“Kevy, How Did You Not Lose Your Mind Through It All?” – Kevy simply replied, “Every day, Clean Slate”

Why Praying Daily & Meditating Often Was Critical For My Circumstances

Pray every day, reset often. – Kevy Michaels

Many of my followers have no idea of what I’m making such a big deal about, with regard to efforts against me and my mother, to sabotage my caregiving. Others may think that this story is too incredible to believe.

Though I respect your opinions, I must correct you. And, I will further. No one knows this story as well as I do, except for my mother and God, both holy spirits. Everything that I share about this tragic ordeal, I can support. I have yet to layout many details that will shock some, but may be familiar to those who have served as a sincere caregiver. No one knows what this experience is really like, but those who have been through it.

I always say, “Satan operates from the same bag of tricks”.

It is true, based on what I’ve experienced. In his tool bag there’s specific instruments to evoke specific responses, such as Fear, Distraction, Shame, Anger, Insecurity, Uncertainty, Hopelessness, Embarrassment, Worry, and Illness. These are the devil’s tools, in any practice of evil, whether in caregiving, or any type of situation. Think about any betrayers currently in your life, or in your past. You will be able accurately select which responses they attempted or succeeded to evoke from you, from the list above. In my case Satan triggered all of the above feelings, but not for very long.

All of his soldiers, select from this bag in an attempt to defeat their enemies. Many times it is effective. These tactics even initially worked on me, triggering lots of anger, distraction, and manifesting a rare autoimmune disease, where my body attacks itself, that I am still challenged with today.

Though my family and cohorts attempted to challenge my cognition, likely for strategic legal reasons, I beat them at their game. I had both me and my mother mentally evaluated, and I was diagnosed with chronic stress, caused many by them. Then I knew that I had to manage my stress better, by better managing the triggers that the devil was attempted to pull.

But one day, I recognized a pattern in the things that were occurring. But, most importantly, I saw the light of God, facilitated by my devoted mother, prayer, and meditation.

I realize that I have a lot of explaining to do. I will, but I will not rush things. One of my betrayers, a family member, was clothed in the Jesus couture so to speak. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus preceded her miles before she arrived, and she had church ministry service work, and scriptures to prove her doubters wrong.

I trusted her most. I may have been too quick to welcome her because of her religious prowess. I was enticed by her scripture reading abilities. She ended up being one of the vilest betrayers in the end, though. I learned a lesson from this experience, and it is bittersweet.

From her, I learned that spiritual perpetrators do give the best spiritual advice. Yes, that’s right. You can research the spiritual lessons and guidance that they give, with a pretty high rate of accuracy and understanding.

This relative embodied the truth in her Bible regurgitations. I believed her. She told me about ‘order’ when I planned my strategy for caring for my mother and perhaps relocating, over phone conversations. I spoke to her nearly every day for 2 – 3 years, me often in tears over what was happening. She said,

Whatever you do, do it in order. God likes order.”

She was correct. I do things in order now, as I will proceed with this story. I will not rush the story for it may not be understood. I also prefer slow dripped coffee over fast-brewed.

With regard to her and people like her, is that the other side of the coin with spiritual perpetrators is that, though they may talk a good game, they simply don’t live that way.

They speak truth and it ‘distracts us’ from how they’re really living. …A tactic straight from Satan’s toolbox.

Ironically, she used to tell me from time to time, Well, I’m not perfect either, but never revealed her flaws, while mine were spilled like guts on a bucher’s cutting board.

As I experienced these adversities, I filed formal complaints with Municipal, State, and Federal agencies. In some cases I won, in some, I didn’t. But in all cases, even when my claim was vindicated, nothing changed.

No one wanted to believe that I was being truthful, and instead chose to believe in a false narrative that was popular with my siblings, caste figureheads, and the rest of the natives. I have learned from the harms of not proceeding in order. Now, though, I know how to lay this story out so that poor presentation doesn’t happen again.

My testimony is real and it is true, maybe hard to believe even after laying it out, but nonetheless true. It was a real sentiment, as I went through this spiritual war, that I thought that there were only three possible outcomes for me, and none were good: My Death, My Insanity, or My Incarceration. I had already reconciled that I would die as a martyr, if need be, for my mother, and for God.

Sometimes I was fearful. But, I never feared because I was worried about something I did wrong. I worried more about how far evil would go, since I knew, even from childhood, how corrupt New Orleans truly is. I knew from family history, how my family can be, as well.

I would bet my last dollar that there are a lot of black people in an institution, grave, or prison who were totally innocent, but got tripped up by the New Orleans’ corruption and black caste syndicate, and the tools that they used.

“But, the enemy is powerless, if you don’t give him power. We fuel his attacks on us.”

Telling my story on how I avoided each of those immoral outcomes, is where I feel I can provide the most benefit to followers and visitors. For those who already feel that my story is too incredible, I ask that you trust me on this one. Be patient.

I am trying my best to help you understand the full scenario, with History, Environment, and Beliefs, of my family, friends, and the community in which they operated. I will deliver on details necessary to put this puzzle together, and will occasionally provide support in the way of video, audio, and official documents.

When you better understand the characters, environment, and why they did their dirty deeds, the story will make more sense to you. It will fit together like a puzzle, especially when I discuss learning that most of the perpetrators were connected to each other in some way, by way of caste, or by way of evil. There was a behind-the-scenes operation, to which I was not invited or aware of, but later discovered.

