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“It’s important that we share our experiences with other people. Your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else. When you tell your story, you free yourself and give other people permission to acknowledge their own story.”- Iyanla Vanzant

“Every person on this planet has a story to tell, something that makes them unique adding to the whole.” – Madisyn Taylor

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Now is the perfect time to further explain why I started the Life Is A Teacher blog, and what it’s all about. The time is right because I plan to cover a great deal of territory this week, and continually, as time and energy permits, and you will better understand my posts if you understand me better. From time to time I will have to make reference to this piece as a preface to my posts, to put them into proper context. I have already been wrongfully perceived as narcissistic, crazy, and weird. I’m not, though.

I realize that my view of the world will not resonate with the most people. That does not concern me.

I would more be concerned if most people wholeheartedly agreed with me. It would deflate my impression that many of my experiences and lessons are unique. I do hope, however, that my perspective will resonate with those who consider themselves exceptions, unconventional thinkers.

It’s those individuals with whom I wish to network, to form an alliance, an exchange for ideas and information. I target this group, for I know that, as it is with me, that it requires Faith to embrace thinking that’s against the grain. That’s what great prophets, philosophies, artists, and leaders have.

It takes Passion to live according to beliefs that most think are just outright crazy. It takes Courage to propagate your understanding of Truth, knowing that doing so will ignite scrutiny against you, but you do it anyway. You do it with good intent, though, to encourage discussion, with receptive souls, if any are present.

First I want to acknowledge how great God is in my life. My greatest desire is to please my creator, even beyond pleasing myself. What motivates my endeavors most, is discovering what I feel is God’s will for me. I feel he wants me to use my communication style to reveal my journey’s lessons.

I now ask that God places the perfect thoughts in my mind, so that I may successfully communicate in my own words, my purpose.

Life Is A Teacher’s Purpose

Life Is A Teacher is an expression of where I am today, after having been transformed through trials, defeats, and victories. It is an account of how Kevy Michaels sees Life, Love, Healing, and Spirit. It is a passage of my truth, not everyone’s truth.

Though without theological credentials, I feel equally qualified, if not more qualified, to preach my gospel. I have encountered several members of various religions, and their followers, who are attached to the words in The Book but have never really had a God-experience, the exultation of feeling pain, joy, and triumphs once allowing God to intercede in their lives.

I’m familiar with all of the emotions of the spectrum, intimately. I was born into a bit of turmoil, with my father dying 8 months after my birth, leaving my unemployed mother with 9 children struggling, while managing her grieving through my birth. I believe that this event only initiated the vicious sibling battles that I would later face as my mother’s caregiver, in her final years.

I became well educated, and financially successful and traveled to many parts of the world, living in London, England for a few years, working for CNN, and for some of the largest international corporations. Though I traveled to learn about other cultures, I learned of my own uniqueness instead.

Success brought its share of negativity, jealousy, and physical threats in my life. I had close brushes with death about 5 times but left each situation, unscathed.

About 15 years ago, I battled functional illegal drug use for a short period, but never crossed the ‘rock bottom’ line because my spirituality flooded me with guilty. And, to be right by God was, and remains, the most important thing in my life. Nonetheless, this bad choice, planted far behind me, would be used to judge me.

Traveling 100% of the time as a consultant for many years took its toll on me physically, and led to my becoming gravely ill, and alone. It seems everyone abandoned me. But, I was able to bounce back using alternative and spiritual medicine. I returned more faithful and vivacious.

One of the most difficult periods in my life, as I mentioned earlier, most likely stems from early childhood jealousies. What I would experience in 2008 – 2014, generating from my sibling’s actions, was an unimaginably vicious rivalry, erupted when I took over care of my elderly mother. I took this responsibility because she asked me to, to my sibling’s chagrin.

Enduring through this trial was extraordinary! My intimacy with God became strongest during this period. He was the only friend that I could count on. During this period I reflected on every graceful virtue that he desired of me. And, I tried to correct each of them in me to please my creator, so that he would grace me through this shocking situation. I still live this way today.

But during this tumultuous period, I was catapulted into caring for my mother about a year early, because my siblings simply walked out on us.

In the evil that would follow, my character and sanity were attacked, I was betrayed, cheated, and otherwise treated like a mortal enemy of my family, friends, the fake-faithful, government agencies, and extended family members, they surprisingly, easily convinced.

As a result, I was investigated (and exonerated), intimated, and ‘cut-off’ from resources that would have made care for my mother better.

This began an almost 5-year struggle of me trying to provide the best care that I could, while ill, financially strapped, living like a fugitive, and being accused of kidnap when I traveled with my mother to and from Texas, Louisiana, and eventually Colorado to move my belongings.

I clapped back at this evil, out of being shocked that people who I thought loved me would do this to me, but also out of anger and resentment.

At its most climactic period, the devil formed an army and attacked my good intentions from every possible angle, nearly breaking me down to surrender to what I knew was clearly evil, according to my mother, and most importantly, to God.

This made me even tougher. Most people would become the same way if life had kicked their ass the way it treated me. My trials and victories beat me into submission, then rewarded me with uncanny discernment, as you may recognize in my writing style.

With no one to turn to, but maybe a couple of friends, who happened to live in other countries, I had no choice but to turn to God, as I understand him. This was a most exhilarating experience and an organic one. This was not a storybook experience, but rather a life experience.

Through disciplined prayer and meditation, often with my mother, I began to see things around me sort themselves out, angels appearing in our lives, odds being defied, and miraculous healing occurring. It was confirmation of God’s grace in our lives. My mother was not a bit surprised. She’d always been a true believer. I was becoming one.

Up until this day, I continue to strive to please God for I know he is real. My experiences, going all the way back to my being born into my father’s suicide, to triumphing over an army of evil has elevated my Courage, Confidence, and Faith.

As a part of my legacy, I wish to share with you, my mistakes, successes, and lessons. I can’t contain this wisdom because of my astonishment at the various illusions, lies even, which are part of conventional wisdom regarding Family Unity, Religious Righteousness, Health & Healing, and Money & Greed, that my journey has exposed.

I can no longer contribute to this false narrative of God or of myself. And I will not.

In response, given our access to the social media superhighway, I created the Life Is A Teacher blog to offer my new understanding and life view, post-transformation, to those who may be receptive to what I have to say.

I can understand the sentiment of this song, though I can’t relate to scheming, jail, or crime. But, I’m not judgmental about it.

In my experiences, I have found more of God’s essence in those who have had such trials, than in those who simply precede themselves with religious-speak.

I selected Aaron Neville due to my roots

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