I Am About To Share Something Very Personal – The Prayers That I Say

And The Ones That I’ve Written

I was just asked by a customer at Whole Foods Market this weekend, what type of meditation do I do, after she shared with me that she meditates. I meet a lot of customers who meditate at Whole Foods. There is an obvious correlation between being healthy and being holy.

I am always challenged when I am asked how I meditate. Most people who ask this, have been professionally trained or studied a particular method on their own, and can quickly provide their type. I can’t. Namely, because it is a hybrid form of meditation that evolved organically for me, beginning over 30 years ago.

Though I meditate, it is very rare that I would meditate, and not pray. They go hand and hand for me. There is one exception, one which I experienced today. I meditate when I receive Acupuncture, but I do not pray in this meditation. In this meditation, I don’t recite an affirmation or say anything. I simply visualize until my senses go beyond the needles, moxibustion, and even an itch.

Otherwise, I pray even when I call it meditation.

My mother was ‘a praying mother’. She instilled praying in our daily ritual. She’s influenced my prayers. My prayers are from a series of prayers that I recite as a ritual. I’ve been reciting these same prayers for the past 5 years, throughout the time when I cared for my mother, and I continue to today.

Since I was raised as a Catholic, I end personal prayers that I wrote, with The Lord’s Prayer, and Hail Mary. I repeat these as if I were in novena mass.

Below, I share with you something very personal, my prayers, written by me.

I hope you enjoy them and replace the words with a better choice of words for your faith and culture.

You may use Google Translate to translate the prayers to over 60 different languages. I plan to translate one or two to a different language, one that’s common for visitors.

Being cognizant of my international friends, feel free to replace my God with yours.

As long as your God’s intention is Love, then the switch will go unnoticed because we’re praying to the same God.

Discernment Prayer

By Kevy Michaels

Dear heavenly father

Please give me Peace & Tranquility

Along with Discernment


To better recognize wrong choices

Before they are made

Discernment to better recognize

Good from Evil

So that I may not be deceived

Please give me Discernment Dear Lord

By revealing to me

Your will for me

Tell me what you want me to do

I do not want to offend you

By trying to do too much on my own

For fear of appearing

As though I don’t need your help

God my life depends on you

And, Lord

I do not want to seem lazy

By waiting for you

And doing nothing

When I know

There must be something that I can do

So God

If it is your will

Please give me Discernment

Tell me what I should do to satisfy you

Do not allow me, Lord

To experience the emotions of

Fear, Anger, Doubt, Worry, Betrayal, or Resentment

When you do not answer my prayers

Exactly as I requested them

Or when things don’t go as I expected


Help me find Gratitude in knowing

That you are not my servant

But rather…

I am here to serve you

Dear Lord

I humbly pray that you give me

Peace, Tranquility, and Discernment

In Jesus name

….And so it is!

Prayer for Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:9-10)

By Kevy Michaels

Dear God

Bless me indeed

Enlarge my territory

…My Network

…My reach

So that I may serve you


How ever

And wherever

You choose for me

If it is your will

May your right hand guide me

From temptation and evil

And may your left hand

Guide temptation and evil away from me

Will you fill me overwhelmingly

With your

Love, Light, Healing, Faithfulness, Humility, Caring, Steadfastness, Wisdom, Hopefulness, and Intelligence (Add or change, as desired)

And, May I serve you



And, Honesty

And do no harm

In your holy name

I ask God that you bless me indeed

…In Jesus’ Name.

And so it is!

Say the Lord’s Prayer

Prayer for Miraculous Healing

By Kevy Michaels

Dear God

If it is your will

Heal me, miraculously

In Mind



And, Soul

Wherever you choose to heal me…

…On Earth

…Or In heaven

Dear God

I humbly ask

That my miraculous healing

Be a spectacular event

To be witnessed by many

Not to bring attention to me

But rather to glorify you

…Your Love


And miraculous healing

May my healing be witnessed

With me, front and center

By these observers:

(Call names out loud. Examples: Family, Doctors, Friends, Enemies, ‘Frienemies’, Coworkers, Doubters, and Non-Believers, past present, and future

May we all stand before you

To witness my miraculous healing in




And, Soul

Dear God

If it is your will

I ask that at least one

Soul it moved by witnessing my healing

And is encouraged to step into your light

To be cleansed, and reborn

And, who promise to serve you

As I do, for the rest of this life

And, beyond

Dear God

My final request

After my miraculous healing

Is that you allow me to serve you

As a martyr

Or as a walking, breathing testimony

On the power of faith

The power of love

And, the power of your miraculous healing spirit

Surrounding us all

Enfolding us

Protecting us

And that guides us

I ask that you heal me miraculously

In Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul

In Jesus’ name

And so it is!