I will reveal folks in my circle who secretly appeared empathic to my cause by day, praying with me and reading scriptures to me, while by night conspiring with senior agencies, against me, to cut off my mother’s services, so that I could not execute the mission that God and my mother assigned to me.

Most of my deceits are bold-faced too. They don’t require the stretch of the imagination.

When I explain the full web, and how it was spun, how my mother and I successfully fought an entire army, you should then realize that this had to really happen, as I describe it.

If you don’t believe, you will be left wondering how I endured all the obstructions. How did I plan and execute all of this, across three states, with my mother, while I too battled the havoc that the stress reeked on my body, mind, and spirit. If you believe that what I say is not true, you must wonder how could I imagine that so many of these things occurred, and have the support to back it up my claims.

Through all of this, my soul remained intact, though.

Please, never sell your soul! You may not get it back. I guarded mine, like the Hope Diamond. I see my soul as the base from where I can connect with my creator. Without access to my soul, I lose access to God. Connecting with God regularly, with greater intimacy and intensity than I ever experienced in my life, invited guidance, answers to questions, and miracles. I, my mother, and God knows, that it was He who guided me, with my elderly mother from Louisiana, to Texas, and finally safely to Colorado, relocating 3 times, and making about 20 trips, in 3 – 4 years.

Our triumph was not of my doing, other than me asking God for help, and believing in him. When I looked at all that it took to get where I am today, I can tell you that I am incapable of figuring out how to break out of such an intricate and dense evil web.

So, what I did was connect to my soul, my base with God, by praying and/or meditation every single day, through this period. Most times, also with my mother.

This daily reset made piles of worries evaporate. Fears became illusions. Distractions became transparent. Energy rebounded. And, creativity shot through the roof.

God delivered these things to me, because I kept him actively connected with all that was happening.

For life in general, I recommend that you “Pray Daily and Reset Often”.

Every Day, Clean Slate

Most people are grateful to God for the power that he’s given their minds. The brain is a most incredible organ, too incredible for man to ever replicate, as God has created. Our minds can imagine as far as the galaxies, leaving us with many brilliant examples of where human intelligence has taken civilization in arts, science, technology, and in medicine to soaring heights.

But most people fail to realize that God gave us the power to cleanse our minds, to free our minds.

Here is an analogy. I noticed at my job. There are pallets that just pile and pile. No one seems to clear them away, or not quick enough, until we are running out of space. The other week, I saw huge towers of pallets with a for sale sign on them. I don’t think they will sell such a backlog easily. But, it’s the fault of the person who never planned as they went along, but rather waited until the pile had gotten out of hand.

We should never avoid performing regular maintenance on our mind and spirit. If we don’t, we may stunt our blessings and our spiritual transformation, making life more challenging than it’s meant to be.

My days of caring for my mother were long. During this period, I slept little because I had too much to do. I had to bath my mother, dress her, feed her, administer medication, take her to appointments, handle business affairs, advocate for, and fight with my siblings and agencies. Then when things seem hopeless in New Orleans, I had to also sell my home in Texas, take my mother to Texas to care for her while dismantling, close my business, and later renovate her 14-room home, built in 1874, to finance her care and sustainability.

To make matters worse, we had to relocate when heating system malfunctioning, and electrical outages, during hurricane season, left the home uncomfortable and unbearable. I nearly worked every single day, for about 4 years, for 15 – 20 hours a day, as my tormentors watched, and acknowledged that I was providing excellent care, but failed to make it easier in any way.

I had to be ingenious to find a way to be able to push my body, mind and spirit to such extremes. I went to basics, when resorting to meditating and praying every day, for hours in a day. It recharged me so impressively, that often I forgot how grueling the day before was, when I anxiously tackled the new day. Hands down, this reset was critical to my being able to accomplish so much alone.

It is from this, as well as, other examples that it is clear to me that God interceded in my case, giving me guidance, strength, and hope, each time I touched base with Him.

I coined the phrase years ago, ‘Every day, Clean Slate’, to put in simple terms this critical ritual that significantly lifts unbearable burdens, such as, fighting an army on your own.

The concept is basic, that says, never carry ‘stuff’ from yesterday, into today. In most cases, I found that if I did not revive past issues, even from yesterday, they did not revive themselves. These issues aren’t endowed with receiving top billing every day, just because I did not address them yesterday.

As I start each day, I start with nothing on my list. I prioritize again, on that day, and each day. Yesterday’s issues will just have to work their way back up to being important again, today, and every day.

It’s like ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’, but in reverse. If I ignore all of yesterday’s squeaky wheels, then tomorrow they may not have the audacity to reappear, squeaking again. If they do, I prioritize them for that day alone, which may be a different priority than when they first appeared on my list. Often my issues disappeared because I left them in yesterday.

This worked for me during my turmoil. I am certain that this practice will work in less intense situations as well.

Remember, “Every Day, Clean Slate”! You can add this to the list with “Pet No Monkeys.

Using Meditation to Reset Each Day

As I mentioned on another post, I am often asked what type of meditate do I do. I’ve listed all the different types, but added that any form that clears your thoughts, and liberates you, if only for minutes, is an effective method.

I believe that in addition to types of meditation, there are stages of meditation. This is my opinion, based on 30 years of practicing meditation.

Here are the stages of meditation that I have advanced through. You should choose a stage to begin with, if not already meditating, and advance through the list. If you do it passionate, there is no way that you will not progress to the advanced stages.

Remember, that based on my 30 years of practice, there no strict rules on meditating. Whatever, clears your mind of thought, except thoughts on God’s grace, will work to clean your slate.

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Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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