I Hope That You Cry When You Read This Post – Because Crying Is Healthy

“If I cry, it’s because I’m very angry and I can’t do anything about it because I’ve run into a dead end. That’s when the tears would come down.” – Rihanna

Babies are smarter than we think. They have not been inhibited by ‘the world’ and are more in touch with their God-given emotions than we are. Generally speaking, society on the other hand, is not as smart as babies are. Society views crying as weak. Most people shun it. This is especially true for men.

As they say, Real Men Don’t Cry’. You may follow that adage if you want to, but I think that it is pure bullshit. Crying is healthy. Take it from someone who has cried rivers as wide as the Mississippi River.

Today, I freely cry whenever I want to. I find that since becoming closer to God, I cry even more. Unlike yesterday, I cry more out of joy, than out of pain. But, I also allow myself to cry when in pain. I do it because I know that letting it out just feels better. And, research has revealed that crying is a healthy thing to do.

A key requisite to crying is surrender. You must surrender, whether in public or private, to cry, especially in painful instances. Surrendering happens to be the gateway to God. Crying is a spiritual act.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” – Revelation 21:4

We should have figured this out a long time ago, though. Think about it. Crying is our natural emotional reaction. There are few natural reactions that I know of that are not good for us. Crying is the body and mind’s reaction to internal or external stimuli, that is as cleansing just as eliminating waste.

So, why do we demonize crying? I don’t know why, but as I gain more knowledge about wisdom, God, and health, strangely I see that there is a correlation between society’s conventional wisdom, and the opposite that we should do, in many cases, for our greater good. You will see me pointing out such differences in this and future posts.

As I mentioned, I have cried in various types of situations. The most memorable tears are those that I cried when I felt there was no hope or no one to turn to. These are the times that elevated me spiritually more than any other reaction that I’ve had to adverse circumstances.

“Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: [are they] not in thy book?” – Psalms 56:8

I cried profusely during my caregiving experience. At most times, I did not know anything else to do. I can remember crying about my situation to a friend, to social workers, and to my family, particularly my sister-in-law, who deviously seemed to use my tears and natural reaction to my circumstances, as a device to not only to judge me as weak, but also to judge me as mentally unstable.

Other cohorts joined in, as part of a seemingly orchestrated strategy. A person who breaks out in tears hysterically is generally viewed as unstable. That’s okay haters! I am grateful for my tears and the fact that I am humble enough to not hold them back. I am healthier, happier, and closer to God because of the tears you frowned on. I wondered what you facade has taught you.

“Never cry over spilt milk, because it may have been poisoned.” – W. C. Fields

I have a friend in Costa Rica, my former partner, who cried nearly every time he went through his life challenges. This was at the dawn of his spiritual transformation. He was very emotional but very honest in his reaction. He was not bashful about his emotions or pains.

His biggest challenge was with alcohol and drug addiction. I supported him to take the first steps towards recovery and even went to AA meetings with him. He carried the torch the rest of the way to the finish line.

The meetings helped him to recover impeccably! He has been sober for over 14 year now. Though he and others may attribute his miraculous recovery, and outstanding accomplishments, such as getting his master’s degree, and mentoring other addicts, to AA , I attribute much more to his ability to express his emotions freely.

His expressiveness and crying forced him into humility. His humility catapulted him to take responsibility and do something to improve his circumstance. More importantly, his releasing his pain, especially in front of others, was the gateway to his surrender to blessings to come.

Crying acknowledged that he knew that he was not perfect, and that no one is. It also accentuated God’s perfection, which led him spiritually. Coincidentally, crying was really an exercise of the 1st step in the 12-Step Program and allowed him to Admit that he was powerless over alcohol and that his life had become unmanageable. I believe that his surrender, through crying, was key to his mastering the 1st step.

I had another friend who was quite talented, but was not using his talent. He was actually a bartender in a seedy bar at the time, which led him to make lots of cash every day, but which also encouraged him to participate in destructive behavior.

I told him, as we were roommates, that if it was the last thing that I’d do, I would help you to elevate his life and career. I would wake him up every morning for inspirational talks, and a booth camp style exercise, with intense jogging to ignite his will to fight.

Outside of creating his resume, I taught him how to dress, and present himself favorably. One day, before our daily ritual, I found him in a closet, beating his head against the wall, crying profusely. He was about to give up on me.

Seeing this did not deter me from our established ritual. We still had to go out for my ‘booth camp’. He didn’t give up, though. I know that the crying helped him to release years of built up pain and stress. I am glad he got it out.

“I cut myself because you wouldn’t let me cry.
I cried because you wouldn’t let me speak.
I spoke because you wouldn’t let me shine.
I shone because I thought you loved me…” – Emilie Autumn, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

Crying worked too for him! He is now making a six-figure income, owns several pieces of property, and too has been sober for over 10 years. He is now more financial successful than I am.

The point is that crying is good. Don’t let misinformation about it stop you.

Give yourself a good cry to begin your healing. Don’t let society make you feel that crying is weak, and unstable, even if you are a macho man.

Cry as much as you wish to.

“People can cry much easier than they can change.” – James Baldwin

Surprising Benefits of Crying

To encourage you on your ‘crying regiment’, I will share with you some of the benefits of crying. As with most posts, my research always reveals new things to me. You are not the only ones benefiting from my efforts.

