The Invisible Man Born Again

“For nearly 20 years, I have been writing, often daily, to express joy, pain, wisdom, trials, and triumphs. I never know what will come to me, so I keep a pen and paper (or device) available to capture it. Some works are quite bad, while others are good. The remaining works are ‘works in progress’ and will be edited over and again, until the day I leave this world”

Between Faded Memories

By Kevy Michaels

So melancholy

So one with thee

Flowing with the universe

Sailing on the sea

It’s understandable now

But still incredible how

Everything happened

Just as it was meant to be

I’m now floating

But while I’m noting

What’s in the spaces

Between the faded memories

Where I am

…Right here

In a spiritual atmosphere

On this earth

….And amazingly…

My soul’s still with me

Born Again

By Kevy Michaels

I acknowledge my faults up front

Like a Catholic believer in confession

I have no regrets for what I’ve done

I acknowledge triumphs over trials

Like an evangelist I aim to persuade

When celebrating the battles I’ve won

Each choice taught me valuable lessons

Like a Baptist foot soldier

I boldly convey my testimony

Unashamed to praise God in public

Unashamed to proclaim that

Even I have become holy

No longer do I hear the noise of

…Of greed, envy and hate

Like a New Age guru, it all disappears

When I become silent and meditate

To keep the day’s slate clean

I say my prayers again and again

Professing to My God

As if he was Allah and I were a Muslim

It is clear that I’ve tasted divinity

And know just who’s child I am

It is with absolution,

I confirm proudly

That I have been born again

Invisible Man

By Kevy Michaels

I am a silhouette

I have no face

…No eyes…

Nor a smile

I am merely a shadow

The way that I divert the light

As I arrive

Is the announcement that I am here

For a brief moment some may realize

That I exist

My voice commands attention

But only for moments

Then I fade to silence

Nothing is asked of me

Therefore there’s nothing to say

Though my light shines

No one ever notices

It is encased

In the shadow

That I am

…In this place

So I find a dark corner

That blends unnoticeably

Into the background

And with my blackness

To the place where I belong



In this space

I have but one purpose

And that is to observe


I am an invisible man
“I absolutely love Rumi and Tagore. Their poetry deeply touches me. Here are some treats from Rumi and Tagore.”

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When one experiences Transformation, as I have, they will experience the virtues of Inspiration, Hopefulness, Spirituality, Determination, Patience, Creativity, Healing, Prayer & Meditation, Self-Love, Communion With Nature, and Courage. – Kevy Michaels

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