God Is A Radio Announcer! – He’s Broadcasting 24 X 7

Tune Into God!

First I want to say that God is magnificent! 

I see His spirit like a radio frequency.  He an announcer that always broadcasts, but it is us who don’t choose to turn in to his channel.  Figuratively speaking, we could tune in to news talk radio, heavy metal, violent rap music, or even gospel, but none of these would be analogous to God’s channel.

God’s channel, to me, is more like soft classical music, nature sounds, meditation new age music, or plain silence. 

Listening to the other channels require us to relinquish any holds that distractions may place on us.  Some of those distractions, though, we want, want want!  Is it asking much for us to give God our full attention?  Isn’t it the only respectable thing to do?  He is our creator, no less, he deserves a red carpet even, to go with our full attention.  For some of us, me included, it’s easier to tune out distractions, than it is for others.  I am sure that downsizing my life, eliminating bad energy, prayer, and meditation compliments my ability to do so. 

But most people, such as my family members, and other tormentors, can’t easy turn to God’s dial, and listen to Him attentively.  Many can turn to God’s channel, but to be honest, and attentive is a real challenge for them.  Many can’t give full attention and honesty to themselves, therefore expecting them to do it for ‘an imaginary God’ is a hopeless case.  I know about being this way, because I used to be this way, but many years ago.

As I told you, I have had an industrious life in terms of challenges, persecution, health, living, success, and failure.  I thank God for all of these experiences, especially the trials.  It’s why I’ve become so wise.  It was through those trials, where I had no one to run to but God, that I established a very strong relationship with Him.  Therefore, when it is time to talk to God, listen to Him, or live my day-to-day life with Him, knowing that He sees all, I am sincere, devoted and attentive.

Perhaps those who can’t tune into God, haven’t had the fortune of experiencing the types of trials that I have since endured.  Perhaps they have, but forgot the spiritual lessons that they may have learned.  But a major part of their disconnect may have to do with their inability to Surrender, as I have written about in a post entitled, Blessings Began to Appear Once I Surrendered

These type of people, based on my industrious observation, can’t Surrender, because their egos block the door to God.  Many in my family did ‘God-speak’ only to stroke their egos, not for God, though.

Their egos, in my opinion, may fill their minds with thoughts like:

  • “You are a damned fool, if you can’t figure your problems out on your own. You are less than a man or a woman, if you must run to someone else to fix your mess, especially God of all people!”
  • “You will look weak in the face of everyone, if you give-in. …What about your image?”
  • “The nerve of you trying to seem holy, after all the sins you have committed!”
  • “God, helps those who help themselves, so don’t go to God, figure it out. You have to figure this one out on your own, buddy.”
  • “If you surrender to God, you will have to admit your faults and sins to him, and he will punish you.
  • If God helps you, you will also have to follow His rules, which is going to be impossible for you to do.”

It reminds me of one of the few jokes that I know.  Here’s how it goes.  A man was driving around the Walmart parking lot.  He wanted a parking spot near the entrance.  He drove and drove, but to no avail.  He then said, “God, if you help me find a good parking spot, then I will stop drinking, cheating on my wife, and will go to church every Sunday.”  Low and behold, he turned down an aisle, and there is was the perfect parking spot, right by the door.  Instead of thanking God he said, “Never mind God.  That’s okay, I found a spot.”  He wanted God grace, but not to live by God’s will.  They work hand-in-hand, you know.

All of the above are lies.  Our ego is not our friend.  I will go as far as to say that our ego is the manifestation of ‘the devil’ or evil, dwelling in our minds.

  • The ego does not want us to know the power of surrendering to God, simply because if we do, it will render the ego useless.
  • The ego does not want us to know the powers that we have inherited, through our Lord.
  • The ego does not want us to know that God is loving and forgives all.
  • And, most importantly of all, the ego wants us to think that we must figure everything out on our own. But, we don’t have to.

So, with our egos as our only friend, and with not knowing how powerful we really are through God, we are paralyzed, and cannot surrender, therefore never open the blocked door, or tune in.

These type of people assess it as easier to not ask for God’s guidance, because doing so has too many strings attached.  They go it alone, and by avoiding God, they never learn the keys to the kingdom, nor the virtues that God smiles upon.  They never develop a sincere relationship with Him, and therefore live spiritually bankrupt, sometimes blasphemous, and fearful all the time, no matter how strong the ego presents himself.

