Maybe I Love Myself Too Much?

Will I Ever Be In Love Again? – Do I Care?

“We have the power to be our own friend or the folly to become our own enemy” – Krishna

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

Over the past years I spend most of my time alone. Don’t get me wrong, I do interact with wonderful people in writing workshops, at Whole Foods Market, doing volunteerism, and with people I meet when doing daily errands. But, this time is spent outside of the time that I isolate for myself.

I follow many health, spiritual, and creative rituals and regiments, making it challenging, if not impossible to accommodate another person actively in my life. My prayer and meditation alone takes hours each day, and only involves me and God.
I am unsure if I will have another romantic relationship, simply because I am not sure if my potential mate could put up with what I have found that keeps me grounded. It would be worse than the stereotypical image of the husband who is absorbed into video games, sports, or being with his buddies, to the chagrin of his wife.
I don’t know if it’s even fair to expect another person to put up with me. At the same time, I feel the most grounded with spirit and self than I have every felt in my life. And, I don’t want to lose this feeling; I only want to intensify it overtime.
This is a dilemma at times. It especially causes me to contemplate when I reflect on how popular I once was, when I earned 6-figure incomes, and traveled the world. I had many people in my life. I seemed exciting to many, but I was not happy. Compared to where I am today, I loath ever going back to the dynamic and sometimes volatile experiences that I had in those friendships, and romantic relationships.
My fear is that accommodating such relationships will take me away from my spiritual essence, so I go deeper within, and shun from the external, as a general practice.
Maybe I will never be in love with another again. Maybe this is my season for loving me. I am not sure, but I know that this sentiment is real. I wonder if anyone else feels this way.
I don’t see this as a problem, though. I view this challenge as a responsibility that God will guide me to better understand overtime. I do desire romantic love, but don’t obsess over it. Without it I am receiving and sharing many other forms of love everyday.
Have you ever felt that loving yourself interferes with your ability to maintain lasting friend and romantic relationships?

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At the risk of being called a cold-hearted love hater, I’m going to say some things I believe to be true about love. Love is a chemical cocktail. There are many things more important in a relationship than love. There will be times when you don’t love your partner with everything you have. And no matter how much you love them, there are just some people you shouldn’t be with. I know.

12 thoughts on “Maybe I Love Myself Too Much?

  1. Just got done leaving a comment over there at your last post onromanticlove, then toddled over here to find your info page. Well. I was born in 1959. Been to New Orleans, too — lived in, let’s see, Baton Rouge, Vidalia, Natchez, Jackson. Austin, too.

    Anyway. It’s a long shot we might ever actually connect — but then, it’s a long shot in ones own backyard too, right?

    For a picture of me, visit my site and hit the search box for “The Hip Woman”

    Brightest blessings, Ana

    1. All connections are beautiful. Random ones like this one are extra special. I thank God for you. I will check out your site.
      If you would like to share any of your posts, which complement both of our efforts, I am will to do so. I will give you full credit, but may add a preface and supporting researched material. “Laissez les bon temps rouler” – “Let the good times roll,” – Kevy Michaels

      1. Laissez les, indeed 😊

        Think many of my posts might dovetail well withyourmessage — there are 1500 to choose from. After your visit to the site, let me know what strikes your fancy and I’ll try to provide you with a similar selection to choose from periodically. From what I’ve seen if your work, I can’t imagine an introduction of yours doing anything but enhancing its ability to reach into people, so feel perfectly free. Nice to be in touch 😊

        1. OMG this is so cool! This is pivotal to my vision to create a like minded group of spiritual, inspiring, creative, and thirsty followers to propagate good. I am sick of all the BS. That’s why I carefully stay away from politics, and other distractions. Thanks. I will look now. I am getting better at posting and may be able to feature your post today, if time permits. ….Keep in mind that this blog is getting ahead of me. I just did this ‘because’, never thinking I had to ‘feed it’ so often. I have had a crash course in just 3 weeks of creating Life, As Kevy Michaels. You are welcome to repost any of my content. Thanks, once more.

          1. No hurry, my new friend. Repost whenever it feels good to do so.

            While I love your work, I’m going to have a little trouble reposting it myself, within the parameters of my two sites as they presently exist. I do have a suggestion for you, though, which will gather in literally thousands of new readers to your outreach: Go over to Success Inspirers World (SIWO) — I’ll include a link at bottom — pull up the contact page, and fire off a hello to that site’s founder, Ngobesing Suh Romanus. They’re always looking for good writers on just about any subject. They’ll make you part of their team & then you can reblog every post to that site too.


  2. I almost commented on your last post, because I really am the next Shakespeare, or one of them, (I can produce a flawless Elizabethan sonnet on the subject of the requester’s choice in five to fifteen minutes) — and I did indeed get to that place by just about living round the clock in meditation…

    But this post, now, I’ve just got to comment on — because you’re talking about me just as much as yourself here! Where DOES one find a mate who treasures both silence and reliable harmony in the home, and gets more out of a total of an hour’s true communion in a day than from all the enforced empty companionship and mindless-to-negative babble ordinarily required by hominids for them to feel loved?

    And if you don’t mind my asking — what is your own current span of Terran years, and do you live in the United States? Just wondering…


    1. Interestingly, many of the greatest prophets and philosophers were not married. Maybe this is intentional, for it doesn’t really bother me, though I acknowledge it. I am not sure exactly what Terran years mean. Please explain more. I want to know. Blessings eternally to you. Kevy Michaels

        1. I am still not sure. But, for sake of our conversation, I will tell you this. I hope other followers don’t get confused with this comment. I had a Chakra reading done many years ago and was told that I’ve been here (on earth) over 250 times before. – Kevy Michaels

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