We Need To Be Uplifted On This Hump Day

Praise Music Might Do The Trick
I pray and meditate a lot, sometimes hours daily. But even I get tired of praying and meditating so much. Sometimes I benefit equally from praise conveyed by others. Sometimes, I am so touched by others’ testimony that it brings me to tears, of joy.

I used to wear my hair in locks about 6 years ago. It took a lot of work (and money) to keep them maintained, contrary to popular belief.

Here’s an old photo.



I used to go to a hair artist by the name of Davette, Davette of Beverly Hills. She was based in San Antonio, but originated from California, after working as hairstylist to the stars. Davette was a wonderfully inspiring lady. She put a great deal of pride into working her magic on my head. She had a loyal following of all races. I witnessed clients of hers who had practically had no hair, and she would work her magic on them, restoring their confidence. She also regularly did the hair of those who had passed on, giving pride to the families that celebrated their lives at funerals.

Davette was also a very wise woman on any topic presented to her. She was clearly an ‘old soul’, if there ever was one. She was also an astute self-taught and successful businesswoman. I admire Davette.

As my hair got longer over time, the cost went up, because it took more time. Davette was not the type to cut corners. She did everything right and according to her formula, including using fresh aloe and natural oils to keep the scalp and hair healthy. But cost didn’t matter to me.

I went, as I suppose her other loyal customers did, to Davette for her conversation, wisdom and spirit. That was the highlight of my visits, in addition to getting a fly do.

I used to talk to Davette about my life challenges and she was always encouraging. She was one of those true believers who did not regularly go to church, but was nonetheless spiritually authentic.

On day Davette told me the following, and I paraphrase.

“Sometime when you just don’t feel like praying, play some praise music. It will deliver just the encouraging words that you need to hear, at that time.” – Davette of Beverly Hills

I followed her advice wholeheartedly, and still do today. Just listening to ‘praise music’ carried me through many trials. It is one of my regular reinforcements today.

I am providing praise music below for you. Perhaps it will get you through trials, encourage you, or say just the words that you cannot form your lips to say.

…Maybe, it will just get you over the Wednesday hump. …Somebody out there needs this post. Enjoy!

Donald Lawrence – There is a King In You – 1,719,773 views – Brian Woodward – Published on Feb 9, 2011

You come from Royalty, An aristocratic dynasty. The goal of the enemy, Is that you don’t know who you are. there’s power when you speak. Be mindful of words you release. I know that life has challenged you, But the King in me speaks to the King in you. You were born to rule. There is a king in you. Is there no King in you, Then why do you speak, speak with such defeat. Is there no King in you, Then why do you speak, speak with such low esteem. I know life has challenged you, But the King in me speaks to the king in you. You were born to rule. There is a King in you. There is a King in you

Where Is Your Faith In God” – Rev. James Cleveland – 3,424,740 views – malacomg – Published on Dec 20, 2010

Rev. James Cleveland – “Where Is Your Faith In God” available at http://www.malaco.com or by calling 1-800-272-7936.

You’re Bigger by Jekalyn Carr (Live Performance) Official Video – 29,116,586 views – Jekalyn Carr – Published on May 5, 2016

“You’re Bigger” from the “The Life Project”

Yolanda Adams -The Good Shepherd – 26,870 views – Matthew Rolle – Published on Apr 2, 2013

More Than I Can Bear By Kirk Franklin – 18,133,413 views – David Miles Jr. – Published on Oct 26, 2007

From the God’s Property Album a song by Kirk Franklin. Please rate and do leave comments.

DJ Spivey “Blessed” (A Gospel House Music Mix) – 65,614 views – DJ Spivey – Published on Apr 24, 2015

The Positive Psychological Effects of Music – Benefits of Making and Listening to Music – 64,776 views – Practical Psychology – Published on Jan 12, 2017

Learn about the positive benefits of listening to music and the creative psychological effects of creating music in this educational animation. Tons of people listen to hundreds of songs a day for lots of reasons, but this video will break down why we do, and reasons we should keep listening to music. Music has tons of effects on the brain, and a book title “Music and the Mind” is a great resource for more information.

Question: What are your favorite praise songs for uplifting your spirit?

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