That used to be me, but not now.  This is the main reason why I know this, because I’ve been there.  In my past, when challenges surfaced, I used to worry and fear all sorts of dreadful outcomes.   ….But they were all in my mind, not necessarily in God’s plan for me.

Now, every day I clean my slate, and live life patiently, as God chooses to allow it to unfold.  Review the post, “Kevy, How Did You Not Lose Your Mind Through It All?” – Kevy simply replied, “Every day, Clean Slate” for a better understanding of this principle.

My mother really knew how to tune her spiritual dial to God with precision.  She had 95 years of trials, and 95 years of faith.  She was a guru at this from surviving The Depression, The Black Plague, Hurricane Katrina, my father’s suicide, racism, and the wrath of evil that was upon us for several years.

She was on God’s channel every day.  I literally thought that I would die or lose my freedom, through my care giving terror, and she remained calm all the time. 

She never once seemed worried, not once!  I was even worried about whether I could serve her effectively, while in the midst of intense adversities across 3 states, but she never worried.  She was peaceful and calm all the time.  She had an OM, as in the Hindu faith, but hers was silent, like a dog that hears whistles that humans can’t.  It tuned her pristinely to God’s graceful channel.  She taught me to do this, without ever me giving instructions, but rather by just embodying it.  I am peaceful since learning of this ability through life, and through my mother.

I will state this again in future posts, but I firmly believe that those who serve as caregivers faithfully, are endowed with the spiritual wisdom of the ones for whom they care. 

I remember one day, how this sentiment was painted before my eyes quite dramatically.  Though my mother was generally calm and faithful, after this event occurred, she was even more so.  The irony was that while adversities were intensifying and taking a physical toll on me, she seemed to be even calmer.  I will summarize the incident because it was so profound that I know that I will repeat it again, in another post, but in more detail.  I don’t believe that my family knows anything about this incident.

It was around 2011 when it occurred.  I had redirected my strategy and energy for dealing with agency and family deceptions, and refusals to help.  I stopped fighting, auguring, and simply did not seek their assistance, approval, or vindication any longer.  I gave up on that.  By the grace of God, in spite of this change in direction, I was progressing with caring for my mother solely, while simultaneously I had to renovate her historic home to sell for funds, to relocate to Denver, Colorado, and care for her until God’s call.

But, I knew that evil was lurking and I would have to face more obstacles.  Evil rarely gives up.  I took ‘the bullets’ well, but the injuries took its toll on me.  I realized this reviewing my medical reports, but nonetheless did not worry, because I knew my mother was protected, even if I’d become a martyr.

She would watch me every day, doing it all alone, losing weight, getting sick, and tiring before her eyes.  She equally noticed that her children, the Catholic priest who gave her communion at home, extended family, and friends, all but disappeared from her life.  I guess this was her punishment for standing by me.  There was only me, her, and God.

One day, after taking care of all of her morning duties, I prepared her lunch, and left the house to go to the grocery, drug store, and maybe to sit in my car by the Mississippi River, to get a peaceful moment.  I would sit in my car, at the Riverview parking lot, to listen to gospel music, and write poetry.  Though it was a risk to leave my mother alone, I trusted God.  Besides, I had an alarm system installed, and she wore a panic button around her neck.  Nonetheless, nosy neighbors would still watch my goings and comings and report them back to my siblings, and most likely also state investigators, who would try to use my brief absences as grounds for elder abuse.  Remember, I reached out to nonprofit and state agencies for help, and ended up being investigated myself.  But, I was exonerated on every claim.

One day, while on one of these breaks, the alarm monitoring company called my phone.  They said that there was front door entry.  I couldn’t understand this for no one had a key to the home but me.  I kept an additional one, in a lockbox, on the side of the house, for emergencies, but no one knew the code to the box.  With this alarm call, I was anxious and concerned.

I drove as fast as I could, through New Orleans potholes, ghetto kids playing in the streets, drug dealers, and hoes, to get to my mother.  Once there, I ran to see if my mother was okay.  She had locked herself in her bedroom, and I had to beg her to open the door for me.  Eventually, she did.  She was startled like I’ve never seen her before.  She was shaking and trembling.  He eyes looked as she had seen a ghost.

