Eat Bananas to Not Go…Well, Bananas!

I recently learned more about the benefits of eating bananas than I ever imagined.

Gaining this knowledge is yet another example of how we can help each other.  Working at Whole Foods Market, I meet many people deep into their wellness journey, who are eager to share information with me.  It’s really interesting how we exchange information about natural healing, as if it’s a government secret.  That should not be so.

Natural health benefits should be common knowledge to all.  It is my hope that I, and other bloggers, can propagate such ‘secret’ truths.

I had been telling customers for years that buying organic bananas was not necessary, because bananas are not on the Dirty Dozen List.  Well a customer educated me on this not totally accurate information.  She told me that you could eat banana peels, and that in doing so, you would get more nutrients from bananas than eating the fruit alone.  Therefore, in this case, you should buy organic bananas.

I wondered, well how do you eat banana peels? 

She told me that you could put them into the food processor, or Silver Bullet, in smoothies and you would never know that it included the peels, but your body, and mind, will know that it’s received an extra dose of nutrition.

When eating the peels, buying organic bananas is necessary.  I only recommend eating bananas, and eating the peels as well.

Please read our medical disclaimer – Not all alternative treatments work for those who do not believe that they will.

I researched what I was told, and found that my customer was correct.  I immediately started adding the whole banana to my smoothies.  The riper the banana is, the better.   This too causes the banana’s nutrition to be amplified.  I already knew that spotted bananas had more potassium than ones without spots, so finding about the benefits of ripe bananas was no surprise.

What I wanted to confirm, though, was whether it was wise to eat the peels.  Well, she was correct!  Now, I slice my bananas, with the peel intact, and put the disks in the freeze, along with broccoli stems, apples, lettuce, spinach, juicing pulp, and many fruit and veggie scraps.  I don’t throw much of away, when it comes to fruits and veggies.  To the smoothie, I usually add probiotics, protein powder, and mega food powders, as well.

Bananas get a bad rap for its sugar content.  …Not to worry.

Fiber mitigates sugar spites.  Bananas are rich in fiber alone, but the adding more fiber to smoothies, slaps the sugar in its tracks. 

But banana can also prevent you from going bananas!

There are studies that support a correlation better mental illness, and mineral deficiency.  Bananas are rich in minerals, particularly Magnesium and Potassium.  Bananas also contain the amino acid tryptophan, and vitamin B6, which helps the body synthesize serotonin and vitamin B3, which act as a neurotransmitter.  Eating cashew nuts does the same thing, as likely other fruits and grains do.  The key is the mineral, tryptophan, and B6 content.

So, if you are down and out, or feel you are losing your mind, eat bananas (with the peel), take a hand of cashews, and you just may not have that mental breakdown.   LOL.

Here are other benefits of eating bananas:

  • They Lower Cholesterol
  • Bananas Helps Poop due to its fiber, and therefore can aid weight loss
  • Bananas have more Antioxidants with the peel than eating just the fruit alone
  • They are great for eye health
  • Reduce Cardiovascular Risks
  • Reduces Stress



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    I’ll pingback to your post (above) to give readers more information on the importance of this ubiquitous fruit called bananas.
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