Bacteria Runs Your Body – The Fungus is Among Us

Many people are not familiar with the role that bacteria plays in maintaining optimal health. For many years this area has been overlooked. But now it is a hot area of medical research. Perhaps it’s because research has found that we have more bacteria in our bodies than we have human cells (estimates vary and go up to a ratio of 10:1).

“The study aimed to revisit previous research conducted in the 1970s that found that the number of bacteria in the human body may have been as high as 1014, or 100 trillion. This was calculated by measuring the amount of bacteria in a single gram of human feces as 1011 (100 billion), and multiplying this by 1,000, on the basis that these microbes are evenly spread around the digestive, or alimentary tract, which has a volume of one liter.

In contrast, the average human body is thought to contain about 1013, or 10 trillion cells, the majority of which are red blood cells. Hence, the idea that each person is 10 times more bacteria than human was born” – By Ben Taub – 11 JAN 2016, 18:34

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Now that science realizes that we are 90% bacteria, but only 10% human cells, we are taking a closer look at our digestive microbiome (our digestive ecosystem) simply because it is part of our DNA. Science is also accepting the consequences of years of killing bacteria with antibiotics, toiletries, soaps, sanitizers, and everyday products and other items that we use or handle. They recognize a connection between bacteria and the signals that it sends to the brain to control bodily functions.

As researchers learn more about the microbes that keep us healthy, we are coming to understand how subtle imbalances in our microbial populations can also cause disease—and how restoring the balance may lead to cures. Our new understanding may lead to more focused and effective treatments. Here are just some of the health conditions that involve our microbes.

I have been working to improve my body ecology by following an informal, but involved regiment. It will take me years to correct the damage done over a lifetime, so I might suggest that it is not a regiment, but rather a lifestyle change. Here are suggestions that I follow:

  1. Establish a Detox Strategy: A daily, monthly, and quarterly detox regiment.
  2. Eat for Good Health – Eliminate Processed Foods, Eat Healthy Natural Foods, Increase Fiber (Prebiotics), Go Organic (When it matters)…
  3. Take Probiotic Supplements – I look for a large number of Bacteria and Strains in probiotic supplements. I usually take one as an intense 5 day program (2 – 3 times a year), then move to a once a day program. Once the daily supplement is finished, I switch to another brand that has different strains. Other probiotics are in my diet.

Be forewarned that conventional doctors may not focus much on this area of health simply because they don’t know much about it, and many of their treatments may actually make our digestive biome worse.
You will need to work with a nutritionist, natural medicine doctor, or research on your own. You will be amazing at what information you find that is supported by science. You will be also amazed at how much better you feel, and how much your labs improve, as you evolve through this regiment, I mean lifestyle change.
Here are supportive posts and videos that I hand selected on this topic:

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