Caregivers – I Feel Your Pain – Blessings Will Come

“Physical strength is measured by what we can carry; spiritual by what we can bear.” – Unknown

In Salute & In Loving Memory

I dedicate this posting to all caregivers.

They are honorable, but are rarely recognized. I know how truly difficult fulfilling this mission is. I’ve been there and at I times thought I would die first.

I carefully choose the word ‘mission’ because I now know that service to my dear mother Eunice, as sole caregiver for over 4 years, was assigned by God.

Though I complained at first about the abandonment of friends and family, when I could have used their assistance, I now realize that God selected me, because HE knew that I would serve HIM and my mother well. And, I did.

I gave up everything that mattered to me, for her and for HIM….home, car, finances, health, reputation, social life, and livelihood. I had, but one purpose, and that was to see my mother’s smile each day. When asked, I answered the call, though it resulted in my bankruptcy, after years of corporate and entrepreneurial success, and my fall from grace. This experience was clearly one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

Now, in retrospect, I realize that I gained so much more. These are but some of priceless gifts bestowed on me:

  • Deep Connection With God
  • Patience
  • Character
  • Courage
  • Humility
  • Faith/Hope
  • No Fear
  • Trust
  • Belief in Miracles

I know that the challenges of my care giving experience must be shared, simply because I hear of the same challenges in many other people’s story. As a result I provide support to others, who are currently serving as sole (as usual) caregiver. Whenever I see a caregiver and the ones they love in public, I salute them, because I know how much they give of themselves.

Caregivers, please hang in there. Your compassion and love will not go unrewarded, or unnoticed. I am recognizing you right now. I know that God is too.
In Loving Memory of My Mother – Now My Angel In Heaven – Born – October 2, 1918; Became an Angel – May 14, 2014

Eunice Blk and Wht

Even, after 4 years since my mother began her life in heaven, “my favorite girl in the world”, Eunice, still influences me.

I never expected that her best virtues would one day be inspired in me, as a results of my being there for her. This is yet another benefit of serving as a caregiver. I learned so much from her exercising her faith, embodying her words, and living by spiritual virtues with passion, that I live my life this way today.

My Mother’s Day
By Kevy Michaels

Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day
To me

I’m mother to my Mother
…And Father
…And anything she needs me to be

“Cause I love her so much
I celebrate her everyday
I vow to forever honor her
…. Just as the prophet’s
…Tablet said

She gave up dreams for me
Now, I must do for her
Whatever she cannot do

And I’m unashamed
To do all I can
To care for her
As if I’m a mother too

It brings me joy
To pour value into her life
…A gift of Love
For all she’s given to me

Enduring whatever it takes
To give her a life that’s peaceful
And worry-free

She’s paid high dues for me
Before I arrived
She paid the ultimate price

It would be unthinkable
To not bless her
With this phase of my life

So, today if I seem a bit giddy
As my angel and me
Joyfully play

I’m honoring her
Just as I always will
But today’s special

It’s also my Mother’s Day.

I have a plethora of videos and other content to share with you on care giving. I can’t post everything, but this content will lead to more.

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In most families, there is usually one sibling who would be classed as the primary caregiver. The bulk of the work falls to this person. They are most likely to have health issues themselves, suffer from burnout, and overwhelm. It helps when other siblings, particularly those who are out of town, can be mindful of the stresses on the primary caregiver. Current president of the Family Caregivers’ Network in Victoria BC, Rick Hoogendoorn, interviews board member and former caregiver Irene Laing about these issues.

What Can You Say To Those Who Must Take Care Of An Aging Parent Without Help From Siblings? – 162 views – Help for My Life – Published on Feb 28, 2011 – SUBSCRIBED 2.2K
Join Cecil Murphy as he discusses a variety of ways for primary caregivers to ask for help from their siblings—even those who are far away.
Caregiving and sibling relationships: challenges and opportunities – National Center on Caregiving
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When one experiences Transformation, as I have, they will experience the virtues of Inspiration, Hopefulness, Spirituality, Determination, Patience, Creativity, Healing, Prayer & Meditation, Self-Love, Communion With Nature, and Courage. – Kevy Michaels

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        1. I would prefer you selecting a post that you feel is appropriate.

          I’ve tried reviewing other members’ blogs and the volume was too much for me to go through when you consider doing this for several sites.

          I put a lot of time into my blog and have little extra free time left.

          Pick what you feel would be complimentary to both our efforts.


    1. I am impressed that you found the post, videos, and quotes on Caregiving meaningful.

      That is the aim of this blog.

      I am not selling or directly promoting any products or services. My objective is to reach people like you.

      I accept and appreciate that I won’t reach most people. …Only those, perhaps, who are on a transformation journey, as I am.

      Warm Regards to you.

      Kevy Michaels.

        1. Hold on….do all that you can, which may not be enough.

          Have faith that somehow magically the parts beyond your reach will be taken care of. …And they will.

          Miracles are real, but only if you truly believe.

          The caregiving process will become an anointing experience for you, if it hasn’t already. Usually you realize this in the end.

          You will gain discernment from a review and experience of every possible virtue of family members, friends, your loved one, and most importantly, yourself.

          When your mission is completed, you will be wise, courageous, and transformed.

          With those traits, you to will have a story to tell and a mission to pursue.

          I salute you. I know what it 6akes to do what you do.

          Send me any ideas on related posts that interest you..

          Warm Regards,
          Kevy Michaels

            1. I apologize if I seem to go on and on, but there is one more bit of encouragement I’d like to offer you.

              Real talk…My standard for the blog, writing, and life in general is fortified by Truth.

              I truly feel compassion for caregivers.

              So, I offer this:

              If you Caregive, staying above the fray, and do so with the utmost compassion and good intention, your reward will be priceless. You will/are become/becoming elevated simply by your service. and sorting through everything that challenges you. You are changing through this process, but may not recognize it. That’s how transformation worked for me.

              When your mission is complete, your will be exquisitely wise, connected to the source, and confident…..Priceless!

              If you remain elevated above the fr

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