Time For Laughs, Not Sadness -“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”

There’s is nothing that I can imagine that is more complimentary to Fridays, payday, and your weekend plans, than having a good laugh. 

Let’s do that now, so that we can get it off of our list in preparation for the lovely day, and weekend before you.

So, here’s to your funny bone.  

Funny Work Video – 148,175 views – bdoney – Published on Oct 18, 2007

This video is so funny because we all know someone like this. Make sure to watch everything – even the people in the background.

The Expert: IT Support (Short Comedy Sketch) – 461,051 views – Lauris Beinerts – Published on Jan 24, 2018

Square Project Ep2. A funny video about a phone call to IT Support. Another day in the life of Anderson, an engineer trying to fit into the corporate world and his cubicle. Subscribe for more short comedy sketches & films: http://bit.ly/laurisb Check out the other episodes of The Expert: Square Project! http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp1

The Milk Situation | Dead Parrot Original – 4,626 views – Dead Parrot – Published on May 24, 2018

We’ve all had that one housemate who uses too much milk… Dead Parrot are excited to introduce the second in a series of original comedy shorts. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Trousers (detectives sketch) – 659 views – Turtle Canyon Comedy – Published on Mar 27, 2018

Two police officers, one tragic death, two very different aims Subscribe to Turtle Canyon Comedy here: http://bit.ly/158bpSL http://www.facebook.com/turtlecanyonc…

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That (Original + AutoTune) – 12,837,733 views – NobodyGotTimeForThis – Published on Mar 4, 2013

Bed Intruder (Original + Song) – 1,459,135 views – NobodyGotTimeForThis – Published on Apr 22, 2013

Hey! I just wanted to put these to clips together like I did with -Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That-. Thanks for watching! Thanks for 20K views on -Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That-! This is what I will bring you for that! Channel to Checkout! – http://bit.ly/17FwWib

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