I am sure that the list below will reveal new facts that you never knew about crying.

  • Crying is good for you…Happy Crying (Tears of Joy) and Touching Crying (Inspiration), and Profuse Crying (When there seems no way)
  • The Body Reacts Favorable to Crying In the Following Areas – In Heart, Cells, Eyes, and Blood Health
  • Crying is a Natural Spontaneous Reaction – Don’t Hold Back Tears Because Your Body Is Signaling A Physiological and Emotional Reason For Crying When You Feel You Want To
  • It’s Not Healthy To Restrain Crying – You Would Not Be Reacting If It Were Not The Natural To Do – This is What The Genius Within You Wants To Do – Follow Your Inner Genius
  • There is A Difference Between a Hysterical Action and Finding A Safe Environment to Express Your Pain – When Done In the Right Surrounding, Crying Will Prevent Irrational Actions
  • Crying is Part of Our Human Emotional Package – Don’t Resist Being Human
  • Tears From Crying Releases Toxins
  • For Infants – Crying Is An Important Communication Tool That Serves Later In Adulthood
  • Tears Helps Us to See Better – Tears Lubricate Eyes and Prevent Dehydration
  • Tears – Kill Bacteria – Just as Sweat (Sweat Contains Natural Antibodies) – It Helps Against Colds – Fights Pathogens
  • Tears After Emotional Episodes – Releases Sometimes Years of Built Up From Stress
  • Crying Elevates Our Mood – Tears Make You Feel Better
  • Tears Release Feelings – The Average Person Accumulates Anxiety in the Lymphatic System – Releasing Tears Excretes Those Chemicals Before They Wreak Havoc On The Body
  • Crying Is Known to Release Stress and Tension Hormones In The Body
  • Tears Have Been Proven To Be More Effective Than Antidepressants
  • Research Has Proved That Those Who Cry Feel Better Crying Can Deepen Intimacy With Others – Research Shows That
  • Crying Usually Causes Positive Soul-Searching and Reflection
  • Crying Can Garner Loving Support From Others – Most React to Others Crying With Love & Empathy
  • Crying Promotes Endorphin Production – Just Like Exercising
  • Crying Facilitates Emotional Confrontation – It Encourages You to Deal With Your Conflicts – It Sparks The Feeling That ‘Enough is Enough’

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Cry Inside

By Kevy Michaels

I smiled through trials

To my surroundings

I was like a sunflower

Greeting the sun

But like my mother’s dementia

I could not express my pain

Words would not reveal my heart

So instead chose to cry inside

I faked my strength

I couldn’t disappoint my ego

Like a prize fighter

I boasted until I believed my own words

But like a grieving lover

With no one to understand my loneliness

I remained bubbly with admirers

While all the time I was crying inside

I convinced them that I was brave

I owed God and everyone a good example

I gave my best poker face

While my wounds still bled

But then a dear friend saw through me

He read my soul like a poem

He saw the teardrop stains on my heart

And he asked me softly

Something which I still

Reflect on today

‘Why must you cry inside?’

His perception of my soul was absolute

It revealed his spirit

So I sat him down

I explained that my tears

Were of tears of gratitude

But being truthful

I acknowledged

That victories over many years of pain

Led me to such inner joy

Ariana Grande – no tears left to cry – 380,560,615 views – ArianaGrandeVevo – Published on Apr 19, 2018

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10 thoughts on “I Hope That You Cry When You Read This Post – Because Crying Is Healthy

  1. Thank you for sharing this much needed information. Your willingness to share deep personal experience is courageous. After my twenty year marriage ended (many years ago). I was afraid to cry because it hurt, but I felt cleaner after a good cry when the children were gone and I could really let it out. I learned the hard way that holding my breath, gasping, and inadvertently gulping air hurt my chest and stomach and made my acid reflux worse. So I reminded myself to breathe in between the sobs. Then I discovered that wailing and chanting tones helped steady my breathing. Eventually, I became intentional about crying and got better with practice. When I didn’t want to cry, but knew I needed to, I’d start by humming. Now, I know God was with me through it all and with us always. Peace, Kevy.

    1. I’m sure that you know how much I appreciate you. I really do.

      You just showed courage through your comment.

      I like how crying unveils our imperfections which likewise results in our surrender and praise to a the only one who’s Holy. …our most sincere surrender.

      I will go much deeper in my truth on future posts, fearlessly. I am enjoying sharing my mistakes, juxtaposed with the wisdom I’ve gained.

      Whenever you are ready to post again, just let me know.


  2. Great post!

    Additional observations:

    Deep weeping also involves the belly muscles. Since the endocrin system has no organic pump, it pretty much relies on weeping, laughter and orgasm to continue to operate.

    At one point in my own development I wept at least once, and often many more times than that, every day for over fifteen years. I do feel a little better about that after reading your excellent post.

    Also, Buddhist literature contains a recommended five step evolution toward enlightenment. One of the steps is to meditate on the overwhelming miseries of sentient life. The very next one is to do the same for the myriad ecstasies of life…

    And, finally: Priceless W.C. Fields quote! Ha!! 😆

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  4. Great post that really touched my heart. Tear jerker. Yes! I know “He is going to wipe teases from every eye. And there will be no such thing. as sorrow or pain”. I can’t imagine who would want to settle for this system of life. Great post! And, thank you for visiting AOC.

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