Now say The Lord’s Prayer

Prayer for Clarity

By Kevy Michaels

Dear heavenly father

Please remove the callouses from my eyes

And, from the eyes of

My Family

My Friends

My Enemies

My Acquaintances

And, My Colleagues

So that we may stand before you

Me, front and center

To witness that you are truly

The Alpha & Omega

The Only One Who is Holy, and

The Prince of Love, Peace, and Healing

Dear God may this revelation

Ignite our


Body and


Leave us with a burning desire

To Praise your Holy name, and

To sincerely Forgive, while

Sincerely accepting Forgiveness

And, most of all Lord

Take my hand as you help me to remove in me

All of those things that displease you

Like: Resentment, Jealousy, Anger, Hatred, and

Pain, Insensitivity, etc. (Add more or change)

With one blink of your eye

Will you summons these faults before you?

And with two blinks

Will you cleanse me?

And with the third blink

Remove these flaws from my


Body and



Dear Lord with a

Snap of your finger, summons

My emotional scars and wounds before you

Like: Depression, Loneliness, Feeling Betrayed, Feeling Lost, Ashamed, and Unworthy (Add more or change)

In another snap of your finger

Cleanse me again and

Remove these flaws from my


Mind, and



Now God

Please fill me with your

Love, Light, Healing, Faithfulness, Humility, Caring, Steadfastness, Wisdom, Hopefulness, and Intelligence

So that I may serve you well

I request this prayer for myself, and for:

(Call out names)

I ask this prayer in Jesus’ name

And so it is!

Now Say Our Father, The Lord’s Prayer – 1 Time

Prayer for Blessings

By Kevy Michael’s

Dear heavenly father

If it is you will

Bless me abundantly

And, exceedingly

Dear God

Bless me with…
(State how you want to be blessed; Examples: Financially, Romance, Spiritual Friends & Acquaintances, Sustainability, Miraculous Healing, and specific desires, such as a New Job, Publishing a book, completing a project, etc. Think huge! Ask God for it all.)

But the most important blessing that I desire

Is knowing my purpose and how to please you

Dear God

Please reveal your will for me

Knowing would be my biggest blessing

And God

Rest assured that I will use this abundance

To better serve you

And to bless those who you send to me

As well as those who I meet randomly

Dear God

Bless me abundantly

And, exceedingly

I ask this

In Jesus’ name

And so it is!

Then say The Lord’s Prayer or any that you prefer.

Prayer for Healing From Self-Harm

By Kevy Michaels

July 3, 2018

Dear Father

Please heal and protect me

From those things that I may do

That only harm me

(State those things the challenge your mind, body, and spirit, such as smoking, drinking, drugs, promiscuity, not eating well, not sleeping well, being stressed out, etc.)

It is my hope and my prayer

That you will reflection on

…My Deeds

…My Intentions

…My Trials & Failures

As well as, my triumphs

God I ask that you

Have mercy on me

And heal me and protect me from

The harm that I cause

Until I am able to heal and protect myself

Please heal and protect me

Until you feel that it is time for me

To heal and protection myself

Then send a burning desire to

…My Mind

…My Body

…My Spirit

…And Soul

In Your Time

But only when you feel I am strong

And, I promise to return to you

Vivacious and resilient

Able to heal and protect me

And ready to serve you.

Prayer to Reveal Mysteries

By Kevy Michaels

Dear heavenly father

If it is your will

Please reveal to me

The mysteries and secrets

Of my trials

So that they may be conquered in your light

Please guide me to the doorsteps

Of opportunity and blessings

And reveal to me that which you have granted me

So that I may be able to grasp, if only a bit

Of your grace

I ask that you make my journey

Clearer to me

And, I ask

In Jesus’ name

And so it is!

Now say The Lord’s Prayer

Oración para revelar misterios

Por Kevy Michaels

Querido padre celestial

Si es tu voluntad

Por favor, revelame

Los misterios y secretos

De mis ensayos

Para que puedan ser conquistados en tu luz

Por favor guíame a las puertas

De oportunidad y bendiciones

Y revelame lo que me has concedido

Para que yo pueda entender, aunque solo sea un poco

De tu gracia

Te pido que hagas mi viaje

Más claro para mí

Y, pregunto

En el nombre de Jesus

¡Y así es!

Ahora diga El Padrenuestro

Create Your Own Prayer Strategy! PART 1 – 1,182 views – Aesthete.Writer – Published on Feb 28, 2017

Link to the blog!- http://www.rosilindjukic.com/write-pr… My Instagram!- @Aesthete.Writer

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