I asked what happened.  She told me, “There was a man in this house.”  I worried and begin to have a bit of fear, I must admit.  I looked all over, but found no signs that anyone was there.  But the alarm clearly went off, and dispatch confirmed that it was due to front door entry.  I never found out, though, who had triggered the alarm.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any [man] pluck them out of my hand.” –  John Chapter 10: 27-28

I asked my mother questions about this man, and she said, “It was a white man, and he said, they are trying to hurt you, and they are trying to hurt me, but he said that nobody was going to hurt you or me.  Nobody will do nothing to harm you or me.”  She shouted this with the passion of a prophet.  I believed her, and still do today.

As I asked more questions, I realized that ‘the white man’, was Jesus, to her.  She believed that she saw Jesus!  I believe that she did too, perhaps it was more believable, when I looked at it with my spiritual eyes.  I questioned her about this incident for weeks to follow, just to confirm that it was not dementia that triggered this intense response.  My mother stuck to the details of this story until her final days, which was years later.

My mother had a direct connection to God’s grace.  I know this, because she passed it on to me, through this and many other experiences, which I will reveal.  She maintained this tranquility until the day she transitioned, never worrying about her eventual diagnosis of cancer, nor her body’s death, or whether I would be fine.  She knew confidently that God was in control.

She died with the smile of Mona Lisa on her face, never suffering, and hours after coming out of a several-day comatose state, she told me, “Kevin, you did good”.  She died the next morning, in her sleep.

My mother’s ego clearly Surrendered to God long ago.  She placed all her concerns truly in His hands, and never worried or feared.  She was always tuned into God, which allowed her to see and hear things that others, tuned elsewhere, could not.

I mention myself having this ability now.  In one of my poems, Like Stevie Wonder, I refer to the priceless gift granted to me from tuning into God, in this verse of the poem:

“If I weren’t a sensitive man

I would be too selfish to really care

I wouldn’t sense spirit in those who I meet

Or see the seasons change

As written in the air”

This just where I am today.  Not everyone can do this, because their egos stifle them from taking this milestone step of surrendering and honoring God’, and tuning into what he has to broadcast.

Little do many realize, that in doing so, they will reap heightened senses, in addition to the expectation that they will follow his will.

“Because God is love, He is a communicator. In fact, God is always communicating with us. But are we tuned to His frequency? I like to think of His communication with man like a radio station — WGOD. – Craig von Buseck – Author CBN


I am so grateful to God in how he is revealing his wisdom to me, making me see precious gems, in the least expected places.  I will reveal a little about how I prepare my posts to show you today’s example.

I pray and meditate for days, on what I will say next.  I don’t write until the day that I post, as with this and every post, except for those submitted by followers, and other bloggers.  Even in these cases, I add my wisdom to those post, but never prepare in advance.  Please forgive my typos, in this regard.  I do not have a copy editor, but do circle back to proofread, again.

Well, with this post, God revealed that I am on the right track.  I never read or reviewed any media, or spoke to anyone about this post on Tuning into God.  I didn’t want my heartfelt words to be diminished or diluted in any way.

But, after writing this post, from my heart, I searched, as I always do, the topic at hand.  Today, I searched, “Tuning into God”, I found several articles and videos, describing God as a frequency, very similar to how I described his spirit!   It vindicates my interpretation, for me at least, for this is how I truly feel, and someone seems to agree with what I actually experienced.

Here are some of the findings, which support my post on, God Is A Radio Announcer – He’s Broadcasting 24 X 7.  Search for additional ones, at your leisure.

Tuning Into the Voice of God, Pt. 1 – 36 views – Various Artists – Topic – Published on Jun 11, 2015

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Tuning Into the Voice of God, Pt. 1 · Jeremy Lopez

John 8:32

Tuning into God’s Frequency – 419 views – Jim V.George – Published on Jul 5, 2017

John 8:32

THIS IS HOW I LEARNED TO HEAR GOD’S VOICE MORE CLEARLY | L’amour in Christ – 109,540 views – Kytia L’amour – Published on Apr 15, 2018

I’m Kytia L’amour, and in this video, I talk about the changes I had to make in order to hear God’s voice more clearly as I became a young adult. In the Bible, God says that His sheep know His voice. Have you had a hard time making out His instructions lately? I hope to help you.

 Note:  You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.  


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