Whole Foods Is Not Whole Paycheck – It’s Our Fault

Some people refer to Whole Foods Market (WFM) as ‘Whole Paycheck’. It first glance, it may appear to be a true statement. That’s if you fail to consider the ‘whole’ picture. Looking at price alone, it seems that you could spend an entire paycheck shopping at WFM.

This is especially true if you superimpose WFM’s prices on your current shopping list items.

But there lies the problem! Shopping at Whole Foods is really more than just shopping. It is an experience, a commitment, a change in lifestyle. Therefore, when you make a commitment to shop at Whole Foods, you make a commitment to change your lifestyle, diet and nutrition.

This includes eating less meat, more produce, smaller portions, and eating organic, when it matters. So, your grocery list, say at Walmart, Safeway, or King Soopers is not the same as your WFM list. You will spend less, and get better quality products shopping at Whole Foods, if when doing so, you also make improvements in your lifestyle, amount of consumption, and gravitate towards viewing food as medicine, which it is.

At WFM you also become part of a community, locally and globally. Whole Foods customers tend to get to know the team members and frequent the stores specifically influenced by their relationship. Whole Foods customers tend to enjoy interacting with staff, and staff are knowledgeable, and quite willing to share information.

Globally, Whole Foods’ Whole Planet Foundation fights poverty through micro-lending in rural communities around the world so every dollar donated goes directly to those who need it most. WFM also supports projects that relate directly to organics and environmentally-friendly production methods, animal welfare, sustainable seafood, and healthy families and nutrition.

Additionally, if the need arises, WFM coordinates donations at the cash register for regional or national disasters. Overall, Whole Foods Market’s community giving well exceeds 5% of its total net profits each year.

So, by shopping at WFM you are making the world a better place and treating your body like the temple that it is.

When shopping (or working, as I have for several years) at Whole Foods Market, I consider the ‘whole’ picture and realize how valuable it is to have such a wonderful option available.

From the inside, WFM has very strict hiring, food safety, product quality, and workplace safety standards. Whole Foods Stores are regularly audited internally, and externally. WFM ‘spoils’ its products prior to expiration dates, and sometimes just for how a product looks from the customer’s perspective. These items are removed from shelves daily and are donated to local food banks.

Clearly, Whole Foods Market is not ‘Whole Paycheck’.

Try shopping at Whole Foods Market. Make a commitment to improve your lifestyle, and join this wonderful community and movement!

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Yesterday I visited a local Whole Foods store as a customer to see how it’s new Prime Pricing campaign was being unveiled.

I was very impressed with the presentation and prices. The Prime prices were lower than my employee discount prices. I may just have to become an Amazon Prime member.

Here are some pictures of my visit. Also, the article below explains the Prime Pricing campaign.

Amazon Prime benefits are now available at Whole Foods in 12 states

Whole Foods is officially rolling out its Amazon Prime membership deals across the country.

The long-awaited perks exclusive to Prime members hit Florida stores May 17 with a promise of reaching locations nationwide by summer’s end. Now, Whole Foods’ customers who are also Prime members can enjoy those perks in 12 states.

Starting Wednesday, Amazon Prime members can score discounts at all Whole Foods Market 365 stores across the country, as well as Whole Foods stores in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, New Mexico, northern Nevada, northern California, Oklahoma and Texas.

To score the grocery deals, Prime members need to download the Whole Foods Market app and sign in with their Amazon account. At in-store checkout, customers can scan the app’s Prime Code and the discounts will be taken off at the register. Customers can also use their phone number to activate their accounts and save at checkout.

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