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About 4 weeks ago I created this blog.

Believe it or not, I have posted over 50 features in this short time! I’m sure it may not be as impressive to you as it is to me, but this is a one-man operation, and it takes hours to present fresh content to you, nearly every day. But I love it! I see it as a mission, a purpose.

I love it so much that often when you are getting your sleep, in preparation for a new awakening, I am preparing content for you. ‘Preparing content’ means research, creative expression, and personal reflection, sometimes which is painful. But, I really try to put my essence into this effort, namely because it seems like the world is losing ‘real people’ and I want to forever keep it real. I will not succumb to being fake and pledge to continue to do my part to propagate truth, spirituality, and loving oneself.

I welcome any follower to contribute to this movement. That makes it all the merrier, as some followers have already done.

But why, why do I do this in spite of the labor involved, gaining no monetary benefits?

Well, I do it for a number of reasons, some of which you should consider. I do this to tell my story, my truth. I aim to share information, wisdom, and discernment that may be helpful to some. I appreciate that my perspective will not resonate with everyone. This makes me happy because I know that my thinking is not of the mainstream, and perhaps may never be. But, some followers have already commented that they feel the sentiments that I’ve expressed. That makes this effort worthwhile.

I do this also to dispel many false narratives, sparing no feelings, but not deliberately trying to harm. I believe that those who may seem to be harmed will actually be healed by their own self-reflection and spiritual reconciliation. Others will go to their grave, believing as they do. I am not responsible for that.

I wish to dispel falsehoods about family, media, those who present with religious prowess, health, and healing, as well as, those who judge the disenfranchised.

I also, do this as a ministry of some sort. Maybe it is not the type of ministries that some family members spearhead. My ministry is more organic, based on real face-to-face reliance and acceptance of God into my life, when no one else was around.

I can support each of my beliefs with scenarios that I’ve experienced. I am not a Christian who lives his spirituality from only the bible or any other book. I have experienced betrayal, triumph, sacrifice, persecution, victory, and miracles. I want to share with my followers what I learned, not just from my successes, but from making many mistakes.

Four weeks ago when I started this blog I got some resistance from those around me. One friend told me that she wasn’t into blogs. Another, when receiving a link from me, told me that she doesn’t click on links because they could put a virus on her smartphone. That was too naïve for me to even respond to. I kind of feel that this type of thinking is stupid.

We are in an information distortion phase of civilization.

That’s just me saying this, but look around you, it’s easy to see. To limit oneself of any source of information, means usually that you will be brainwashed with the mainstream version of the truth. Accepting information wisely from various sources forces us to reflect on and evaluate more carefully.

My life experiences have convinced me that what most people believe is true, simply is not. I even had experience with this, when living in London, in the early 2000s.

I worked for CNN and watched how news stories were reported differently and prioritized differently, depending on where it was being broadcasted. I asked around and was told that it wasn’t CNN that intentionally distorted. It was governments and advertisers that influenced news agendas.

Now, why would anyone want to solely rely on such a shaky news platform, and now social media?

Bloggers, from what I have observed, are organic sources of honest information.

Perhaps, they provide an even better source, but they certainly at least complement whatever main source upon which we may rely. Bloggers, like me, put many hours into sharing information and creativity with others, often receiving no reward, except the reward of knowing that they’ve touched someone, if only one.

Big media does not think this way, and its reporting is presented in whatever way that results in more viewers, and money. Bloggers generally are not influenced by the money.

Generally, we are older and wiser and want to share “the good news”.

Please show us love in this regard for in this information war, bloggers may very well become more of a relied upon and credible source, maybe even new day disciples.

I found distortion to be true in a similar scenario. With regard to medical research, sure I check medical studies, side-effects, and what reliable sources have to say. But, I have gained the most from reading patient testimonials, and writing to health bloggers, and alternative health practitioners.

If I only relied on one source of information for the articles that I share, I would be ashamed to post them. If I don’t have first-hand experience with most opinions, I don’t share them.

Please, appearance my honesty, dedication, and that of other bloggers.  But most of all appreciate the alternative and where we seem to be heading.  I had another friend criticize that my blog had many grammatically errors and typos, but he would never be helpful enough to identify where. He just let that comment linger, as his only comment about the hours that I put into launching this project. I proofread everything again, and caught what I could, but felt no shame.

