothies cause less of a sugar spike
  • Preparing smoothies is much faster and easier to clean
  • Smoothies slows down the side effects of rapid detoxing
  • Smoothies use less produce to get more than juicing
Smoothies Cons – Blending Nutrients – Mouth Chews Like Blending
  • Less Nutrients – Oxidation negates nutrients – Fast and vicious blending adds air to the mixture – Multiple times the produce is chopped and exposed to oxidation
  • Smoothies require adding ice or water which dilutes the nutrients
  • Smoothies outsources chewing
  • Smoothies take longer to digest – ferment in the body
  • With smoothies you add less produce to the mixture
  • Preparing smoothies is a loud process
  • Smoothies will cause more gas and bloating
  • Smoothies are more challenging to drink
  • Juice or Blend more veggies than fruit to reduce sugar
  • Mix smoothies with freshly juiced juices
  • Add fiber expelled from juicing into smoothies
  • Don’t drink smoothies quicker than it would take to eat the same amount of food
  • Add fats to juices – milks, butters, paste, etc.
  • Hard fruits and veggies best in a juicer because they contain more water
  • Freeze juicing fiber and packed greens to use for blending – Use frozen veggies in smoothies
  • Use beans, grains, nuts, and seeds in smoothies for protein
  • Check Asian and International Markets for items to add after researching their benefits
  • Do both Juicing and Blending; Don’t force yourself to pick one over the other
  • Use smoothies as meal replacement, not in addition to a meal
  • Eat fiber during the rest of the day to compensate for juicing fiber loss
  • Use all organic produces for blending and juicing to be safest

Juice or Smoothie: Which One Is Healthier?CYNTHIA SASS, MPH, RD – May 17, 2016

A nutritionist weighs in on which beverage is the better choice for you.

Healthy foodies may agree on many nutrition topics, but here’s one that’s still up for debate: What’s better, smoothies or juices? In my opinion there are pros and cons to each drink, so it really comes down to your personal needs and goals. To figure out which one is right for you (regardless of what your friends, coworkers, or favorite celebs are sipping), here’s the lowdown on each beverage.

Smoothie pros

Smoothies are generally a blend of whole foods, which means you’re keeping all the nutrients from your fruits and veggies intact. Another big benefit to smoothies is the ability to add in extra-nutritious ingredients.   Read More



As you will see from the videos that I’ve selected, there are pros and cons for both juicing and blending.  That’s fine!  They don’t have to be in competition.  You don’t have to choose one over the other. 

You should simply do one more than the other, as it relates to your health status, budget and time.  I clearly choose juicing over blending, but blend as well. 

I am hopeful that this post, the articles, and videos will help you to decide how to fit this important protocol into your lifestyle.

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With so many different products on the market it’s not always easy to tell – especially with companies such as NutriBullet classing their products as something entirely different. So what do all these products do and what should you put in them!

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