8 Ways to Keep Going When the Journey Gets Long

This post was submitted by a very fine follower of my blog, as I follow hers, JoAnna.  JoAnna provides great advice on how to stay focused on your destination.  I appreciate her contribution, and look forward to sharing additional posts from JoAnna, and other followers.
This article was originally posted on June 22, 2017, but wisdom never dies.  This is why often you will see me post content, sources, and research from years past.  Wisdom never dies because it is continually carried forward from generation to generation.

JoAnna’s motto instantly attracted me.  It is simply Anything’s Possible. 

I used to own a t-shirt company that promoted Love, Peace, Ecology, and Self-Love…Love Electra.  One of my favorite designs was a shirt that simply says, Anything’s Possible.  I wear it all the time, namely to convey this message to others that may read it, while I am in public.  I believe in this sentiment because anything is possible through alignment with God. ….even the seemingly impossible.

When I read that this was serving as JoAnna’s motto, from her father, complimented with our communications about life and my posts, I knew that she was a kindred spirit.

Popup Anything's Possible

Please show JoAnna love by reading what she has to say and show, in her writings, testimonies, and poetry.  Thanks JoAnna!

“Anything’s Possible With Hope, Faith, and Perseverance” – JoAnna

8 Ways to Keep Going When the Journey Gets Long

The accompanying image is of a road that leads towards beautiful scenery and majestic mountains.

Most of us have seen that ancient quote by Lao-Tzu,

  “A  journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.”

It’s a good motivator to get us started. But what about when you’ve been taking those steps for a while, and the journey of a thousand miles feels like two-thousand? Lately, I’ve felt that way about my book.

Don’t get me wrong! I love my book. I believe in my bookBut it feels like high time for my baby to leave the nest and fly out into the world. Yet, I keep getting these opportunities to trust the timing. Thanks, God.

     I know my past six years of book writing is a drop in the bucket compared to some journeys, and I’m glad I got to learn so much about the intricacies of writing, editing, revising, book cover design, ….. and the technical stuff – but let’s not even go there except for this picture.

crossed eyes in confusion

How I feel about technical glitches

The good news is that publication is right around the corner. I can see it! I have real paperback proof copies being proof read as I write this. And I am thankful. This journey has been worth every step.

So, What does it take to keep going, to not give up, when we tire of the journey?  Here are some things that can help:

1. Rest. Take breaks. But don’t rest too long, because there’s that inertia thing.

2. Do something totally different. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, get outside and move!  Use different parts of your mind and body. Stretch your legs! Put on some music and dance! (I’m talking to myself here, too.)

3. Get a fresh perspective – ask for honest and encouraging feedback. Ask for positive feedback along with constructive criticism. What do they like? What could be better?

4.  Consider changes. Research, then trust your gut. Maybe there’s a different path to take that just feels right. For me, it was the decision to publish under my maiden name – a big, inconvenient step but one that brought peace of mind and forward momentum.

5. Break big jobs into small steps. In writing a book, take one chapter at a time or one paragraph at a time, and congratulate yourself for getting through each step.  I have clutter issues. (Hey, I’m an artist!) It helps me to focus on one corner, counter, or table top and de-clutter that small space. Then I stand back and admire the “after” picture.

6. Think about the reason for the finished product, whether it’s a clean table top or a published book. What are the likely benefits? How will it improve your life or help others?

7. Pray. Ask for what you need, be it guidance, strength, balance, gratitude, or patience.

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

(Dr. Joyce Meyer)

8. Remember that “Nothing is impossible.” That’s what my father told me when I was 12, and it stuck. Here’s the poem I posted for him last week: https://joannaoftheforest.wordpress.com/2017/06/15/for-my-father/

What’s the next step on your journey? I’d love to know.

Atlantic Beach steps

About JoAnna

When I was 12 years old, my father told me:

“Nothing is Impossible,”

I like to state things positively, so Anything Is Possible is the name of this blog.

When we think and speak positively about our hopes and dreams and express gratitude for the good things we already have in our lives, we receive our hearts’ desires…..or something even better!

You  can read about what it took to find my heart’s desire in Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again available at amazon.com. Trust the Timing offers hope to those struggling with loneliness, co-dependency, and other relationship issues.

When we open up to the good possibilities, we discover that God and the universe really are conspiring for us to be happy. For over 30 years, I worked as a substance abuse counselor in a non-profit agency. There were things I loved about that job. It taught me a lot, and I was honored to be able to help people, but the job drained me. What drained me the most was the ever increasing paperwork, the growing bureaucracy, and being expected to do more work in less time. I prayed for deliverance and yearned for a more creative life.

Eventually, with the help of my soulmate, I was able to retire with perfect timing. Now, I’m returning to my earthy and creative roots – writing, painting, puttering around the little forest in my back yard, and hanging out with the dogs.

My blogging schedule goes something like this:

Tuesday: Good News Tuesday!

Thursday: Ideas, thoughts, and hopes

Saturday: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

(I might join Song Lyric Sunday if something flows freely and Linda Hill’s One-liner Wednesday if I’m not volunteering with the first graders.)

This blog is Award Free. I appreciate comments and love the support in our blogging community, but participating in awards is beyond the time I have available right now. But please feel free to share your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

PS. My real name is JoAnne, but I like “JoAnna” better.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Kevy. I love the T shirt and that you still wear it. I have an ecology flag T shirt from the 70s that I wear sometimes. If it ever gets too ragged to wear, (which might be soon) I’ll make it into a flag. Thanks, again. I greatly appreciate your kind support.

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