I am not a perfect human being. I make mistakes in life and in writing, just as most non-androids do. I really love who I am, including my imperfections. There is beauty in my faults. So, I apologize for typos and grammar errors. I do proofread my work, but often my mind reads the content perfectly when it is not. If an error is published, it is my hope that loving souls will look beyond my flaws in an attempt to still absorb the message, or at least ask what was meant.

By the way, that same friend started a blog at the same time that I did. He has yet to post even one article. Perhaps he’s waiting for perfection which may never come. I, on the other hand, have posted over 50 imperfect articles, reaching visitors in over 20 countries!

Please express your support of my efforts, when my expressions resonate with you. It gives me encouragement and inspiration. Know that human nature is to criticize and that I get my fair share. Getting positive feedback will cushion disappointments.

I would like for you to consider my last reason for ‘blogging’, for yourself. I am in the process of writing a few books. I have about 5 in mind, which are in progress. Getting a book properly published is tough, though, full of rejection and disappointment. Well, with this blog, I am essentially writing a book, with each post. The blog is like the Cliff Notes version of my story.

Please consider the added benefit of the permanence of the internet. This is the perfect vehicle to accommodate leaving a written legacy behind. No one will ever have to figure out what was on your mind, made you sad, smile, or wise. A blog allows you to tell the story of your life, in a lot more intimate way, than on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets.

Last, and most importantly, I blog because I truly believe that I am serving God, as I understand he wants me to, with good intentions. Maybe you should consider blogging too.

Here is a song that I wrote to express my acceptance of a mission to serve God. The Life Is A Teacher blog helps me to fulfill that mission.


The Answer to Your Love

By Kevy Michaels

I want to let you know

How much I love you

So you can be assured

You’re in everything I do

As each day passes by

I affirm a million times

No need to ask the question

It’s already on my mind

And I say Yes


Yes, yes, yes

I will follow your lead

Yes, yes, yes

You mean the world to me

Just as there is one truth

My faith is absolute

The answer to your love is

Yes, yes, yes

You have shown love

For me everyday

You were there for me

When I others walked away

Revealing my purpose

By the angels sent to me

So mold me, as you will

Let me know just what you need

And I’ll say Yes


Yes, yes, yes

I will follow your lead

Yes, yes, yes

You mean the world to me

Just as there is one truth

My faith is absolute

The answer to your love is

Yes, yes, yes


I’ve longed for the moment

For this journey to begin

With your love surrounding me

And your spirit within

So show me the way

What you ask of me will be okay

I will answer with one word

And that is yes

Repeat Chorus


Guide My Steps with Faith

By Kevy Michaels

I am seeing, but my eyes are closed

I am so sure about things that no one really knows

I am hearing, but no one around me is talking

With eyes closed I move confidently

And just keep walking

I love, in a world not motivated by good

Though bad things happen

In them I can only see good

For oh so long I’m been longing for this moment

…Wanting for my journey to begin

My mistake was that I was looking outside of me

Instead of looking within

Closing my eyes to the outside is all it really takes

…Allowing God to guide my steps with faith

I know who I am, though I am far from who I am supposed to be

It is easy to love others,

Even those who try to harm me

I am becoming wiser, without having to learn life’s lessons

When others feel sorry for me,

I’m constantly counting my blessings

I am at peace, while all around me is in disarray

When everyone warns me ‘don’t do it’,

I do it anyway

For oh so long I’m been longing for this moment

Wanting for my journey to begin

My mistake was that I was looking outside of me

Instead of looking within

Closing my eyes to the outside is all it really takes

…Allowing God to guide my steps with faith

I feel so protected, when danger is all around me

I am defying the rules, though this isn’t supposed to be

I speak words of wisdom, and I don’t understand from where it comes

I find joy in helping, though I used to find bothersome

Looking with my eyes closed, everything is so clear

It used to be,

What I could not see wasn’t really there

For oh so long I’m been longing for this moment

Wanting for my journey to begin

My mistake was that I was looking outside of me instead of looking within

Closing my eyes to the outside is all it really takes

…Allowing God to guide my steps with faith

Inspirational Video

The Winans- The Question Is – 359,942 views – Anthony Taylor – Published on Feb 10, 2010

The Winans The Question Is. If you like this song then check out my blog

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Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.  

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