Blessings Began to Appear Once I Surrendered

Kevy’s Comments On Surrender

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” – James 4:7

I too see surrendering as surrendering the ego. The ego is the cunning devil that resides in my mind. Through my tribulations, especially ones caused by making bad choices, my ego was the culprit. He tricked me into believing that I deserved ‘this or that’, that I should seek revenge, and that others were making a fool of me. Though there may have been a grain of truth in his arguments, he was distracting me for his own benefit. He did not want to be embarrassed.

The biggest delusion that my ego tricked me into was convincing me that I was responsible for fixing all my problems, even the wrenched ones, on my own. When I began to experience God’s grace manifest like magic in my life though, I clearly knew ‘that the devil was a lie’.

I stopped listening to my damned ego. I actually put my ego on another job assignment, where I set the agenda. I discussed this strategy in the ‘My Ego Has a Job’ post.

I can’t think of many times that I willingly surrendered, while in the midst of my trials. My ego kept me in many unnecessary fights, for he was too strong to give up in embarrassment. He allowed me to be beaten into submission, before I was able to give up the fight in expectation for my last chance of receiving God’s mercy.

I eventually learned how to deal with embarrassment. That was simple…don’t be! Today I accept changes in my financial status, aging, appearance and occasional needs for assistance openly. I find momentary richness in reflecting on how illustrious my life has been.

I no longer assume responsible for others’ opinion of me, either. …Nor do I care about their opinions. That was my ego’s bag too. He had me trying to please everyone, as he gloated, and I suffered on the sideline, dying a slow death, And still, not everyone was pleased!

Surrendering my ego freed a tremendous amount of energy for me, which allowed me to expand in my spirituality, creativity, health, and service to others. Not of my doing, blessings began to manifest in my life, and angels, people who really cared, showed up to help, if only to offer love.

Surrendering was pivotal to my spiritual transformation


O bend my head up to the dust of Your feet,
Wash out all my vanity with mine own tears.
Seeking ever to glorify my self
I keep on merely humiliating myself,
Ceaselessly winding around myself
I roam about from moment to moment
Wash out all my vanity with mine own tears.

Let me no more vaunt myself in mine occupation,
Accomplish Your own will throughout my life.
I long for the absolute peace from You,
Inside my being Your effulgence,
Protect me by standing on the lotus of my heart,
Wash out all my vanity with mine own tears.

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Question: Describe any challenges that you may have with surrendering.

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